mother’s day gift-o-mania.

mother's day gift-o-mania.


mother’s day is upon us, friends. i am a person who not only dislikes but dreads my birthday, gets exhausted just thinking about christmas and no longer qualifies for administrative professionals or national boss’s day, but i do kinda love mother’s day. it’s the one holiday i agree with, because mom’s are in the shit. every damn day. we deserve a day. we really do. so here’s 15 mother’s day gifts that i for onsies would like to be the receiver of, from hecka pricey to el cheap-o and in between.

  1. so after years of avoiding tracy anderson (because part of me feels like her and her band of snobby celebrity clients are the root of all evil), i finally decided to give it another shot. i have to admit that her cooky fakakta moves are legit, even though it feels like the most insane ridiculous shit ever while doing it. this subscription program for $29 a month keeps the workouts rolling in.  i’m hipcentric, if you were wondering.
  2. i heart this sweet little hanging wicker basket all the way from france ($12).
  3. speaking of wicker baskets, these circolo totes ($125) are gonna be the next big thing in wicker handbags, trust.
  4. look at this little set of beautiful ceramic magnolia creamers ($30).
  5. how about a nasty heart charm necklace ($44)? 25% of proceeds go to planned parenthood!
  6. this is about the prettiest fake plant ($47) i ever saw, because mom’s have to worry about keeping babies alive, don’t expect us to not kill plants too!
  7. because every mom could use another coffee table book, here is one with photographs of marianne faithfull ($31).
  8. linen sheets ($229) are still on my list. three years running. hello?
  9. little sachets of moon dust ($24) aka mother’s little helper. because what a drag it is getting old.
  10. here is a gift set ($100) that includes a bottle of rose, pink soap and bath salts, and a candle. because who doesn’t love a drunk bath? seems like a no brainer.
  11. i love a simple gold bracelet like this gia cuff ($28).
  12. have i mentioned the kate somerville as good as gold kit ($130)? about a hundred times? because i’m trying to manifest it into my life.
  13. pretty pretty maryam  nassir zadeh palma sandals (on sale for $316+ another 10% off!).
  14. here is the perfect little yellow wrap dress ($72) for when your kids only give you 5 minutes to get dressed but you still want to channel your inner carrie bradshaw.
  15. last is a fancy polka dot swimsuit, like this beauty from lisa marie fernandez ($541) or this more affordable version from j.crew (on sale for $69+30% off!).

the end.

may covet.

may covet.


i have no idea how it became may, because up until a few days ago it still felt like winter. all of the sudden it’s hot dogs and bathing suits and spf panic. i don’t get it! but i’m pretty happy to be done with april b/c it was a dooze and a half, and i’m way ready for an actual break from all of the crazy-arsed spiritual/emotional/actual arse kickings that the cosmos dealt out last month. here is my list of impossibly lovely things for the sunshine month to come.

  1. i’m still obsessing over all things jacquemus, particularly his shirts as dresses with brilliantly tailored sleeves, like this perfect for memorial day plaid one.
  2. speaking of brilliant beautiful things which i cannot afford: these silver contrast ankle boots by fendi are driving me crazy.
  3. i’m still wanting to get my hands on a stella jean skirt, and seriously considering this pretty bird print one that is up on vestaire collective right now!
  4. how cool are these yellow hazel cox earrings?!
  5. i heart this pandora sykes x hunza g ruffle swimsuit oh so much. too bad i’m not a stick figure with itty bitty endlessly perky boobs. too bad!
  6. would you lookit these pretty pretty vintage stuart weitzman rainbow heels! too bad i don’t have itty bitty teeny tiny feet.
  7. i wish i had all the monies to buy all the kate somerville products because they are magic tricks. like this wrinkle warrior serum/moisturizer that performs actual miracles on sad rapidly approaching 40 faces.
  8. this ysl couture brow wand is my new favorite brow thing, i carry it around sephora every time i go in, and plan to walk out with it one sunny day! after paying for it, of course.
  9. i’ve been doing this 40 day kundalini weight loss challenge and i can’t really put into words how crazy insanely amazing and intense and freaky good it is. i’m also 87% done with invincible living by guru jagat (according to my husband’s kindle), and i feel about 87% ready to run away and join her awesome yoga cult.
  10. i heard 2000’s denim is back (according to some stick figure called bella hadid er something) and i feel like i might be able to accept it. here is a little bebe faux denim top that really takes me back.
  11. these polka dot pants from jill stuart make me want to cry. i want them the total most.
  12. did you hear you can buy pink glitter to put in your champagne? this makes me feel happy.
  13. i kinda really want to try this tan-luxe face tanning oil, but i’m pretty sure i would just end up looking like lindsey lohan (which would not be the first time for me).
  14. i am freaking out over the latest opening ceremony esprit line. i want everything and everything, especially this bag.
  15. lastly i have a bit of a girl crush on amelie pichard, she makes me want to dye my hair red and be french. these super high heels are so pink and adorable, but i’m really lusting after these white ones.

