Saturn, Jupiter & Pluto in Capricorn: Daddy Issues.

There are currently three planets in Capricorn: Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto (also known as a stellium, if you’re nasty). Three outer planets together in one sign is rare and brings an intensity, which is obvious as hell r.n. So let’s get into it, shall we?

Capricorn is a Cardinal sign, it is dynamic and initiating- it wants action. Capricorn is also the last of the Earth signs. We have moved through the comforts of the foundation of home built by Taurus; out into the community through the hard work & dedication of service, organization and mastery of Virgo; to Capricorn. Capricorn represents the highest point of all things Earth- structures, authority, leadership, rules & law, power & ambition. I think of Capricorn as the CEO sitting in the corner office at the top of a high rise building. It is the top of the chain. Capricorn’s opposite sign is water sign Cancer- which is the archetype of the mother. Cancer is about emotional support and nurturing. It is maternal & responsive. Capricorn is the archetype of the father. It is paternal & instinctual. Capricorn also represents the bones, knees and teeth. It’s not the heart or head or guts. It’s what we stand on, what we need to move, and it’s what remains when everything else has decomposed. Capricorn’s ruling planet is Saturn, which it is at home in right now.

Saturn as a planet can be heavy. Saturn is the archetype of the god Cronus or Father Time. Saturn is about lessons- lessons that we need to learn and master, over time, in our lives. Lessons that can be a thorn in our side because they will keep showing up until we master them. Like a father or a boss, Saturn needs to be respected. You can slack off while Saturn is not looking, but ultimately he is going to check your work. Saturn in Capricorn is the devil in the details. Wherever you have been cutting corners or taking shortcuts, Saturn will call you out. Like a CEO, Saturn in Capricorn wants to make sure that the company is running smoothly and efficiently. Like a father, it wants to make sure that you are eating your vegetables, washing behind your ears and doing your homework. But Saturn will not coddle you. It will rip the band aid off. And when you try to avoid or ignore Saturn’s lessons, it will bring consequences. As tough as Saturn can be, it is not just a taskmaster. Saturn also brings rewards, promotions and recognition for a job well done. Ultimately Saturn wants harmony, it wants balance, it wants every employee and child to be living up to its potential. And father knows best.

Saturn moved into Capricorn in 2018, coinciding with Uranus’ move into Taurus for the first time since the 1930s, forcing us to reimagine how we deal with our physical experience- health, home, lifestyle and all things relating to security. Saturn’s current cycle through Capricorn has seen consequences in the form of indictments under the Mueller Investigation, articles of impeachment, as well as extreme weather & wildfires. We’ve also seen mass shootings and racial injustice that has inspired worldwide activism and protest, along with a pandemic that we were grossly unprepared for and has been grossly mismanaged. Saturn is now wrapping up its time in Capricorn. It’s checking in on what we have accomplished. It is shining its light on the structures that we have built, on the uses and abuses of power. Wherever the structures are flawed, wherever the balance of power is off, Saturn wants corrections. It wants clarity. It wants honesty. It wants us to do the work.

Jupiter is also in Capricorn until December 20. Jupiter is the planet of expansion. It is about opportunities. Jupiter also represents energy that is the law for us. It wants us to be in alignment, to accept ourselves and to have the courage to follow our passions, and to stay true to our values. When we do that, Jupiter can create opportunities and draw good fortune to us. Jupiter in Capricorn is the energy of the life coach, investment banker or Human Resources manager. It wants to make sure that the work that we are doing represents us- who we are and what we stand for. If we’ve done that, Jupiter is ready to give us a bonus, a raise, a new job or career path. Jupiter in Capricorn wants us to find material stability and to expand our ambitions. Jupiter has been in Capricorn since December of 2019. It’s certainly been a year for examining our lifestyle, how and where we work, and our financial security.

