a week of outfits.

another month down. i’ve been trying to incorporate a little denim into my life by way of of a vintage levi’s jacket that my husband found at a thrift store for me & some 90’s throwback flares, but it’s really just not me. perhaps i’m just too fancy for denim. perhaps! there is a color pallet that revolves around camel/tan/khaki that i can’t get enough of these days, and i pretty much spent the last month trying to re-create maryam nassir zadeh’s spring 18 collection via thrift stores. scouring thrift stores to recreate looks is, by the way, probably my favorite thing to do. so there you have it.



a personal outfit history.

  1. aged 3. navy velour puff sleeve shirt with plaid collar with lace trim.
  2. aged 3. blue calico dress over white tights with a bright red coat. note that i am holding a snakeskin clutch. as one does.
  3. aged 4. pink floral babydoll dress with ruffled sleeves & straw cowboy hat. pretending to talk on the phone while my dolls & brother watched.
  4. aged 5. blue blouse with puff sleeves & high collar trimmed with white lace under a white calico print babydoll dress with tie shoulders.
  5. aged 5. same outfit as noted above, worn over white tights with black patent leather mary janes.
  6. aged 6. brownie uniform, from the jc penny catalog, designed by one roy halston.
  7. aged 7. striped dress with bib collar worn with peep toe kitten heels over white ankle socks. shout out to my brother in the shortest shorts ever.
  8. aged 8. wrap front linen dress worn with knee high yellow tube socks & powder pink velcro dad sneakers.
  9. aged 8. tiered ruffle dress with tie shoulders. double shout out to my brother in the 2nd shortest shorts ever, worn with tube socks, a visor and a pair of binoculars.
  10. aged 9. pink polka dot dress, doing little to conceal my emerging breasts. this photo was taken by my grandmother, who proceeded to feel me up & then take me to macy’s and have me felt up by another old lady in the lingerie department before sending me home to my mother with a training bra.
  11. aged 10. vintage 50’s prom dress with bow front & tulle overlay skirt, purchased at a thrift store and worn with a giant turquoise feather in my hair.
  12. aged 11. striped puff sleeve shirt & pink denim skirt. unfortunate haircut and unintentional upskirt shot, both by my mother.

a week of outfits.


ah, february. this month saw 75 degree days and 45 degree days. bare legs and thick winter coats. i did a lot of closet clearing this month, but i also did some shopping. i felt possessed by a deep need for satin in my life and unable to pass up ganni satin fringe shorts that were 60% off, and a vintage chloe satin slip dress for $40. i tried out a fancy hand embroidered chinese style satin blouse (bought on super extra sale at anthropologie), and a highly strange ruffled pajama ensemble (bought on super extra sale at thrift town) but ultimately felt like i was cheating on getting dressed by wearing jammies out of the house. i bought a classic white button down shirt & a black turtleneck sweater both 2 sizes too big and scored the sweetest pair of clear plastic heels for $5 at a thrift store. this month i played around with neutrals- white, black, and the new white & black: tan & neon lime green. i dared to ask if a red corset bag and gold celine ballerina heels go with everything, to which the fashion gods replied, “yep.”


a week of outfits.

january- what a total blower. i believe it was cold; a bit rainy- but to be honest i don’t recall. everything is a blur in my memory. i can tell my mood by the almost complete lack of color in my outfits, there were gray days. my favorite outfit this winter has easily been this h&m faux celine sweater with this mara hoffman knit skirt (similar here and here), and these maryam nassir zadeh boots (which i wish i had in red!). i also can’t state enough how crucial turtleneck bodysuits have been to my winter wardrobe. i bought this one on amazon for about $12 and it’s gotten a ton of use. i also broke two of my own rules and bought these skinny jeans (a no) on a whim because they were on sale (another no) for $5. i felt determined to make them work but sadly, i still look like a sack of potatoes in skinny jeans. lessons learned. looking forward to some color in the days ahead.

the end.

a sartorial farewell to 2017.

the year started off with a feeling of closet burnout, which inspired a solid month of trying on every garment that i owned and taking a photo of it. from there, i documented a week of outfits every month, which has left my phone with an embarrassing amount of outfit selfies on it. it does, however, allow me to really look back on the year and what i wore. yes, i have regrets, some relating to the way my hips look in tight pants, some over things i chose to part with in closet clean outs, but mostly i just love outfits.

this year i worked hard on my goal of having my wardrobe entirely populated by suspender skirts/jumpers/pinafores. it’s really the one item of clothing that i am in love with no matter what era it hails from. i can appreciate a 1940’s nursing pinafore as much as an 80’s power shoulder strap one. i equally adore a matronly laura ashley plaid jumper and a sassy 90’s grunge plaid jumper from the mall. i find a modern day urban outfitters pinafore about as irresistible as one from comme des garcons. i just can’t get enough.

all of these pictures display a few basic truths about my sartorial self: jeans are no friend of mine, plaid and pinafore are my king and queen, and the shoes really do make the man.

the end.


my best friend in kindergarten was a girl named jennifer and we were inseparable. people were constantly getting us mixed up, on top of our similar late 70’s names we also both had honey blonde hair and dimples. we once had a joint birthday party and even though our birthdays were nearly a month apart, it was held on my birthday (leo trumps cancer on most occasions). i decided that the party should be held in a park on top of a hill, overlooking the santa cruz harbor. in anticipation of this party i had my mother make me a white dress made of shiny faux-satin with bell sleeves and gold trim. my tiny vision was to recreate the bonnie tyler video “holding on for a hero”. i would stand on top of a cliff while the wind blew through my sleeves as i gesticulated all of my prepubescent longing for all of my friends and family. my plans were quickly destroyed when the party was hijacked by jennifer’s mother, who arrived with a birthday cake for jennifer that had an actual barbie doll in the center, with swirling layers of lavender frosting as her skirt. the cake was the hit of the party, not my beautiful sleeves.

from time to time i find myself thinking back on the early music videos that were around in the 80’s, and the impression that they made. images of stevie nicks walking on the beach in a black dress with lace puff sleeves, madonna twirling in flamenco dresses or wiggling in black bullet bustiers and a bolero hat, debbie gibson in a tartan plaid ruffle dress with patterned tights. those images (with a little help from molly ringwald, winona ryder, and the ladies of beverly hills 90210) formed me in many ways, gave me a sense of what style could do to express something.  recently this dress by maryam nassir zadeh had me thinking back on bonnie tyler, on that video that inspired me so. i had to go back and watch it again, and marvel at those completely radical outfits.


a week of outfits.

not gonna lie to you, this month has been pretty fricking awful. i spent most of it sick with what was either bronchitis or walking pneumonia, which i couldn’t do much about. i not only have no health insurance, i also have no childcare, so i suffered through about 3 weeks of the worst cough ever and slowly, finally started to feel less terrible. i mustered the strength to put on actual clothes only a few days this month, pictured above. apart from feeling like physical hell, i’ve also been going through a sort of emotional hell, one that feels heavier than my usual bad weather depression. here’s hoping the clouds start to lift. throwing on my attico velvet ankle cuffs and all my pairs of boots to cheer up some.