the end!

shopping cart.

shopping cart.
well it’s raining! again! still! raining! it’s been a rough stretch, a real rough patch and this weather isn’t helping matters. i’m sick of it. sick. of. it. also the cosmic shit storm that has been going down has really been doing a number on me. i’m going to pretend like i don’t kinda hate everything that i own and also don’t really care about anything in the world, because it’s spring man, and i know that somewhere underneath my crusty shell i do. so here are the spring things that i suspect my soft little inner self might love.
  1. for starters this floral corset is highly cute.
  2. natasha zinko is so brilliant, and i am so into this little khaki skirt.
  3. i heart vintage gardening gloves.
  4. this little spring straw tote is also highly cute.
  5. i am not happy to report to you that my obsession with maryam nassir zadeh’s olympia wedges has not gone away but has in fact heightened over time.
  6. mara hoffman is really killing it right now, just look at this rainbow stripe dress which would look amazing over pants.
  7. what could be more essential to one’s wardrobe than a navy double breasted ysl blazer? what, i ask you??
  8. i don’t know how i feel about the mass marketing of jean-michel basquiat, but i have to admit that i feel pretty stoked about this beat bop clutch.
  9. these little moon & stars socks are totes adorbs.
  10. i’m kind of crazy about press-on nails right now, which, like most things can be blamed on demna gvasalia.
  11. this little 1940’s style top knot headband makes me feel really happy.
  12. really appreciating dries van noten & these lilac sunglasses more and more every day.
  13. also appreciating christophe lemaire and how about this pretty little top?
  14. feeling like i can’t get enough mustard in my life and these pants are super cool indeed.
  15. these vintage cream mesh heels are like if phoebe philo & maryam nassir zadeh jointly had an egg that time traveled back to the 90’s to hatch into a beautiful shoe baby.

the end.

april covet.

april covet.
april has arrived. i’m happy for the new month, although the amount of showers we have endured thus far have me feeling like i’m going to lose my shit if april showers go down. i’ve had enough. i’m ready for spring, in case you hadn’t heard! bring on the ranunculus and marshmallow peeps. here is my list of desirous items for april.
  1. i’ve been thinking a lot lately about wardrobe staples, as in things that i wear on the regular in multiple settings. i feel like this bodysuit from alessandra rich is a perfect example of a solid wardrobe staple.
  2. for bottoms to go with the bodysuit, have i mentioned these sara battaglia high waisted jeans (b/c i am maje obsessed)? also i’m still hung up on vintage floral palazzo pants. and since everybody is freaking the feck out over victoria beckham’s target collab (myself included), here is a real cool and v v vicky b-ish skirt which would work wonderfully over the alessandra rich bodysuit.
  3.  i’ve also been feeling like i need to get in on the yellow shoe thing, possibly with these vintage neon colorblock pumps, or perhaps with these suzanne rae mustard mesh pumps, or maybe these fendi slides.
  4. i’ve been on a real skincare kick of late (more on that coming soon), which includes retinol-ing the shit out of my aging situation. i’m pretty over the moon for kate somerville, and as soon as i am able i plan to get my hands on this good as gold retinol kit.
  5. speaking of which, i just ordered this la roche-posay moisturizer which promises to hydrate, protect and serve my redness with all the soothes. also spfs because damage, inc.
  6. sometimes i daydream that i am the girl in the jacquemus spring 2017 collection, the french girl who struts around the countryside collecting wheat and various liquids in pretty ceramic jugs and generally looking lovely and wearing one of those enormous boater hats.
  7. i still haven’t gotten into joan didion’s south and west, which is a crime because she is my favorite writer of all times and my personal heroine and i have no excuse for ignoring her. none!
  8. i am fully addicted to rxbar’s mint chocolate bars. they are the jammyest and i can’t get enough. also no sugar no gluten no soy but hella delicious.
  9. lately i’ve been wondering why my hair is so g.dang frizzy, and i have come to the conclusion that it is due to my running out of davines love hair smoother. that and, y’know, the rainy foggy windy weather.
  10. sometimes i feel like isaac mizrahi doesn’t get the respect that he deserves, and i worry that his importance is overlooked. and i want to buy up all the isaac mizrahi pieces out there and save them for when he is finally really recognized as the great that he is. starting with this adorable, brilliant vintage isaac mizrahi yellow shirt dress.

the end.

spring pants: i got 5 on it.