Lastly Pluto is in Capricorn, where it has been in since 2008. Pluto is the planet of truth. It represents our personal truth, and what we need to understand about ourselves. It is also about the shadow. The basic theory of the shadow (compliments of Carl Jung) is that every personality trait, behavior, feeling or physical attribute that we display in childhood that we are shamed for, punished for or taught is wrong/bad is put into our shadow. If we do or display things that we believe are good and we are humiliated, discouraged or told we are not good at them, we also put those into our shadow. The things we are taught to believe are negative, we try to suppress, deny and ignore within ourselves. We project the positive things that we have put into our shadow onto others. The things we admire most in others is a denied aspect of ourselves. The things that we put into our shadow will keep showing up in the people we attract into our lives as a mirror for what we have in our shadow & can’t accept about ourselves. Pluto is like the puppet master or magnetic pole of the shadow. It will draw people into your life that hold a mirror up to your shadow. It will bring you people who push your buttons, and people who have things that you desire but don’t feel worthy or capable of achieving yourself. Pluto is about transformation. It wants us to face, acknowledge, accept and integrate that shadowy stuff. Collectively Pluto in Capricorn wants us to look at the shadow of our structures, and our government.

The last time that Pluto was in Capricorn was 1778- which was the year that France entered the American Revolution, turning a civil war into an international conflict that resulted in America winning its independence from the British. During Pluto’s time in Capricorn in the 1700’s we began the process of tearing down the old structures and rebuilding a new America, but we built it on the backs of Native Americans and African American slaves. Pluto’s current cycle through Capricorn has brought us Presidents Barack Obama and Donald Trump, two opposite figures representing the very different poles of our shadow as a country. Not to mention multiple major recessions worldwide and Brexit. This is revolutionary energy.

Jupiter & Saturn will leave Capricorn in December, and Pluto will be in Capricorn until 2024. These planets together in Capricorn have demanded accountability and transformation of our structures. They are demanding that there is a balance of power, that everybody is working for the greater good, at their highest potential. As we wrap up Jupiter & Saturn’s time in Capricorn we’ve got to take those lessons and apply what we’ve learned. We’re still in the thick of Pluto’s shadow work. We’ve got four years to transform, to integrate, to take our faulty structures down to the bones and make room to build new ones.

These Days.

Hello from just the beginning of this extremely frustrating Mercury and Mars retrograde. Here are some note-worthy things from the interwebs to distract, delight and/or stoke and provoke your irritations and frustrations:

  1. One of the all time greats, Kenzo Takada died from Covid-19.
  2. Some beautiful words from the amazing Solange Knowles.
  3. Covid-19 Doom Shopping is Real.” So real.
  4. Ethan Hawke, who I consider to be Gen X’s Sam Shepard, created, produced and stars in a new mini-series about John Brown called The Good Lord Bird.
  5. The Crown Season 4! Princess Di! Can not wait for this shit.
  6. America’s Judiciary Doesn’t Look Like America. Not at all.
  7. Covid-19 survivors are experiencing a condition being called brain fog. Once again an 80’s movie comes true.
  8. A good piece about my fave and the last standing thrift store in SF’s mission district, Community Thrift.
  9. Another good piece about the misogynistic bullshit at the 1984 VP debate between Bush Sr. and Geraldine Ferraro. The more things change…
  10. California’s Republican Party is placing faux ballot boxes around the state, on the last day to register someone cut the internet cable to Virginia’s voter registration site, and unauthorized Trump “poll watchers” are showing up to voting locations. If you need info on how to vote and how to track your ballothere is a state by state roundup.

Good luck and godspeed to you all.

Halloween Dreaming.

Well kids, Halloween is near. I myself am feeling oddly and uncharacteristically festive this year. I’ve been finding shows and movies from my youth v v comforting lately, so I thought I would put together some ideas for your Halloween costume. Since we are living in the zoom age, these are mostly top heavy, but I have included some bottom halves so you can really get into character.

First up is a little show called Twin Peaks, which somehow some way manages to still look good every time I look back on it. Any of the ladies of Twin Peaks would make a great costume, here are some greatest hits and deep cuts for your consideration. You will need some bobby pins, hairspray, Marlboro reds and a red lip. Knee socks optional.

