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last weekend i decided to stroll through h&m to get a look at all of the vetements and gucci-fied outfits on display. i was surprised to find (tucked in amongst the razor hem denim and hot pink fuzzy sweaters) a white dress with exaggerated sleeves and a zipper up both the chest and back. i recognized immediately that it was a knockoff of a dress done by celine for spring, but i still felt a little surprised by it. celine showed this dress in amongst the lace trimmed slip dresses and camisoles that were a major hit with fashion girls and celebulas. there were actually two versions of the dress, one in white with snaps, and one in a pale gray with no snaps.

i was surprised to find it at h&m, because the dress(es), to me, were the silent heroes of the collection. everyone was so knocked out by the classy yet sexy, grown up version of the 90’s slip dress (which was brilliant) that the simple peasant dresses seemed to be overlooked. to me they were the best of the collection.

h&m’s version was a hybrid of the two, missing the snap closures and made in a crisp white cotton (a cheaper fabric than celine’s linen). this got me thinking about how fast fashion remakes pieces and tweaks them slightly. sometimes this is merely to cut corners and make a more affordable version, but other times there seems to be changes made to put a brand’s own stamp on a design (or to try to hide what a knockoff it is). this made me dare to ask the question: are there times when a designer knockoff is better than the original? i thought i’d look around at some current re-imagined pieces and the originals that “inspired” them.

  1. first up are these beautiful black pants with pom pom trim by ysl. suddenly i am seeing pom pom trim pants popping up everywhere, including this version at zara which i believe qualifies as a total and complete knockoff. i did find this pair of high waisted black jeans with pom pom trim over at topshop and i have to say, they are pretty brilliant and awesome.
  2. i’ve been seeing these a.p.c. boots everywhere. when i saw them in the fall collection i recognized that they were a remake of vintage frye boots¬†and wondered why someone wouldn’t just buy frye boots.¬†but i have to admit that frye boots have this awful tendency to get droopy at the ankles, and the a.p.c. version appears to be a much sleeker model.
  3. gucci showed a throwback version of the classic 80’s logo shirt for resort 2017, but an updated logo sweatshirt in pink is currently in shops. this makes me think back on the slew of faux gucci, knockoff sweatshirts that were abound when i was a little kid in the 80’s. despite their obvious cheapness, they look fugging amazing to my eyes, and even cooler than the real thing.
  4. vetements followed the sock boot with logo tube socks, which are going for $95. beyonce’s ivy park line for topshop just put out these logo tube socks, and for $16, i think repping beyonce might be cooler.
  5. stella mccartney put out these wide ankle length knit wool pants and i thought they looked pretty amazing, but when a detacher put out these cropped knit wool pants i felt like i had died and gone to knit pant heaven. as a side note, fast fashion newbie genuine people has these knit wool pants which are a dead ringer for the stella mccartney version. the kicker is that they are selling them for $285, which is $3 more than what the stella mccartney version are going for on sale at neiman marcus.
  6. the gucci gold crossover mule may be the shoe of the spring, showing up on the foot of pretty much every fashionista with a pulse. there have been knockoffs (jeffrey campbell as usual), and i’ve seen a pair or two for sale second hand. i have of course been tempted, but i keep thinking, how in the world would i walk in 5″ heeled mules??? then i found these sandals from river island, which are basically the gucci mules with an ankle strap. i feel much safer being strapped into the river island version.

the end.