spring pants: i got 5 on it.
the weather report calls for a couple of days of no rain, which makes me feel happy, and like i need new clothes. because it’s spring. allegedly. and we all know what that means! new season! new pants! new spring pants are happy pants! this spring i’m feeling like ones that show a little ankle (but still keep you covered because it’s not summer dude), and ones with a thick enough fabric & high enough waist that can help hold in the mom flab or maybe ones with fabric to spare that can hide your gunt or a nice big tie belt to distract from the guntyness are where it’s at. you with me? cool.
  1. first up are the cropped/ankle grazing high waisted variety. i feel like the jesse kamm sailor pant thing has really, fully trickled down to literally everywhere. suddenly everywhere i turn i see another version of these pants, and the good news is that most of them seem to have caught on to her thick fabric that has a corset-like effect trick. here are 5 options: everlane ($68), apiece apart ($295), j.crew ($79), emerson thorpe ($218), and m.i.h. jeans ($250).
  2. next are paper bag waist pants, which have had my heart since isaac mizrahi decreed it’s pants! in good old 1988. they’ve been climbing the charts for the past few seasons, but lately they’re springing up everywhere. most notably at stella mccartney ($1,065), some cherry ones from sonia rykiel ($265), vintage ones that show some ankle ($58), and some simple fast guys at h&m ($60), and mango ($70).
  3. keeping up with that paper bag waist thing are tie waist jeans, which i recently saw worn by the always stunning giovanna battaglia and felt moved to pursue post-haste! giovanna’s pair were by her sister sara ($634), here is a vintage option ($145), this dark wash pair by giuseppe di morabito really has my eye ($260), and the fasties are doing it too like j.crew ($98), and the gap ($39).

the end.


florals for spring? groundbreaking.

florals for spring? groundbreaking.


spring officially starts monday and i’m stoked as shit. i am perhaps more ready than ever for spring. like, ev-errrr. as such, i thought i’d ring in the new season with florals. for spring. i know. what else? let’s do this:

  1. this month in paris dries van noten reminded us what a print mix master he truly is. this floral mixed print dress ($343) is another reminder of that fact.
  2. i feel like these dolce & gabbana sunglasses ($234) really tell the world, but i’m partial to these amazing vintage sunnies ($7).
  3. i am really into this floral print mesh dress from topshop ($85). if only there were a party in my life to wear it to.
  4. this little floral miu miu belt ($134) makes me smile, as most things miu miu do.
  5. i want these vetements floral ankle boots so bad it hurts, but $900 is a no-go in this house.
  6. gucci made this cute as pie daffodil necklace ($820) which you could easily DIY with a daffodil hair flower ($8) and a black tie choker ($8.90).
  7. my inner 12 year old wants to wear this vintage 90’s floral crop top ($32) with these floral palazzo pants ($33) oh so much.
  8. a floral jumpsuit seems like a really good idea. like this stella mccartney one ($316) or this beauty from alice mccoll ($390).
  9. this beautiful basket purse ($26) is beautiful.
  10. plastic floral kitten heel mules you guys ($36).
  11. let’s all take a moment to swoon over this balenciaga dress ($2,250).
  12. now how about these floral knee high boots from front row shop ($138)?
  13. since the suit is the big thing for spring, i recommend this vintage moschino floral blazer ($159) and these silk jean paul gaultier trousers ($160).

the end.

re-creating 4 looks from the fall 2017 collections.

re-creating 4 looks from the fall 2017 collections.i’m sure there’s a logical explanation for it, but the past few days have felt incredibly rough. i’ve been experiencing a really strange sort of energy directed at me from what feels like everywhere that can only be described as aggressive. i can’t even say for sure that it’s trump related, but tensions seem to be high right now. i feel like hiding under an actual rock until it passes (it’s going to pass, right?). and so, instead of focusing on all of the hate surrounding me, i thought i’d spend my energy focusing on something that i love: outfits. specifically putting together outfits inspired by what was on the runway for fall.
  1. there were two sky blue monochrome ensembles that really had me, the first was at roksanda: a pretty long dress over trousers with cool matching boots, and the second was at celine: another long shirt dress over trousers. here is a way gorgeous sky blue dress by n-duo (on sale for $269), and matching flowy sky blue n-duo trousers (on sale for $140). my favorite sky blue boots come from vetements ($1007), but if the heel (& the price) is a little steep, here are some cool vayarta flats ($195) . if you’re going the celine route, here is an h&m satin shirt dress ($49) and these vintage dkny trousers look right ($83).
  2. next is the amazing raf simons for calvin klein, who showed a brilliant combination of blazers with detached knit sleeves over them in bright colors paired with knit pencil skirts. here is a similar dark gray check blazer ($65), some bright yellow legwarmers to wear over the sleeves ($2.65), and a red knit pencil skirt ($40). because there is no re-creating the amazing plastic & leather heels that were shown, here are some cool vintage clear plastic shoes ($65).
  3. next is the look from nina ricci that made me swoon with it’s creamy beauty: a white lace bodysuit ($34), paper bag waist pants ($70), a light beige skinny belt worn around the high waist ($5.99), and beautiful cream high heeled boots ($265).
  4. last is the canadian tuxedo shown at more collections than i can count, but notably at calvin klein and dior. here is a cool vintage levi’s jacket ($50) and a vintage pair of rockabilly levis ($50), or some cool emilia wickstead jeans ($570).

the end.