Next up is the extra amazing 80’s classic Beetlejuice, featuring the extra amazing Catherine O’Hara in all her raging kooky glory, a frumpy Laura Ashley clad Geena Davis and of course little baby goth queen Winona Ryder (forever and ever, amen). You’re gonna need a lot of hair gel for this one.

Next up is the released in 1980 but oh-so-70’s gemstone and honestly terrifying movie The Shining, which is really a classic Gen X story about a little boy whose alcoholic dad & co-dependent mom pluck him from his normal life and bring him to live in complete isolation in a freaky scary (but stunning) haunted hotel in the middle of nowheres and are too busy arguing and losing their goddamn minds to notice that their kid is a psychic wizard and ghost whisperer who has been trying to tell them about the murdering ghosts trying to get them to do murder on each other. It features Shelley Duvall running around said hotel in a whole gaggle of amazing 70’s lewks that incorporate hiking boots, long johns, corduroy and flannel a solid decade before grunge made them hip. For this one you will need some Virginia Slim cigarettes and some babydoll falsies caked in waterproof mascara. Don’t forget your baseball bat!

Next is probably my favorite actress Gena Rowlands in A Woman Under the Influence. For this one you will need flawless blonde movie star hair, a sixer of Hamm’s, a pack of smokes and lot of questionable and serious hand gestures:

Finally here are a few easy zoom-worthy costumes:

Tina Turner circa Private Dancer. For this you should set up some sort of weight bearing box and drape it with a sheet so that you can spend the zoom call perched atop it with your fishnetted legs perfectly askew a la Tina. Although you will never get it perfect because Tina is simply the best! Better than all the rest! Better than anyone!

Next is the obvious choice here- Drew B in Scream. Just takes a blonde bob wig, a v neck sweater and a cordless telephone:

Last but certainly not least is national treasure Parker Posey in the iconic Party Girl dance battle club scene. You’ll need hair gel, some sequin sleeves, blue satin gloves and a your sassiest yawn. Additionally if you want more Party Girl looks I have broken it down here.

If none of these options do the trick, I have also broken down of the original Karate Kid and the original Jaws. May your housebound Halloween be safe and spooky.

SS2021: Cocoon.

Well friends, another season down. When fashion month started I was admittedly wary. I, like most people, am exhausted. But my curiosity prevailed and each day I checked in on the collections, hoping to catch some magic.

This was, for many reasons, a very different fashion month. The number of shows, of designers who chose to show, and the amount of looks in each collection were much smaller- all much needed changes to the relentless fashion cycle. I typically go through a fashion month looking for the threads of commonality. There is always, somehow, a sort of rhythm that emerges. A tone or direction, a silhouette or style that permeates the season. This month, with designers cut off from one another, from their communities and their teams in many ways, that rhythm was missing. Which is not necessarily a bad thing. What wound up happening is that each designers voice came through with clarity. While there was a general sense of wanting protection- with veiled faces and lots of layering, and hints of the romantic victorian/cottagecore aesthetic mixed with some Y2K revivalism, there were very few trends to call out. This was a season where designers got to dream their own dreams and sing their own songs.

My favorite moments came from beautifully reimagined Emilio Pucci heritage prints, the modern day paparazzi shots of Carolyn Bessette Kennedy in the Hamptons at Saks Potts (tho not their intention- this is what I thought of immediately when I saw them), the Y2K teen looks from Sandy Liang, and the unabashed joy of Christopher John Rogers. All of my fave raves from this odd new season are pictured above.

October Covet.