it’s been an actual while since i talked about anything other than fashion around here, so i thought i’d talk about skin shtuff for a change. since turning 35 (uh, 3 years ago) and having a baby (uh, 3 years ago) my skin has changed a lot. over the last couple of years i started trying literally anything that i got my hands on to see what might make me look less worn out. i think i’m finally at the point where i have a routine that i really like, so i thought i’d blog it out.
  1. i started using bioderma’s micelle water because i wanted something that removed makeup at night without leaving weird oily residue or just smearing it around like those makeup removing wipe things. i absolutely love this stuff. it’s light and awesome at removing makeup, and it leaves my skin feeling honestly clean after using it. if i was stuck somewhere and could only use one thing to clean my face, this would be it.
  2. i have super sensitive, acne prone skin. i started using olay regenerist luminous cleanser because i wanted something to gently exfoliate. i’ve tried a bunch of exfoliating cleansers, from super pricey to medium pricey and this is the best one that i’ve found. it’s gentle but gets the job done. i use this every day with a pro-x cleansing brush and i haven’t had a full blown pimple since i started using them.
  3. the other cleanser that i use is by bionova. i read a review that called this cleanser “the benjamin button cleanser” because it “removes years” from skin and i had to try it. i have to agree, it’s changed my skin for the better. i use the cleanser and cream acitvator (which is sort of like a toner) and my skin is a lot softer, smoother and less leathery/pore-y.
  4. after cleansing i use may coop raw sauce. i started using another korean essence last year and wasn’t terribly impressed, but i tried some of this stuff at sephora and was sold. essences are sort of like toners in that they prep skin for other products, but they are super hydrating which god knows i need. i like raw sauce because it has made my skin more firm and brighter.
  5. i got a sample of chanel’s hydra beauty micro gel out of a magazine and squeezed every last drop out of that little packet. i am big on serums, but this is my current favorite. it’s crazy hydrating and makes my skin feel silky. really worth the money.
  6. eye creams are sort of the bain of my existence because i’m pretty convinced that none of them actually do the job. i have dark circles and typically bags under my eyes (compliments of motherhood), and i feel like i’ve tried just about every eye cream known to womankind. i got a sample of prescription youth instant erase eye serum¬†and i was pretty knocked out by it. as soon as you put it on you feel it working, it’s a pretty much instant de-puffer and it fills fine lines and brightens. it does pretty well on dark circles, but mostly fills and evens. my favorite eye cream is ysl’s or rouge¬†for it’s overall magicalness, but prescription youth is a pretty good alternative for about 1/6th the price.
  7. i use clarin’s extra firming night cream and i love it. it makes my skin feel creamy and super soft. usually night creams make me break out but this one is top notch,it’s rich but not heavy.
  8. i have always been a big sweater. i run hot, maybe because i am a fire sign. finding deodorant has always been hard because deodorant is typically the worst, but fat and the moon deodorant cream is the best thing that ever happened to me. it’s not scented and doesn’t feel like you have anything on, but it honestly works at keeping me from being sweaty and stinky.
  9. i’ve never been a big foundation girl, i prefer a more natural look. i have used perricone md’s no foundation foundation and i loved how my skin looked, but the color was off for my skin tone. i recently tried their face finishing moisturizer tint and i couldn’t believe how much my skin glowed. the tint is sort of like a light tanner, it doesn’t provide much coverage but it’s like spending a few days relaxing in a tropical climate (without the sun damage). i am totally sold on the glow, it’s amazing.
  10. speaking of glow, my other favorite non-makeup is charlotte tilbury’s wonderglow. it has little light reflectors in it that are sort of like a very mild highlighter. it gives a little shine and makes skin look a little dewy. i love this stuff.

the end.

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shoe gazing.

shoe gazing.


aside from the usual sandal to boot transition that happens in fall, i always get a little shoe-crazy this time of year. fall is that deadly combination of fashion shows and fall collections hitting shops that gets me looking around and lusting after new shoes. sometimes i think that all shoe trends start with celine, and this fall that feels really apparent. at celine’s spring presentation phoebe philo showed a pair of different colored ankle boots, which felt like the fashion equivalent of a smirk.


i say this because it is moments like these that make me think that pheobe philo is fully aware of her power and influence. in a time where alessandro michele has painted the world hot pink and demna gvasalia has satirically wrapped the fashion world in latex and put a corporate logo on it, philo still quietly rules the roost.

way back in fall 2010 philo came out with two tone boots and booties. as philo often does, she kept the dream alive and did another take on the two tone boot a few seasons later. sometimes i feel like designers impose a sort of waiting period before coming out with something that another designer did first. as i look around in this fall of 2016, i see two tone boots spreading like wildfire across indie designers. i predict that it won’t be long before fast fashion gets on the train and we start seeing two tone boots literally everywhere.

another example of the philo effect is the “v neck” heel. philo’s been refining the shoe since 2014 (in between making birkenstocks chic and introducing the world to the ballet heel), and has shown a variety of versions over the past few seasons. suddenly i’m seeing this shoe popping up all over the place. zara has already began churning out versions, so it won’t be long until the style is e’rywhere.

here a few current examples up for grabs:

  1. gianvito rossi two-tone booties ($295)
  2. free people parisian nights bootie ($325)
  3. marni contrasting heel bootie ($1010)
  4. jeffrey campbell ankle boot ($114)
  5. alba moda colorblock booties ($168)
  6. jil sander bicolor booties ($662)
  7. pierre hardy ankle boots ($655)
  8. celine bicolor wedge boots ($475)
  9. maryam nassir zadeh agnes split boots ($695)

the v neck heel:

