june covet.

june! suddenly summer. here are a list of things:

  1. crazy about these beautiful tina lima mules from about arianne.
  2. i’m in the midst of my annual swimsuit crisis but feel convinced that this green guy is the one.
  3. i just came across an old instagram post by drew barrymore about how this colgate whitening pen really works and i was like, “get me that!”
  4. i just finished conversations with friends by sally rooney and it killed me dead. it has elements of sweet valley high and ghost world and me without you and everything incredibly, achingly beautiful about first relationships and being in your early 20’s, written with such gorgeous style. now i want to read all the novels written by ladies and hope they might somehow compare to that masterpiece. next up is the mars room by rachel kushner.
  5. my eyes can not get enough of these rowena sartin organza pillows.
  6. i somehow missed this toit volant gingham outfit that was on sale at lisa says gah for a hot minute. it’s all i can think about now. those shorts are everything to me.
  7. i find it hard to express how much i want this vintage green plastic kenzo ring. ever ever so much.
  8. i’m always afraid of any kind of tanner near my face b/c i don’t want to look like lindsey lohan circa the early aughts, but i hear that this clarins golden glow booster is the jam.
  9. i’m currently so crazy about the makeup looks on season one of sex and the city. the metallic cream eyeshadow and lipgloss looks so good to me. i feel like this fenty beauty stuff might do the trick.
  10. last is this set of five elements candles from the wild unknown, which most assuredly smells like magic, on sale now at kitkitdizzi.





20 dreams for sale.

well kids, it’s officially sale season. things that were once highly unaffordable are now slightly less unaffordable! here is a list of 20 things that are v v gorgeous and on sale this very weekend. from me to you. xx

  1. oh these orange ganni jeans are killing me dead and 30% off.
  2. despite the weather, memorial day means summer (how?). i thought we reached peak gingham like a year ago but the internets say nah, so here is a cutie pie high waist gingham bikini from j.crew.
  3. all the lime green clear plastic wedges please.
  4. the vampires wife makes real cool dresses and i like this blue one for 50%off.
  5. i want everything from raey but i think these socks are a good place to start.
  6. black satin dresses are my everything right now. this one from paskal is sew kewl.
  7. this semi sheer poppy tulipy turtleneck from ganni is on sale you guys.
  8. dang i want these black kiki boots from maryam nassir zadeh.
  9. how fresh is this crisp white radically sleeved top from rejina pyo?
  10. urban outfitters made these faux celine lime green cat eye sunnies and now they are even more extra cheap.
  11. isa arfen’s black satin dress is smart in that isa arfen kinda way and also 40% off.
  12. these black crane pants look hecka comfortable and are on sale + 20% off with code memorial20.
  13. this vintage beaded clutch is 100% amaze and also 20% off.
  14. i want this satin hair bow clip in every color.
  15. it’s my semi-annual i have a toddler and need a new rug for him to trash time. this green shag guy reminds me of my childhood.
  16. how gorgeous are these jade green hoops?
  17. i am wanting this make makeup pallet designed by maryam nassir zadeh. 15% off with code memorialday15.
  18. this ganni swimsuit is the sweetest thing.
  19. been eyeing some veja sneakers for days. these metallic guys are 40% off.
  20. these jacquemus petal pushers really have my heart.

the end.

may covet.

May! I must be tripping because somehow it is May which means it is almost June which means summer. Summer of all things! What in the actual world?! I am so tired of feeling like I have nothing to wear whilst having an overflowing closet/dresser, which is the story of my actual life. In a fit of rage or clothing boredom I cleaned out my closet and now of course I want all the things (see above/below). May also means Mother’s Day so consider this a gift guide of sorts.

  1. If I see another girl on instagram wearing a Celine alphabet pendant I’m gonna spit! I wish for the H one for my H kid.
  2. The real top of my list is this jacket by Elizabeth Suzann. I am currently internet stalking it so hard. It’s perfect to my eyes.
  3. Eyeing this makeup set from Glossier. I love their boy brow & haloscope ew sew much.
  4. Red espadrilles!
  5. Love this pretty seagrass basket.
  6. I really thought my Jesse Kamm obsession was done, until I saw these dark denim guys. Obsession redux.
  7. Wishing for this Sun Potion gift box “for her” i.e. me.
  8. Still love this Madre t-shirt from Riley + Co.
  9. Need this Stevie Nicks mug from Lust Cult. I need it!
  10. The Serpentfire Tarot deck is always sold out, stoked to see it back in stock b/c it is gorgeous.
  11. These clear plastic vintage 90’s sunglasses are just the thing for the return of sunshine.
  12. Three favorite Sofia Coppola sparkling wines, because I love a sampler!
  13. Also have my eye on this ritzy glitzy travel kit from Biologique Recherche.
  14. Nothing I love more than a fashion coffee table book, next on my list is Margiela: the Hermes Years.
  15. How cool are these rattan chairs from Ikea?
  16. Last is this collection called Teaching My Mother How to Give Birth by the poetess behind Beyonce’s Lemonade film Warsan Shire.