OK October, you magical mystical month. I am ready for sweaters & bare legs, boots & shorts, toothy jack-o-lanterns and fun size candy bars. So bust out the gourds and the gore and the ouija board and get ready. Here’s some kewl things for the new month:

  1. How cute are these upcycled lace up thermal shirts?
  2. Been swooning over this Sandy Liang dress for months.
  3. I heart these birthdate candles. I want the October 20 one for my son’s October 20 birthday (same b-day as Kamala Harris, BTW/FTW).
  4. Natori lace tights are it.
  5. This Issey Miyake flower top has fully blown my mind. This tulip one is magical too.
  6. Speaking of candles and magic, I love these fancy Slow Burn hexagon candles.
  7. My husband once tricked me into eating a marijuana candy right before sitting down to watch Colin Quinn on the television, and I laughed so hard I actually peed my actual pants. The drugs may have had something to do with it, but it was mostly Colin Quinn’s fault. Anyhoo he wrote a book and I betcha it’s hilarious.
  8. This Grecian blue lampshade from Drew B.’s new home collection is a stunner.
  9. Here are my dream boots.
  10. I want this vintage Emilio Pucci bag so bad it hurts.
  11. Also this vintage Dior suede snake belt.
  12. And all the marigolds for marigold season.
  13. Last is a pair of satin ballet pointe shoes, because I’ve seen a version of them at several fashion shows this month and they look utterly perfect with everything.

The End.

Rabbit, rabbit.


September. A month that really lived up to its 2020-ness. There were apocalyptic days of orange haze, one where the sun just didn’t rise that felt like the end of the actual world. Which, while terrifying, was somehow not surprising. In the midst of the darkness there were a few bright spots. I got to see half of a sweet friendly face in the out of doors. There were blood orange sunflowers to match the sky, new furniture to lounge in while watching baseball games and Days of Heaven for the end of days. Lots of Roland S. Howard and Yves Saint Laurent dreaming. Laura Ashley mania (more later…) and celebrating breaks in the smoke in the backyard. Shoe bedazzling and fall wardrobing and grieving the death of my fave thrift store. Binging on the most delicious 90’s romance nostalgia (exhibit A, exhibit B, exhibit C). Additionally I set foot in a Trader Joe’s for the first time since March and stocked up on all of the pumpkin spice bullshit which I plan on stuffing my face with until election day at which point I will either burst into orange confetti or turn into an actual pumpkin that can be smashed. I hope you are somehow some way getting through with your spirit intact.

September Outfitting.

Well folks, another month down. The news is bee-ond beyond bad, the sky is raining ashes and it’s 10 hundred degrits. Fashion month feels extra meta and mostly meh, and once again there is no justice or goddamn luck for women in this country (exhibit a, exhibit b, exhibit c). Outfit-wise, I have been engaged in some nasty ebay bidding wars over Little House on the Prairie dresses and have pretty much converted my etsy shop to all Laura Ashley. And although I feel like we are bee-ond beyond peak cottagecore, if you are still feeling the fever but not feeling the high demand prices, I implore you not to sleep on Vera Bradley. Little House nostalgia aside, I am still on my boxer shorts and white lace bullshit most days. Here’s hoping Libra season tips the scales in our favor.

Uranus: The Disruptor.

As I make my way through my 42nd year, I have been thinking on the idea of the mid-life crisis. In astrology there is a lil’ thing called the Uranus Opposition. The planet Uranus is known as the oddball planet, mostly because it spins on its side. Symbolically Uranus represents where we are unique, different and where we have something unique to offer. It has an 84 year cycle, and the theory is that human beings are on a Uranian cycle, with a typical lifespan of 84 years. The mid-way point being 40-42 years. This is when the Uranus Opposition occurs- Uranus moves into the sign opposite the one that it was in at the time of your birth.

In astrology Uranus is what’s known as a generational planet. The outer planets have longer cycles through the signs, and therefore tend to be in the same sign for the span of a generation. Uranus changes signs about every 7 years- which is about half a generation.

I was born with Uranus in Scorpio. Scorpio is the sign of intimacy. Known as the “aura breaker” Scorpio cuts through artifice, pretense and superficiality and gets down to the deepest most meaningful parts. It is the sign of mystery, investigation and obsession. Scorpio energy wants us to explore and investigate our deepest feelings and relationships. Scorpio energy shows us the potential of our hunger and sexuality, of our intensity and desire- the potential for intimacy and trust, connection and familial bonds. There are also themes of bonds made and bonds broken with Scorpio energy. It can be the most devoted and committed, and it can also burn bridges. The 3 totems of Scorpio are the Scorpion- a killer with a venomous sting; the Eagle- who soars above others with a watchful eye; and the Phoenix- who can rise from the ashes of death and be born again. Uranus was in Scorpio for about half of Generation X. Gen X was the latchkey kid generation- the first generation of divorce, the first generation of kids raised by single working mothers. Certainly themes of bonds made and broken, of intimacy and family redefined & reimagined, are big for Gen X.