  1. celine soft v neck pumps ($695)
  2. rachel comey falk heel ($391)
  3. vintage escada heels ($70)
  4. gray matters mildred pump ($475)
  5. zara v cut shoe ($119)
  6. jil sander glossed leather pumps ($670)
  7. zara mid heel shoe ($89)
  8. acne studios aja pump ($510)

the end.



the roundup.

well my friends, another fashion month has come to a close, and there was an energy that comes with a sense of new blood this time around. this season i was stoked to watch some of my favorite emerging designers take things to the next level, designers like stella jean, maryam nassir zadeh, isa arfen and particularly johanna ortiz were all on my list, but none killed it¬†more than young jacquemus. i’ve been crazy about him all year, so his spring collection was really the one to watch for me and it didn’t disappoint.

it felt like (once again) all eyes were on gucci and balenciaga and (as ever)¬†celine, and seeing the three of them towards the end of the month, it was easy to look back¬†and see how influential on the fashion world they each are right now. everything seemed to be pushing the line between pretty and ugly with strange color combinations and statement t-shirts (clearly the vetements effect). gucci pink ruled supreme, showing up everywhere. gucci’s influence was probably most apparent at marc jacobs, whose collection of rainbow knits and embroidered sweaters worn with hot shorts and babydoll slips (and pastel colored fake dread locks) felt a little overdone.

for demna gvasalia’s second collection at balenciaga there was more demna. exaggerated shoulders, strange spandex boot leggings and a latex poncho that looked like a giant condom. over at margiela, the collection was like outfits for futuristic hobos, showing reconstructed trench coats and wetsuits that seemed to say, “you can’t out-weird margiela, dude. we started this party.” and yet, balenciaga’s brand of weirdness has something other, something lovely that pushes the envelope in a whole new way.

by the time miu miu showed i felt like i had been surfing through alessandro michele & gemna divesali’s sea of clashing rainbow waves, so seeing miu miu’s collection felt like a breath of fresh air. miu mui is consistently, always miu miu. it felt so fun and genuine and still on point, in contrast to the monotony of another karl lagerfeld chanel collection which had¬†parody comedy sketches of the ridiculous hats and tweed suits flashing before my eyes. in the middle of this we saw several houses showing debut collections from new designers, and they all seemed to have something to say that brought new life to their respective labels. this seemed to highlight what feels like a new direction for fashion, with gucci and vetements as the new guard. below are some of the themes that i spotted, the ones that i liked best.

  1. a different kind of pant. it started with a detacher and phillip lim and popped up again at louis vuitton: little lacey, brightly colored pants that looked like skinny bloomers. at both rachel comey and delpozo there were pretty ruffled wave pants.

2. pink and red. gucci started a pink revolution, and the latest craze seems to be pairing pink with bright red. which looks amazing to my eyes.

3. pink and black.¬†vetements’ dark florals started us down this path, and everybody seemed to be showing flowy dresses with pink and black prints.

4. pink capes. balenciaga, valentino and celine all showed pink dresses with gathered necklines that looked like costumes for a badass lady superhero.

5. paper whites. i still love seeing a delicate, crisp white dress, and this season there were so many pretty ones. my favorites are below.

the end.



dark romance.

dark romance.
as yet another season of fashion shows winds down, i find myself marveling at the vetements effect¬†on not only the fashion world, but on THE WORLD. everywhere i look, i see vetements. this week i’ve been seeing more black with dark pink floral print dresses than i can count, from the top to the bottom of the fashion food chain.
really it all started with the strange panel dresses that vetements showed for fall 2015.
oversized, shapeless peasant dresses in 90’s floral prints reconstructed with solid sweatshirt material at the neckline. fashion girls got into it, big time. from there vetements showed another black floral dress for spring 2016, this time without the paneling.
for fall 2016 we saw another black floral dress, this time shorter and patched together with a different floral print for the sleeves.
fall 2016 really drove it home, it seems, because as of actual fall 2016, dark floral peasant dresses are everywhere. here are a few up for grabs as of now.
  1. winterberry print dress from topshop ($92).
  2. floral maxi dress from pixie market ($99).
  3. floral print silk dress from magda butrym ($1193).
  4. vetements floral maxi dress ($1345).
  5. short printed dress from zara ($99).
  6. cold shoulder floral mini dress from topshop ($100).
  7. reclaimed vintage floral mini dress from asos ($68).
  8. stevie print dress from attico ($1820).
  9. floral print dress from i the wild ($48).
  10. vetements multi-floral print dress ($1768).
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october covet.

october covet.


the spring fashion shows are winding down, and all of the pink and the flowy dresses and crazy layering has me looking forward to it all. back in reality october is here, and with it the rain. it’s amazing how september ends and just like that! it feels like the year is done. i’m realizing that bare ankles and shoulders are probably done for the year, so it’s time to look at fall outfits.

