a week of outfits.

i spent most of april in a 90’s craze, thrifting for all the killer items i could find and putting together outfits that paid tribute to the girls of the day- the ones with styles all their owns. more on that later. for now, here’s a few of the things i wore while waiting for the weather to make up its mind.

happpy may.


a week of meals.


the connection between food & mood is something that i’ve been interested in for 20 years. i’ve struggled with slow metabolism (and some thyroid issues), along with some form of depression and terrible pms for most of my life, and i first got interested in how food affects these things when i befriended a nutritionist at the age of 18. she was kind enough to make a food plan for me that involved lots of protein and healthy fats (in the low-fat 90’s), and when i was in my late 20’s another nutritionist gave me the book the mood cure. this book is like my bible- and it prescribes a diet that is high in protein/healthy fats, cuts out processed foods & sugar, and includes amino acid supplements. here is a great roundup of the scientific evidence behind amino therapy, but my personal experience with aminos has been incredible. i think clearer, sleep better, handle stress better, have more energy and even have sharper vision when i take amino supplements. i recently started taking natural factors thyroid health formula, and l-glutamine (to help with sugar cravings) and 5htp to help with all the things. i’ve also been using ashwagandha for several months to help with anxiety and sleep.

supplements aside, foods play a big role. throughout my life i’ve tried pretty much every diet out there but what sticks out through all of them is that i don’t do well with diary (bloating, cloudy thinking/low energy & acne), gluten (same as dairy), or corn (foggy, bloated & jumpy heartbeat anxiousness) and i am allergic to soy (instant canker sores). i also find that i just don’t handle starch well. any starch. i’ve always felt leaner, lighter, brighter and less bloated when i eat a diet that focuses on protein and veggies and avoids starches and dairy. after a little over a year on a vegan/plant based diet, i felt sort of exhausted all the time and decided to change my diet to one that included meat (red meat for pms), lots of fish (for omegas) and cut out most of the starches that i was eating just to keep going (even though they were healthy ones). i also cut out the dried fruits (dates and “energy bars” made with dates) that i was super hooked on and found that my sugar cravings went down, my energy shot up, my bloating went wayyyy down and i lost some weight. i also re-introduced amino acid supplements and i feel so, so much better. while i like cooking, i’m hecka busy and not rolling in the dough (punny), so i try to keep my meals simple and easy to prepare. i thought i’d share what i eat in a week.

my morning routine is the same 6 days a week: i have a glass of water with lemon; 2 tablespoons of raw apple cider vinegar in water; and 2 cups of coffee with unsweetened almond milk. breakfast is a smoothie made with mixed greens, 1/2 avocado, sun potion ashwangandha, sun warrior warriormeal protein powder, and water. my mid-morning snack is always trader joe’s “just a handful” of dry roasted unsalted almonds. here is the rest for a typical week:

monday: lunch: leftover roast chicken with sauteed spinach. dinner: parchment packet salmon with zucchini, squash & onion. after dinner snack: 1/2 bag of raw cashews (really went for it).

tuesday: lunch: 4 eggs with 1/2 avocado. afternoon snack: raw cashews. dinner: crockpot chili.

wednesday: lunch: canned salmon with yellow mustard on bed of spinach. dinner: pressure cooker mexican chicken topped with avocado & black olives with oven roasted zucchini, red onion & bell pepper.

thursday: lunch: canned chicken with cilantro, green onion & coconut vegan mayo. dinner: oven roasted tilapia topped with trader joe’s zhoug sauce with curried cauliflower. after dinner snack: raw cashews.

friday: lunch: albacore tuna with trader joe’s tahini, pepita & apricot slaw (hold the apricots). dinner: out- salad with grilled chicken & veggies with 2 glasses of dry champagne.

saturday: lunch: 4 eggs with 1/2 avocado. afternoon snack: little cup of blackberries & raspberries with raw cashews. dinner: organic chicken sausage with mixed baby greens and trader joe’s turmeric almond butter dressing. dessert: choczero chocolate and a la croix water.

sunday: breakfast: 4 egg omelette with spinach & black olives. snack: handful dry roasted unsalted almonds. lunch: grilled chicken & raw veggies with cauliflower hummus. dinner: trader joe’s roasted chicken patties with zucchini noodles and trader joe’s turmeric almond butter dressing.

the end.

a week of outfits.

another month down. i’ve been trying to incorporate a little denim into my life by way of of a vintage levi’s jacket that my husband found at a thrift store for me & some 90’s throwback flares, but it’s really just not me. perhaps i’m just too fancy for denim. perhaps! there is a color pallet that revolves around camel/tan/khaki that i can’t get enough of these days, and i pretty much spent the last month trying to re-create maryam nassir zadeh’s spring 18 collection via thrift stores. scouring thrift stores to recreate looks is, by the way, probably my favorite thing to do. so there you have it.


