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the first week of fall has brought near cloudy¬†days and chilly breezes that have me digging out my warm socks and sweaters. there’s always a¬†part of me that wants to hold on to summer for a little longer, and this year especially. i’m just not ready for rain and dark days and cold nights. i’m just not! i’m dreaming instead of the summer that i didn’t get this year- one with swimsuits and tropical drinks and pool lounging. i thought i’d do a list of my dream vacation items, as a farewell to the summer that was (or wasn’t).
  1. this week in paris the haus of dior found its voice again with new designer maria grazia chiuri’s first collection. ¬†i for one thought she did a pretty fabulous job, and paid tribute to christian dior in some really cool ways. speaking of christian dior: i love this little vintage dior swimsuit wrap.
  2. i am pretty crazy about this denim one shoulder ruffle lisa marie fernandez swimsuit which is now 40% off, and there is also one over on ebay for a 40% off that price. get into it.
  3. these little vintage hermes shorts are too cute.
  4. i feel like emotionally i am one of those ladies with a dark tan and platinum blonde hair that walks around her patio in a gold halston caftan with a long cigarette holder in one hand and a cocktail in the other.
  5. by now i’m sure everyone has seen the photos from king jacquemus’ incredible collection, which featured uh-mazing wide brimmed straw hats. ¬†being a complete sucker for spanish romanticism i of course want one.¬†there is this little wide brimmed straw number on sale over at need supply.
  6. perhaps my favorite collection of summer 2016 was isa arfen’s resort collection. i scored two pieces and they are two of my favorite things in this world: comfortable, beautiful and fun to wear. i am still hung up on this off the shoulder dress, which i feel like i will love for every summer to come and perhaps kick myself for not buying.
  7. favorite shoe of the summer courtesy of maryam nassir zadeh. still fawning over them.
  8. shades! designer shades! like these banana leaf print cat eye ones from dolce & gabbana. or these oversized black ones from celine. or these adorable hot pink cat eyes from dolce & gabbana again.
  9. as far as beauty products go in the tropics, i think of 3 things: cellulite goop (clarins is the best that i’ve found. if you know better, please let a girl know!), dry shampoo (travel size, natch), and super fancy, spray on, spf 50 sunscreen.
  10. i feel like little brightly embellished straw beach totes are the bag of the year thus far. which works out well for my beach vacation theme.
  11. next is a turkish towel, because it’s fancy to travel with your own towel.
  12. lastly is a good memoir, and there are two on my list. first is walk through walls by the stunning artist marina abromovic. second is born to run by bruce springsteen, which i am currently only 40 pages through and have already cried more times than i can recall. thanks, boss.

happy imaginary vacationing!

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welp, fall is here. i’m feeling a little indifferent, but ready as ever to assemble new outfits. this week we breezed through london and plowed through milan fashion weeks and once again, gucci killed us all dead. from the first look i knew that my pink obsession would live on to see another season. here are my first week of fall, still pink and gucci-obsessed items du jour.
  1. speaking of pink, i can’t really think of a cooler pair of ankle boots than¬†maryam nassir zadeh’s agnes boots. of course saint laurent’s pink satin booties are pretty close, and i must admit, these faux fur covered pink booties from topshop are pretty amazing.
  2. sweater weather is upon us (ok, it’s been sweater weather pretty much all year here, but whatevs), and obviously this panther applique sweater from gucci is the everything of everythings. if you, like me, don’t have 4300 sweater dollars laying around, this real cool vintage sweater is over on etsy¬†putting off¬†serious gucci vibrations.
  3. speaking of sweaters that i cannot afford, this maritza pullover from ulla johnson is so v v pretty. i hope to someday have cashmere money.
  4. back in february when ny fashion week was going on, i spied this beautiful pink ruffley dress from a detacher and began waiting for it to be born into the retail world. now that it is finally here, i just have to sit on my hands and pray that there is one left for me when sale season rolls around.
  5. jeans are really the thing for fall, i know. i am finally appreciating those vetements babies, because reworked levi’s are now everywhere from maryam nassir zadeh to re/done to h&m¬†and pixie market.
  6. i’m still totes crazy over these red slouchy leather boots from isabel marant, and also the zara version.
  7. my other current shoe obsession is the winter 2016 version of celine’s v neck heel, which i find so insanely gorgeous, even more gorgeous than these little heart embellished shoes. part of me is wondering if zara will also come out with another knockoff version, different from the current one.

the end.

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from the street.