  1. probably my favorite show of the spring collections came from jacquemus. i am the proud owner of one of his dresses and it is honestly one of the most brilliant and somehow wearable things that i own. i am completely a believer, his pieces are so worth investing in. since sweater weather is here, i am really eyeing his ribbon/lace up long sleeve shirt and the amazing navy/yellow ribbon turtleneck.
  2. speaking of sweaters, as crazy as i am about all of the amazing embroidered puff sleeve gucci sweaters out right now, this men’s cable knit cardigan really has my eye.
  3. day of the dead is one of my favorite things in this world. i heart day of the dead flower crowns like this one and this one on etsy.
  4. as soon as beyonce’s lemonade dropped about a hundred randoms on etsy and ebay started selling “slay” t-shirts. then beyonce herself put this one out, effectively¬†slaying all other t-shirts. with an actual sword.
  5. i have a mish-mash collection of vintage plates that i’ve acquired at various flea markets and thrift stores over the years, but lately i’ve been feeling like it would be nice to have an actual matching set of dishes. i love english cornishware.
  6. my current vintage denim obsession is with vintage 70’s embroidered high waist jeans.
  7. i tried yves saint laurent touche eclat color corrector for dark circles last weekend and i’m hooked. those little pens are magic.
  8. easily my favorite boot of the season. so brilliant.
  9. i want so many bolivian frazada blankets in my house. they are the prettiest.
  10. last up is a bottle of red. i really want to try this spanish red wine called la maldita. for all the damned, cursed, naughty bitches out there.

happy october.

shopping cart

shopping cart.

shopping cart.
the first week of fall has brought cloudy¬†days and chilly breezes that have me digging out my warm socks and sweaters. there’s always a¬†part of me that wants to hold on to summer for a little longer, and this year especially. i’m just not ready for rain and dark days and cold nights. i’m just not! i’m dreaming instead of the summer that i didn’t get this year- one with swimsuits and tropical drinks and pool lounging. i thought i’d do a list of my dream vacation items, as a farewell to the summer that was (or wasn’t).
  1. this week in paris the haus of dior found its voice again with new designer maria grazia chiuri’s first collection. ¬†i for one thought she did a pretty fabulous job, and paid tribute to christian dior in some really cool ways. speaking of christian dior: i love this little vintage dior swimsuit wrap.
  2. i am pretty crazy about this denim one shoulder ruffle lisa marie fernandez swimsuit which is now 40% off, and there is also one over on ebay for a 40% off that price. get into it.
  3. these little vintage hermes shorts are too cute.
  4. i feel like emotionally i am one of those ladies with a dark tan and platinum blonde hair that walks around her patio in a gold halston caftan with a long cigarette holder in one hand and a cocktail in the other.
  5. by now i’m sure everyone has seen the photos from king jacquemus’ incredible collection, which featured uh-mazing wide brimmed straw hats. ¬†being a complete sucker for spanish romanticism i of course want one.¬†there is this little wide brimmed straw number on sale over at need supply.
  6. perhaps my favorite collection of summer 2016 was isa arfen’s resort collection. i scored two pieces and they are two of my favorite things in this world: comfortable, beautiful and fun to wear. i am still hung up on this off the shoulder dress, which i feel like i will love for every summer to come and perhaps kick myself for not buying.
  7. favorite shoe of the summer courtesy of maryam nassir zadeh. still fawning over them.
  8. shades! designer shades! like these banana leaf print cat eye ones from dolce & gabbana. or these oversized black ones from celine. or these adorable hot pink cat eyes from dolce & gabbana again.
  9. as far as beauty products go in the tropics, i think of 3 things: cellulite goop (clarins is the best that i’ve found. if you know better, please let a girl know!), dry shampoo (travel size, natch), and super fancy, spray on, spf 50 sunscreen.
  10. i feel like little brightly embellished straw beach totes are the bag of the year thus far. which works out well for my beach vacation theme.
  11. next is a turkish towel, because it’s fancy to travel with your own towel.
  12. lastly is a good memoir, and there are two on my list. first is walk through walls by the stunning artist marina abromovic. second is born to run by bruce springsteen, which i am currently only 40 pages through and have already cried more times than i can recall. thanks, boss.

happy imaginary vacationing!