Interestingly, Uranus moved from Scorpio to Sagittarius in 1981- the year that the generations changed from Gen X to Millennials. Sagittarius is a forward thinking fire sign focused on new perspectives and discovery. Sagittarius is the sign of education and philosophy and travel and exploration. Millennials are a generation saddled with student loan debt, and a generation more concerned with culture, lifestyle and work/life balance than traditional modes. They are the generation of entrepreneurs/ freelance/gig/independent contractors. Uranus shifted from Sagittarius to Capricorn in 1989- the sign of ambition. A sign focused on achievement and status, and on practical solutions.

Uranus moved in 1997- the year that the generations changed from Millennials to Gen Z, to Aquarius. Aquarius is a sign focused on the collective, what connects us as humans instead of what divides us. Aquarius is the sign of reform, it takes the structures and practicality of Capricorn and reinvents and reimagines. Ruled by Uranus, Aquarius is a sign that loves the unique and zany, the oddball and the original. It’s an air sign that aims to pull us all into a collective flow instead of keeping us stuck and dug into our little tribes. I call Gen Z generation Zeitgeist- a generation of activists and creatives, a generation not hung up on the roles, traditions and prejudices of the past. I tell you this because I am an astrology nerd, a generational nerd and I love this shit. But I digress.

So let me find my way back to my point…I was born with Uranus in Scorpio. In May of 2018, the year that I turned 40, Uranus moved into Taurus- which is Scorpio’s opposite sign. Taurus is the sign of comfort- home, food, things. As the opposite sign of Scorpio it wants not what is beneath the surface but what it can reach out and touch. While Scorpio wants the emotional, spiritual and unspoken, Taurus wants proof of love, proof of beauty. Uranus in Taurus wants us to reexamine those tangibles in our life- our relationships, our physical experience of life, what and who we have in our lives. Ruled by Venus, Taurus is about value- what and who we value and how we are valued. Uranus in Taurus demands that we examine our worth. Are we getting back as much as we put out? Can we feel that we are valued, are we making sure that what we invest our resources in is valuable? Can we see it, touch it, taste it? It wants us to question the money we spend and the money we make, the way we live, the way we take care of our bodies and our environment. Incidentally Uranus was in Taurus from 1936-1942, a period that saw the effects of the Great Depression, the Dust Bowl & the beginning of WW2.

Personally Uranus’ move into Taurus kicked off an incredible reckoning in my life. I abruptly stopped doing the work I had been doing for most of my adult life. My day job ceased to exist. I started doing work that represented who I was and what I loved. I changed the way that I eat and the way that I drink. I had to reexamine the way that I parented and taught my son. I suddenly found myself questioning and confronting all of the major structures and relationships in my life (which you can read all about here). I burned some bridges. I built some new ones. It’s been a lot.

On August 15th Uranus went retrograde. When a planet is retrograde it slows down. It’s no longer pushing forward, projecting outward, it’s a time when we are forced to backtrack, to pull inward and look back on how we have been using that planet’s energy. 2020 has certainly been a period of reflection and upheaval for everyone. For me this period of reflection is part of my Uranus Opposition process. The mid-life crisis that forced me to change everything now has me questioning those changes. The themes of value and worth, of my own self-worth, are large for me right now. The over-arching theme of this year for me has been, “what’s the point and what’s the purpose?” With the pandemic everything is difficult, everything is a struggle, everything is masked. And with the pandemic the smallness of life forces one to examine what we value. To question the worth of things, of ourselves, and to examine if what we put out is equal to what we get back. I think for most of us, in America, the answer has been no. We need new structures, new foundations. We need proof of our worth and our value. So here we are. The world and my mid-life crisis.