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so here we are kids, at the end of another ny fashion week. ¬†i have to admit that i have been as interested in seeing the street style photos as i have the collections. in some cases i’ve been more excited to see what yasmin sewell or giovanna battaglia or pandora sykes was wearing to a show than the actual show. what a world!
it’s always cool to see new designers being worn, and it seems every it girl was wearing polish designer magda butrym‘s cutout dresses. i had to pause from my swooning for a moment when i realized how similar butrym’s blue polka dot and silver cutout dresses were to two dresses by vetements: a silver open back dress and a blue polka dot open back dress¬†(h&m version of the polka dot dress¬†and topshop’s here).

the thing that i saw throughout hundreds of street style photos (peppered in with the endless johanna ortiz ruffle tops) was forced off the shoulder everything (more of the demna gvasalia effect):

i’ve noticed that ruffle mania is changing shape a bit, from pouffy whipped ruffles to more wave shapes.¬†the new crop of ruffle tops is coming in, from isa arfen to¬†magda butrym to jonathan simkhai:

the bags on the street that caught my eye were loads of the balenciaga striped tote (which people are saying is a copy of a plastic thai market bag) and the sold out cult gaia bag (which is a re-production of vintage japanese picnic baskets). it seems the vintage wicker/plastic bag trends will live on (as seen at tory burch for spring).

as for shoes there are two pairs of boots that really have me, one is the lace up ballet bootie, which chloe showed for pre-fall and valentino seems to have perfected for fall 2016. the other is the metallic ankle boot that maryam nassir zadeh just put out, and somehow topshop already has an eerily similar version for sale. nassir zadeh showed the gold boot in her debut at fashion week, which was presented as a dinner party with the clothing worn by her team, close friends and muses.

people made a big deal out of j.crew’s show, and the presentation itself was of the same vain as nassir zadeh- j. crew’s team wore the clothes instead of models, but to me it felt like a metaphor for what j.crew does: takes fashion and re-produces it for “normal” people. while i think that jenna lyons is cool, i don’t think there was anything new to see. i went through the collection and said, “rosie assoulin. johanna ortiz. celine. and some chinos.” i suppose i can never really get behind the idea of big retailers showing at fashion week because ultimately what they do is re-produce other designer’s pieces for mass consumption. ¬†to me, j. crew’s collection of incredibly derivative pieces just showcased what they do: “normalize”¬†high fashion. and yes, their collection offers it for $200-300 instead of $700-$800, but take for example the celine ringer khaki outfit that they showed:

new uber fast fashion site l’oeil is already selling a knock off of this skirt for $128. so in the end i feel like, what’s the point? perhaps brands like j. crew, h&m and topshop are moving in the direction of originality with these collections because what they do is becoming obsolete? i want to say that¬†it’s a positive thing that fast fashion mega stores like h&m & topshop are beginning to design their own collections, because perhaps it means we are moving away from the world of knock offs. yet there are all of these new fast fashion shops popping up to fill that gap, so i’ll stand by my what’s the point? when it comes to street style at fashion week, i can’t see myself as excited over seeing a fashion girl wearing an h&m outfit as i am to see something by an emerging designer with a new voice.

the end.


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september covet.

september covet.


september! september is my favorite month. i really love that whole end of summer not quite fall thing, before the crappy weather and binge eating begins, where the weather is warm and the geraniums are going wild. geranium red is really ruling my world right now, and it seems like the right color for september. fashion week is upon us and the kids are back in school, so let’s do this.

  1. first up is a ukranian dress or¬†vyshyvanka. i find these dresses so insanely beautiful, and they seem to be on the backs of every fashion “blogger” in the world thanks to designer vita kin. her amazing dresses run in the $2000’s, but a vyshyvanka dress can be found on etsy in the $300-400 range.
  2. next up is this insanely rad sinead o’connor t-shirt from assembly ny.
  3. next are a pair of geranium red carrot pants, like these super cute vintage ones that only cost $18.
  4. i seem to be on some sort of handbag jag right now, which is strange because i am not typically a bag lady. i lourve this little embroidered vintage guy with gucci-esque hardware.
  5. next are these super cool red mules from trademark.
  6. i’ve seen so many cute pictures in the september issues of models with glitter around their eyes, and then i saw this video of solange knowles¬†and i felt the need to get some eye glitter immediately.
  7. all of the mommy bloggers are schlepping sun potion supplements lately, and i’m not immune to their charms, but reading a review of their chlorella powder which said that it completely eliminated someone’s pms made me want to sign up immediately.
  8. i want to try this may coop raw sauce because the description says things like smooth and silky and radiant, which are all things i want my skin to be.
  9. next on my handbag obsession list is this lou clutch by a detacher in pink. swoon.
  10. this little miu miu ruffle shirt is so cute that it hurts my eyes to look at.
  11. kind of really crazy about these red stewart pants from caron callahan.
  12. i’ve been seeing these cult gaia bags everywhere, and wondering who bought up all the vintage bamboo basket clutches in the world.
  13. my new favorite tarot deck is silver era tarot. so pretty.
  14. today is my 2 year wedding anniversary, so i feel like ann patchett’s this is the story of a happy marriage is in order.
  15. last on my list is this crazy cool multi color rabbit bag from 3.1 phillip lim.
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shopping cart.