The end and Happy Mother’s Day. Rabbit, Rabbit.

these days.

  1. zappos and pbs kids are launching a clothing line for kids on the autism spectrum. pretty neat-o.
  2. really loved this piece about the new age of fashion marketing via “influencers”- aptly titled the death of personal style.
  3. pretty stoked that the amazingly hilarious caroline hirons put her name on a product- a “double cleanser” by pixie by petra that you can buy at target.
  4. speaking of target- i want literally everything from their new home line opalhouse– but most especially this pillow, this pineapple lamp, this pretty serving bowl, this basket, this faux protea plant, this gold panther frame, this plant stand, and this velvet sofa.
  5. can’t stop listening to the new jack white record. i love it, start to finish. also this interview with lars ulrich is totally worth a watch.
  6. this excerpt from leslie jamison’s new book on addiction sold me. i can’t wait to read the book.
  7. really into this khaki linen short suit at urban outfitters. good look.
  8. dreaming of a trip to utah.
  9. want to get my hands on this out of print book by legendary photographer norman parkinson.
  10. we loved the andre the giant & gary shandling documentaries on hbo. can’t wait to watch the elvis one tonight.

april covet.

april cometh, and with it spring. hallelujah. although, i have been battling a cold which i refuse to give in to over the last week (in extra nice almost hot weather). despite this i am ready. ready for pulling weeds and blooming tulips and green grass. here’s hoping there are not too many showers because i am all for trading in my SAD lamp and my wool hudson’s bay blanket and my bulky winter coat for some sunshiny bliss. here’s my list for april.
  1. j. crew has just released what they are calling, simply: “the perfect rainjacket“- in daffodil yellow, no less.
  2. i believe this pleats please dress to be the perfect shade of electric lime green.
  3. kind of really want to try this v pricey chocolate which has no sugar or weird sweeteners.
  4. been looking for a glowy primer similar to charlotte tilbury’s wonder glow, price is right for this flower beauty one.
  5. this vintage wood bangle is crazy gorgeous.
  6. pretty effin darn excited that target will be selling hunter boots for $40 this month. got my eye on these red ones.
  7. can’t get enough palo santo in my life.
  8. dying over this rad stevie nicks shirt by lust cult. can’t decide if i want the t-shirt or the coffee mug (the answer is both).
  9. a vintage dolce & gabbana leopard print skirt feels so necessary. for life.
  10. these earrings are freaking amazing.
  11. can’t wait to read conversations with friends by sally rooney. a new novel sounds divine.
  12. speaking of pulling weeds- these gardening gloves look top notch.
  13. these moroccan embroidered mules are so so pretty.
  14. this ganni tulip print mesh turtleneck is the most spring of all things.
  15. vintage 90’s neon green clear plastic belt, please.
  16. these patent tortoise boots are perfect for the rain.
  17. i looove these mule sandals from topshop.
  18. last is this ultimate dream khaki pilar dress from ultimate dream woman maryam nassir zadeh.

rabbit, rabbit.

these days.


by carol marine

  1. 20 essential books for women’s history month. my list would include geneen roth’s women, food & god, the diary of anais nin, faithfull by marianne faithfull, violette le duc’s la batarde, patti smith’s just kids, caroline knapp’s appetites, judy blume’s are you there god it’s me margaret, and joan didion’s blue nights. to name a few!
  2. i love this article about mall walking. when my son was a wild toddler we used to take him to the mall on rainy days to let him run free & ride escalators. additionally as a 90’s teen, i really can’t imagine a world without malls.
  3. i want literally everything at bona drag right now. holy crud, i wish i could afford it!
  4. eyeing this eye shadow palette (in austin) from flower beauty. (winky emoji)
  5. i love this blog post about how to track your spending. hilarious and super duper helpful.
  6. so in love with everything painter carol marine does. also, i believe investing in art to be a radical thing. three cheers for affordable pieces.
  7. i am reluctant to announce (for fear of jinxing it- but unable to contain my excitement) that my son is now potty trained. it took 4-ish days (and 2 years), but i believe the boy has got it. my son is all about rewards, and unfortunately i think he’s gotten used to getting fancy toys every time he uses the toilet. thinking about switching to this sticker chart (hopefully he won’t notice that a sticker is not as cool as a toy).
  8. one fine day i will have the money (and childcare) to stay at the lautner modern home in desert hot springs. one of ’em!
  9. in my search for a pair of white cowboy ankle boots i (re-)happened upon forever 21 and (i’m a little embarrassed to admit) i decided to re-consider it. i found these boots there, which are not bad at all. also, take for example: this safari jumpsuitthis straw tote bag, these cropped wide legged pants, this satin striped bodysuit, this striped suspender jumpsuit, these gold fan tassel earrings, these plaid kitten heel mules, this mustard button front dress, these cobain-y sunglasses, these gingham mules, these metallic lucite slides, and this desert tone fuzzy cardigan. whew!
  10. two favorite words: irish. nachos.