a week of spending.

in the spirit of full disclosure, allow me to give you a week of my spends. i do my best to stay on a budget that errs more on the side of saving and less on the side of lattes, but this week was not without it’s budget blowers. firstly i had a rare ladies night out on tha town, and secondly i allowed myself a few impulse buys from the likes of walmart (where cheap lil’ cute and not exactly necessary things line up at the end of every isle like low hanging fruit in a video game) and amazon (which is pretty much the new target). were i being a perfect angel i would have foregone many of these things, but it was all in the name of fun or a hangover or outfits or bad hair so, those guys won.

monday: $40.65 amazon. i needed bubble bath for my son, so i threw in a super cool clear plastic belt and a fancy hair mask for my fried split ends.

tuesday: $24 at sprouts. had to do a grocery run for essentials aka non-dairy creamer, dark chocolate, avocados and fancy lollipops for my son. i also bought some ingredients to make a birthday cake for my hubs AND another hair mask because my hair is a problem you guys.

wednesday: $23 at walmart. my son works on a barter system in which he does things “for me” like going to school and to the bathroom in exchange for toys (which i have to buy for him). i really got the short end of the stick on this one. so i spent about $12 on little mini thomas trains and spent another $6 on a pair of granny panties, 40 cents on some bright colored felt (for cutting into little hearts) and $3 on a flower sheet mask purchased solely because of this episode of jimmy fallon with drew barrymore (starts at 1:42). i grew up with drew b and i will love her ’till the end of time and sure hope she can improve my face.

thursday: $0. had a meeting with my boss which i held at my house so no dollars were spent. i baked a cake and we had a lil’ birthday party when my husband got home.

friday: $36 at a wine bar. a super extremely rare night out with my best ladies. we split some pickled items, nuts and olives and i threw back a few glasses of cava. my bff treated me to an espresso afterwards.

saturday: $5.55 at starbucks. i do my best to avoid buying coffee but i was feeling a bit hungover so i got a matcha latte. my son & i made grain free banana pancakes for breakfast and spent the day listening to the best of the 80’s and reading pete the cat books. my husband brought home a rotisserie chicken for dinner and we watched a documentary on mick ronson.

sunday: $84 at trader joe’s & $10.34 at thrift town. this was the big grocery run for the week. afterwards i hit the thrift store b/c i had a coupon for $10 off $20. found a thomas the train pillow (like new after a wash) for my son, a khaki skirt, a tan blouse, a super rad 80’s lime green top, a nearly new snake print belt with an orange buckle and a pretty bowl to hold all of the fruit we don’t eat. we had cobb salad for dinner and watched atomic blonde which my husband & i found entertaining and my son found v v upsetting because he’s a pacifist but also cool because he loves the 80’s.

grande totale: $223.54




a personal outfit history.

  1. aged 3. navy velour puff sleeve shirt with plaid collar with lace trim.
  2. aged 3. blue calico dress over white tights with a bright red coat. note that i am holding a snakeskin clutch. as one does.
  3. aged 4. pink floral babydoll dress with ruffled sleeves & straw cowboy hat. pretending to talk on the phone while my dolls & brother watched.
  4. aged 5. blue blouse with puff sleeves & high collar trimmed with white lace under a white calico print babydoll dress with tie shoulders.
  5. aged 5. same outfit as noted above, worn over white tights with black patent leather mary janes.
  6. aged 6. brownie uniform, from the jc penny catalog, designed by one roy halston.
  7. aged 7. striped dress with bib collar worn with peep toe kitten heels over white ankle socks. shout out to my brother in the shortest shorts ever.
  8. aged 8. wrap front linen dress worn with knee high yellow tube socks & powder pink velcro dad sneakers.
  9. aged 8. tiered ruffle dress with tie shoulders. double shout out to my brother in the 2nd shortest shorts ever, worn with tube socks, a visor and a pair of binoculars.
  10. aged 9. pink polka dot dress, doing little to conceal my emerging breasts. this photo was taken by my grandmother, who proceeded to feel me up & then take me to macy’s and have me felt up by another old lady in the lingerie department before sending me home to my mother with a training bra.
  11. aged 10. vintage 50’s prom dress with bow front & tulle overlay skirt, purchased at a thrift store and worn with a giant turquoise feather in my hair.
  12. aged 11. striped puff sleeve shirt & pink denim skirt. unfortunate haircut and unintentional upskirt shot, both by my mother.