shopping cart.


this week i am thinking, as i often do, about influence vs. appropriation. an emerging designer whom i adore recently posted a set of comparison photos of her own designs versus those on sale at a fast fashion retailer and voiced her frustration as a new designer over knockoffs of her designs. the post was quickly deleted, so i won’t name names, but i felt it none-the-less. big fast fashion chains like forever 21, zara and h&m have been churning out designer lookalikes¬†for years, but in recent months it seems that the knockoffs have become a little less obvious, with at least minor changes to the original design. at the same time a whole new crop of fast fashion shops have popped up, ones that seem to be devoted to producing near identical versions of pieces by emerging or indie designers. the price point is nowhere near as low as the big fasties, but drastically lower than the indie designers that they are copying. these shops are like fast fashion for grown ups, replacing $10 skinny jeans with $80 raw hem vetements knockoffs.

that being said, i also see designers re-making vintage styles from other houses, or creating pieces that look very similar to their contemporaries and i often wonder how different this really is. fashion most definitely revolves around re-invention of that which came before, and there are no copyright laws that apply to clothing. i wonder why it is that when we see a new piece of clothing that clearly references, say, yves saint laurent circa 1970, we are excited to make the connection and call the new designer smart for making that reference, yet when a designer puts out a piece that clearly resembles one of their contemporaries, we call this stealing. is there simply a waiting period, a certain amount of years that must pass before something crosses the line from imitation to tribute? and what about common threads or trends in a fashion season? is it co-incidence that several houses will put out similar items in one season? or are there secretly little fashion spies that leak secrets out to the other designers? or is there some great muse or subconscious creative collective pool that designers tap into each season which leaves them all shocked and delighted when they see each others similar collections?

the difference with designers referencing or even riffing off of one another is that the design is usually changed at least slightly and re-interpreted, imagined through another designer’s lens. for the most part there is a sense of camaraderie¬†or healthy competition between designers. but what do these fast fashion shops say about the designer whom they are knocking off, that their idea is good, but not at the price they are asking? fast fashion knockoffs call into question the worth of designer’s ideas. fast fashion literally cheapens designers. it is, in fact, stealing because the average shopper doesn’t think about where the design or idea for the garment came from, it is about instant gratification. the piece becomes faceless and nameless, and the creativity that gave birth to the design gets all but erased when it is re-constructed in a sweatshop. personally i want to touch the magic, i want the energy and excitement and dreaming and the craft that goes into a designer piece. but i digress.

below are some current examples of influence and appropriation and how those seem to overlap.

  1. first up is the lovely cotton poplin wrap top by johanna ortiz which seems to have taken over the world. the perfect marriage of ruffles and blue striped shirting and off the shoulder gave birth to this top, and it has been knocked off more times than one can count.
  2. but if you are keeping count, here are a few of the knock offs: the storets version ($68), the stylemafia version ($75), and the pixie market version ($52).
  3. meanwhile over at rosie assoulin was this similar ruffle off the shoulder blouse. it seemed that johanna ortiz, rosie assoulin, and j.w. anderson were all surfing the same wave, all offering up similar but differently brilliant ruffles in stripes & ginghams.
  4. marni gave us these ultra fabulous color block sandals with contrast red block heel.
  5. which were knocked off by loeil.
  6. over at jacquemus these amazing contrast red & white block heels happened.
  7. i’m seeing the rainbow sarah battaglia ferragamo bags¬†everywhere lately and this bag sort of sums it up: it was inspired by the famed ferragamo rainbow shoe of 1938.
  8. of course the rainbow bag has been done, most recently by valentino last year.
  9. when jesse kamm came out with her sailor pant i was smitten, but i knew why. i always smile when i see quotes saying that kamm has been “doing it since 2005” because her pants are an exact match to navy uniform pants that sailors wore during world war II. last year kamm put out the pants in an iron oxide red, and this summer caron callahan put out her very similar stewart pant in a crimson red.
  10. it’s been a couple of years since chloe came out with this adorable color block toe pump. over at¬†maryam nassir zadeh are these¬†toe cap maryam pumps.
  11. speaking of maryam nassir zadeh, these yves wedges are clearly a nod to vintage ysl wedges.
  12. isabel marant did a lovely crinkly leather, pointed toe red boot for pre-fall 2016 that made me fully swoon, for $1255. zara was quick to jump on it and put out this similar pair for $279.

the end.