**Here is a breakdown of Uranus through the Generations:

Silent Generation: 1928-1945 (Uranus in Aries- war & defending freedoms at all costs/Taurus- redefining career, money, health and lifestyle/Gemini- innovation, automation, technological advances & space & earth science)

Baby Boomers: 1946-1964 (Uranus in Gemini-technology, invention and innovation/Cancer- emotional freedom, free love, sexual exploration, rootless unsettled lifestyle/Leo- ME ME ME, won’t be told what to do, reject authority & lack self-discipline/Virgo- dislike of routine & chores, DIY ethic and love of time saving/cutting corners)

Gen X: 1965-1980 (Uranus in Virgo- DIY ethic, dislike of domesticity and routines/Libra- unconventional love & relationships, redefining marriage & family, love of kooky art & creativity/Scorpio- dislike of superficial, emotional intensity, relationships redefined, bonds made & broken)  

Millennials: 1981-1996 (Uranus in Sagittarius- education, travel, new ideals and lifestyle/Uranus in Capricorn- ambition, practical solutions and entrepreneurship, redefining work & business)

Gen Z: 1997-2012 (Uranus in Aquarius- love of originality and oddball, focus on the collective instead of the self, activism and reform/Pisces- idealistic, striving for highest ideals and beliefs, attraction to occult and mysticism)

Outfits to Vote In.

Well kids, Fall is here. In the hopes of pulling myself out of my depression coma I’ve assembled a roundup of lovely items to wear for a new season. So here is a little warmth and frivolity and nostalgia to distract you from the terrifying and increasingly bad news out there, while you wait for your ballot to arrive. Be sure to pair them with your best Ruth Bader Ginsburg pearl collar.

10 Everyday Things.

Been an actual while since I did one of these, so I thought I’d put together a handful of simple little things that get me through the days.

  1. This American Apparel tri-blend top (as seen on one Carrie Bradshaw) is probably the item of clothing that I have worn most and re-purchased most in my life. It’s the thing I reach for most days.
  2. I discovered this Easydew cream after experiencing retinol burnout, and it’s my favorite. It’s super light and does not stink or make me break out. After a week or so I saw changes in the tone, texture and elasticity of my skin. Highly rec. as an alternative to retinol for sensitive types.
  3. I can’t get enough of these Italian terra cotta pots. I have them all over my house and backyard.
  4. These Bali lace bodysuits are another thing that I have re-purchased multiple times. I originally had a 1970’s version that I wore to death (R.I.P.) and decided to buy a new one, and was pleasantly surprised that they hadn’t changed the design. They are pretty, comfortable and smooving and work with most outfits.
  5. On my endless quest for the perfect Carolyn Bessette headband I discovered Parcelona French acetate headbands and jaw clips. They are well made, pretty and feel fancy & Carolyn-esque.
  6. I have been a devotee of Nars orgasm blush for yearz but I decided to find a cheaper option and went for this $6 Milani blush. Never going back.
  7. My Lodge cast iron dutch oven is probably the pan I use most in life. It’s the best.
  8. I have terrible feet and these Feiyue sneakers are one of the few shoes that don’t kill me dead. They are super flexible and light and make me feel like I could do a flying roundhouse kick if needed.
  9. I tend to get super low energy/exhausted/barely awake around 3pm, so I started taking Chlorella and noticed a maje difference in my energy level. I no longer feel like I’m about to nod off while watching my afternoon soaps.
  10. My favorite buddhist practice is Tonglen, which is compassion practice. The basic concept is that you breathe in and allow/acknowledge whatever suffering you are experiencing, and then start to breathe in the suffering of someone you know, and then extend that to a larger group, until eventually you are able to breathe in and “hold space” for the suffering of someone who has hurt you or who is causing you or others pain. It’s a process, but it’s the one that I have found most impactful. I love this little book about it by Pema Chodron, and Tara Brach has a few wonderful free guided meditations that I do on the regular.