encapsulating spring.

encapsulating spring.
well friends, we made it. there are only 10, count ’em 10! days left of winter. spring is just around the actual corner. time to save some daylight and spring the fuq forward. sometimes (and by sometimes i mean at the beginning of every new season) i wish i could completely start over with a whole new wardrobe. just empty out my closet and do it all over. i thought for this season i’d do just that in my fantasy internet dreamland. won’t you join me for this fantastic voyage through the magical online retail-sphere? here, here are the things you need for spring- the designer, more affordable, and vintage versions of each:
  1. a raincoat. so in love with this isabel marant christo coat, which is 60% off. alternately there is this similar h&m one, and this way cool vintage guy which folds up into a little satchel.
  2. snake print boots. these vintage ones are really it. as are these killer miu mius. also ankle boots wise these dries van noten ones are extremely dope, these free people ankle boots are cool, and these urban guys are affordable and walkable.
  3. a check blazer. this vintage one with mustard sleeves is el perfecto. this need supply double breasted one works, as does this zara double breasted one.
  4. a knit skirt. knit pencil skirts are not just for kardashians! i love this persimmony zara one (vintage version here and an extra fresh color block vintage one here), also this mara hoffman yellow one, and this uh-mazing jaquemus pant skirt combo.
  5. white cowboy boots. these ganni babes are babes. i’m all over these zara ones, and so many cool vintage ones.
  6. a denim jumpsuit. over the moon for this rachel antonoff one. this urban outfitters one is also cool (as is their short version), but this vintage one with patchwork trim is a dream.
  7. a pair of mules. i adore the maryam nassir zadeh version, and these gap ones are a dead ringer. vintage ones here and here.
  8. a neon green sweater. this neon lime mango one is it. this kenzo one is great, and this vintage ralph lauren one is top notch.
  9. a neon slip dress. this neon lime green mango one is also it! but this vintage one is amazing, as is this incredible neon pink one from organic by john patrick.
  10. a little pearl beaded bag. this vintage one is the sweetest thing. so is this susan alexandra cherry one and this pearly one from front row shop.
  11. a clear plastic bag. the staud bag that started this party is totes sold out, but this mango one is adorable and here is a sweet little vintage one.
  12. little pointy cat eye sunglasses. like these little lavender topshop ones, these tres fabulous celine green ones, or these vintage 90s red ones.
  13. big ass earrings. like these cool mustard yellow guys from frankie shop, these annie costello brown beauties, or these vintage yellow babes..
  14. a tiered maxi skirt. like this ultimate dream maryam nassir zadeh tiered cala skirt, this cool l’oeil one, or this incredible vintage guy laroche one.
  15. dad sneakers. like these gucci ones, these similarly rad filas, or these crazy vintage tommy hilfiger ones.
  16. a turtleneck body suit. like this mara hoffman one, this capezio one, or this pretty vintage one.
  17. tan wide leg pants. like these everlane guys, the cool-riginal jesse kamm’s, or the real original vintage kind.
  18. a striped button down. i’m partial to this red & blue striped j.crew one, this dries van noten one, and this vintage striped guy.
  19. a citrusy bodysuit. 80s style sunshine yellow, cross back bower yellow swimsuit, or a 90’s orange swimsuit.
  20. satin heels. these pink striped h&m ones,  the crazy gorgeous trademark satin mules, or these amazing vintage sam & libby satin mules.
  21. an orange sweatshirt. most wanted orange ganni snack attack sweatshirt, but also this orangey h&m one, and this vintage guy.
  22. big ol’ jeans. 90’s style raey jeans, the zara version, or some vintage 90’s jnco jeans.