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farewell my queen.

farewell my queen.
today we lost a true bad ass, and patron saint of “fragile but strong” women everywhere: sonia rykiel. to me sonia rykiel was part of a small, elite group of designers who manage to really show themselves without concern for trends, or what the competition is doing, and she managed to do so for nearly 50 years. sonia rykiel’s brilliance was in her ability to¬†fuse light and dark. her signature rainbow stripes were dripping with irony, somehow rainbow sequins became goth.¬†she made fashion accessible because her pieces showed how real she was. her punk spirit and clear voice will be missed. here are a few of her beautiful pieces available now.
  1. wide leg cotton chambray trousers ($160) 
  2. sequin embellished cotton sweatshirt ($397)
  3. vintage red silk harem trousers ($50)
  4. cropped embroidered denim jacket ($1,030)
  5. red lip brooch ($67)
  6. red & black leather clutch ($402)
  7. effing amazing pink plastic & canvas espadrilles with velvet ankle ties (!) ($191)
  8. striped wool & cashmere wide leg pants ($690)
  9. printed wide leg trousers with contrast panel ($397) and matching pajama style blazer ($512)
  10. rainbow sequin long gown ($512)
  11. pretty gold pumps ($360)
  12. ruffled bardot neckline dress ($640)
  13. vintage patent leather loafers ($24)
  14. high waisted jeans ($493)

the end.

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this week i have decided to officially throw my hands up and surrender to fall. because summer just kinda never happened, and i’m tired of hearing myself complain. the good news is that i sense that this fall will be as¬†cloaked in velvet as the front row at a stevie nicks concert. having come of age in the 90’s, velvet holds a special place in my heart. 90’s nostalgia has been ruling the runway for several seasons now, but there’s something wonderful about seeing velvet everything, slip dresses (over t-shirts), chokers and winona ryder on the cover of magazines¬†that makes it feel more radical, perhaps because these things are now being made by big fashion houses and big fashion magazines instead of the teen beats. it’s the 90’s for grown ups. and so, in anticipation of¬†the barrage of velvet that is about to hit your face i thought i would hit first with some of my faves.
  1. let’s start with the most over the top fabulous of all over the top fabulous velvet items, shall we? it’s these over the knee velvet boots by aquazzura. fab-u-liss.
  2. if $900 is a little out of your price range, might i suggest these truly sick vintage velvet sock boots that only cost $28, are direct from the 90’s, and also happen to be oh so vetements.
  3. next up is the object of my obsession: dries van noten cap toe velvet ankle boots, a pair of boots so gorgeous that they make me actually want to wear the color purple, a phenomenon that has not occurred since i was a quirky 12 year old.
  4. the dries boots are so amazing that they have inspired about a million rip offs. the steve madden version will run you about $130, as will the topshop version.
  5. a velvet handbag is pretty crucial in my book. i’m fairly crazy about this little vintage number over on etsy, but if you’re looking to go big i say go ysl or go yee home.
  6. about that slip dress: this hillier bartley stunner feels like the one, but i have to admit that the zara version is crazy good too.
  7. next we have velvet chokers, which make the goth teenager in me oh so happy. ¬†not only is there is the $14 urban outfitters version, there is also the gorgeous $600 version, one of several velvet chokers ranging from $300-$3000 up for grabs on moda operandi right now. if you’re fancy.
  8. this high neck rouched velvet isabel marant top is killing me.
  9. vetements did a purple velvet suit, and the trousers are the jam. or the grape jammy jam toast, if you will.
  10. while we’re on the subject of jammy velvet pants: isa arfen gave us these paper bag waisted guys, once again proving her supreme jammyness.
  11. next up is a little velvet bralette, to be worn over t-shirts or on its own.
  12. and the perfect t-shirt to wear under said bralette or slip dress is surely a free winona t-shirt.
  13. how about some crushed velvet socks?
  14. crushed velvet socks to be worn under vintage 90’s blue velvet strappy heels, of course.
  15. this amazing shopper by hayward might be worth the $650 price tag.
  16. last but not least are these adorable sweet lovely little ruby red velvet mary janes from mr. marc jacobs.

the end.