the blackest of fridays.

the blackest of fridays.
as you well know, dear reader, black friday is approaching. while the idea of it fills me with my fair share of exhaustion, i must admit there are some things that i desire. at a discount. here are 10 desirous items that are sure to be on sale come next friday.
  1. browns is one of my favorite sites to look over, although just about everything is way, way-way out of my price range. they do always have fairly killer sales, and i’m super in love with this pink plastic raincoat from proenza schouler, so here is hoping for a big fat discount.
  2. this little puff shoulder tinsel wrap dress from topshop is thee perfect holiday party dress.
  3. i believe these velvet over the knee boots from mango to be the perfect pair. heel height looks highly walkable, and gray goes with everything.
  4. really considering a little hand clothing steamer, because ironing is the worst, kid! amazon is usually good for gadget sales.
  5. hoping net-a-porter doesn’t disappoint this year, so that i can own this byredo burning rose candle.
  6. flannel jammies feel really necessary all the sudden. these j.crew guys look perfect. last year the crew was 40% off everything for black friday.
  7. this asymmetric plaid dress from a.w.a.k.e. is the stuff dreams are made of. hoping matches kicks up the percentage off the sale section this year.
  8. i am coo-coo-crazy about these tricolor heels from creatures of comfort (which can, like most things, be traced back to ysl). need supply will be giving 20% off this year.
  9. i’ve been petting these round pintuck pillows at urban outfitters for months. i heard tell everything will be buy one, get one 50% off for black friday.
  10. lastly, glossier is going 20% off everything and free shipping for black friday. i’ve got my eye on the boy brow & haloscope duo.

november covet.

november covet.
november, already. it came with decisiveness! suddenly cool and damp and shedding brightly colored leaves. it came with my first cold of the season, and with that the first dread of winter, of whatever illnesses and lack of sunshine lie ahead. i’m trying to keep my head up though, and ignore the black friday anticipation i feel creeping in. because nothing makes me desire all the new things like a season change. particularly fall/winter makes me feel like i have nothing to wear, nothing! so here is my list of dream things for fall’s rapid descent into winter aka november.
  1. i bought my first red winter coat at the age of 21, from the j.crew catalog. it was a bright, fire engine red wool peacoat and it made me incredibly happy to put it on in the midst of terrible weather. seeing this jil sander one on the real real made me smile.
  2. i am so crazy about this ashley williams haircut hoodie, with river phoenix on the back. a childhood crush for the ages.
  3. i have been searching for the perfect pair of white moccasin boots since celine sent them down the runway for fall/winter. i feel like these may be the perfect pair, but alas, i am no size 7.
  4. alessandro michele declared tights! and suddenly i want to wear them again. i’m partial to the red gucci interlocking g ones, but equally in love with these white balenciaga ones. also, still searching for the right glitter socks, and i believe these rachel comey’s to be them.
  5. the ladies at sephora are really pushing the latest retinol prods from murad. i tried the new eye cream and holy wow, it brightened the feck out of my raccoon eyes. that might just justify $85.
  6. this maryam nassir zadeh belt really does it for me. all the way.
  7. how cute is this dr. jart tarot of masks set?
  8. lately i feel like this j.w. anderson butterfly hem dress is the perfect dress, a wardrobe staple to beat the band. 40% off still makes it 672 more dollars than i have to spend on a dress. but i can still love it from a far.
  9. eyeing this faux-celine ring sweatshirt from pixie market.
  10. corduroy pants! corduroy pants are all i want right now. especially these acne studio guys because every dang affordable version is sold out!
  11. this velvet hair tie from j. crew is the sweetest thing ever.
  12. this vintage anna sui bodysuit made me say “what!” out loud. so, so good.
  13. these vintage studded celine heels are the most it of all the its!

the end.

these days.

  1. la la land instantly became a favorite in our house. it is, to date, the only movie my son has sat and legit watched for more than 1 minute. it quickly joined my list of films that i could watch any time, along with manhattan, there will be blood, big lebowski, godfather 2, desperately seeking susan, casablanca and pretty in pink.
  2. i can’t say enough about jessica of house of habit/the ma books. her thoughtful blog and instagram posts & stories are always inspiring to me. she has such a clear voice, takes incredibly gorgeous photographs and manages to always be inclusive. there is an authenticity to her that is so frigging refreshing in this overly curated day and age.
  3. i recently tried on this jumpsuit at urban outfitters & fell in love with it. a complete black crane ripoff, i know, but lovely and comfortable as feck. also i can almost afford it.
  4. my son is completely, over the moon obsessed with pete the cat books right now. we especially like the “i can read” books (made for kids learning to read) because they are very simple, and have just a few words on each page. highly recommended for kids with language delays.
  5. I LOVE this quick, 4 minute guided meditation with gabrielle bernstein. it instantly makes me feel better when i’m all up in my head.
  6. my husband jokingly brought home a bottle of white girl rose when my ladies & i were hanging out one day, and it turned out to be my favorite rose. it’s light and doesn’t upset my stomach or make me feel sloshy drunk like a lot of rose’s do. it’s my favorite sunday afternoon in the backyard drink (i am still clinging to those while the weather holds up).
  7. i got these maryam nassir zadeh mules on super extra freaky sale (read 70% off), and i honestly wear them all the time. they are so pretty and i can wear them and walk a little without feeling like my feet are doing murder on me.
  8. been doing this 5 minute arm workout from karen lord pilates for a couple of months and it has made my arms sooo much less jiggly-manky-raw-chickeny looking. i’m not saying i can actually do it the whole way through, but i give it a shot 3 days a week.
  9. we’re really hoping that our son will become a student of anova schools when he starts kindergarten, and we were so sad to hear that their flagship school in santa rosa burned down in the fires last week. this was my first donation towards the fire relief effort last week, hoping they can rebuild quickly.
  10. can’t wait to try this spinach & zucchini lasagna once the weather gets cooler this week.

the end.

october covet.

october covet.
oh october. there is something v romantic about the beginning of october. i mean, how exciting is the idea of fall before fall gets all too real? i must admit i’ve already indulged in more than one pumpkin spice flavored item, and we’ve already cracked our first bottle of red wine, but i’m still stoked on halloween costumes and little brightly painted skulls and twinkly jack-o-lanterns. i’ll be the eff out of it this month because i find myself at a particularly scary level of brokeness. it’s all window shopping for me, but if you are in the monies and looking to spend it, here is my list of things i wish i could afford for october.
  1. i feel ready for jeans and turtleneck bodysuits. currently lusting hard over this amazing moss green bodysuit from mara hoffman, which would look perf with these completely radical current/elliott corset jeans. can’t get enough of the paper bag waist.
  2. these little maryam nassir zadeh flats make me so happy.
  3. i had a chance to try these dr. dennis gross skin peels, and they don’t call them the 2 minute skin fix for nothin. they are honestly miraculous.
  4. saw this hecka cute day of the dead wreath at target the other day and wanted it badly.
  5. also ready for big oversized sweater dress weather, and this balenciaga one is so double extra rad, but i’d settle for this topshop one too.
  6. i’ve been on a female author kick lately. september included the new and most highly recommended devotion by patti smith and the heartbreakingly honest & beautiful hunger by roxanne gay. this month i can’t wait to read this new collection of stories called her body and other parties by carmen maria machado.
  7. oh i love this vintage 60’s velvet dress. perfect with boots.
  8. i’ve been really into the return of slouchy boots (while cursing myself for getting rid of all of mine in a closet clean out some years back). my need to own slouchy boots again hit emergency level when i saw this photo of chloe sevigny wearing THE saint laurent black ones. i am currently considering chopping off my hair and selling it on the black market to get the cash to buy these saint laurent esque topshop slouchy boots, but deciding whether i want them in silver, black, white or purple is a real problem.
  9. cooler weather means red wine and this red is way cheap but not vinegary and nast. saw it at trader joe’s this week and said “yes!”
  10. last are new workout clothes, because i have always been incredibly cheap when it comes to workout wear. i have always bought it at walmart, which means it gets manky real quick. recently i decided to invest in a sports bra from j.crew (only because it was on sale and 50% of that sale price) and it was a revelation. i really want this tank top and these leggings.

the end. happy october!

fall dreaming.

fall dreaming.
so, i’m doing my very best to enjoy september this year, and the last few days of summer. i’ve been trying to spend a little time soaking up the sun every day before it disappears into an actual fog. but i can’t deny the little pangs of excitement that i’m feeling about fall. additionally i feel like i need an entirely new wardrobe, to go along with the new season. you understand. here is my dream fall wardrobe. in case you were wondering.
  1. reading an article called “no, hillary clinton should not shut the fuck up and go away” filled me with the desire to wear this sweatshirt every day. solidarity.
  2. my j.crew phase continues, due in large part to this 1984 rugby shirt (which i’m pretty sure i had in 1984), these faux army pants (that remind me of the actual army pants that i wore throughout high school), and this vintage j. crew cardigan that is lined in plaid flannel (like somebody took kurt cobain’s pajamas and lined his sweater with them).
  3. this rachel comey velvet swimsuit/bodysuit is effing gorgeous.
  4. maryam nassir zadeh’s spring 2018 collection blew my mind this week. been seeing so much electric lime green at fashion week and feeling like these mules are where it’s at.
  5. these raey jeans have been all up in my cyber space lately and at first glance i found them ugly for their late 90’s-ness, but after seeing them repeatedly on various fashion girls i feel like i need to have them. that my friends is effective marketing for the modern age.
  6. little house on the prairie micro florals were also abound at fashion week, perhaps most beautifully at brock collection. i’m kind of obsessed with vintage laura ashley dresses right now, like this floral one (another sleeveless option here) and this ultra rare plaid dress which is v v twin peaks.
  7. i want to wear these sky blue glitter socks with red shoes a la dorothy.
  8. it’s a lil’ bit painful how bad i want these attico velvet ankle cuffs. so, so bad.
  9. if you happen to be a size 8 please buy these beautiful green suede isabel marant boots which are 57% off and perfection or these rachel comey ankle boots which are 60% off and also perfection.
  10. really loving cocoa brown lately, especially this creatures of comfort skirt which would be beautiful worn with a bright teal/turquoise top like this awesome vintage bedazzled one.

the end.

september covet.

september covet.
september is my favorite month. i feel like it’s the best of both worlds, because you get the last days of summer, where you try to enjoy every minute of hotness while it lasts, and the first little glimpses of fall. but the romantic fall: the crisp light and the slight chill in the air and the first little bins of baby pumpkins at the grocery store without the crappy weather and sugar overload/bloat of the tail end of fall. i’m feeling a little excited about being able to wear long sleeves and of course boots again, and i’m going to do my best to really soak in the september-y goodness this year. here’s my list for the month.
  1. did you hear that american apparel is back? gen xers rejoice!
  2. i’m feeling like i NEED a vintage missoni paneled skirt to be complete. as a woman.
  3. cannot wait for sweatshirt weather to come back.
  4. bruce springsteen’s the river is kinda the ultimate september record to me. perfect for hot indian summer afternoons and those lonesome dark nights where fall creeps in with a coolness.
  5. tough to put into words how excited i am for the release of patti smith’s new book this month.
  6. really feeling like a berry lip and cheek stain is in order for pre-fall. fat and the moon things are all good things.
  7. little retro jelly bags make my inner 80’s pre-teen do a little tiffany heel-slide dance.
  8. i am really a fan of credit card holders vs wallets because they fit into pockets when i want to free-ball it and not carry a bag. this silver ysl one gave me actual butterflies in my actual stomach when i saw it. but holy $$.
  9. oh man i want this silk sailor top from l’ecole des des femmes which is cute as shit man! also 40% off!
  10. speaking of my inner 80’s pre-teen, i want studded jeans and studded shoes in my life again. it’s time, you guys. let’s bedazzle the feck out of everything.
  11. also glitter socks.
  12. i have been internet stalking this pair of celine boots for months. i keep trying to find a way that my eyes don’t see them as utter boot perfection but alas! still perfect to my eyes.
  13. i am so sick of the frankie shop and all of their cool ass shit which is really not affordable and yet ALWAYS sold out even though they keep lying to us all and saying “back in stock” which i think is just a marketing ploy to make me want everything more. especially this ivory linen dress with phantom neck buttons which i want THE MOST.

the end.

august covet.

august covet.
well friends, it’s august.
well friends, it’s august!
…and i’m doing my best not to let all the whispers of “summer’s almost over” get to me, although i can’t deny the little pangs of fall excitement that are creeping in. yesterday i actually celebrated over a brief rain shower, which i did not think could happen in this year of endless rain, but there i was praising it. i’ve also had a few moments of thinking about turtlenecks and jeans, which are both fully out of the question in the near 100 degree heat of late. with that, here is my list of lovely items for august.
  1. my tarot deck collection is really needing this amazing serpentfire deck, which features stevie nicks on the page of pentacles and is etched in gold.
  2. recently bought this little straw boater hat from asos (because i can’t find nor could i afford the celine version). i added a little black neck/chin strap to it and plan on wearing on adventures like georgia o’keefe.
  3. i bought this hair mask at whole foods for $3, and it honestly is the best thing that ever happened to my hair. it transformed my crazy assed rats nest of fried straw back into real human hair again.
  4. so in love with milk makeup’s lip colors, and currently wanting this pink color (called gnarly) which is just a touch purple and powdery and v v 90’s.
  5. this gold turquoise claw ring is beyond gorgeous.
  6. coming up on a short vacation in palm springs and really not feeling bathing suit ready. considering this cleanse to drop a little of my prosecco/tortilla chip bloat.
  7. really can’t get enough of charles jourdan shoes from the 90’s, like these pretty raspberry colored mary janes.
  8. holy jacquemus, this top from h&m is gorgeous.
  9. really heart these vintage green adidas shorts.
  10. i have a giant fashion crush on new-ish label attico right now. these white mules are crazy good.
  11. i worry that elvis costello’s mighty like a rose might get overlooked in his discography, sandwiched in with so many crazy fantastic records. because this record is brilliant, recorded in hollywood it’s sort of like a dark side of beach boys americana delivered in that costello-esque biting english style. also that cover is perfection.
  12. frances may is one of my favorite shops to peruse, and wow this vase is beauty.
  13. mary miller’s collection of short stories always happy hour is next up on my reading list.
  14. this dvf white ribbon trimmed top is brilliant.
  15. last are these white painter jeans from bliss & mischief, which look just about perfect to my eyes.