these days.

  1. really appreciating the early-mid 90’s maison margiela collections that vogue has posted. especially fond of spring 95, which looks so incredibly right now to me.
  2. inspired, as ever, by this interview with patti smith. loving this advice:  “It’s really hard starting the day quick looking to see what bad thing has happened [on the news]. So start the day, drink a glass of water, think about what you want to do today, think about what makes you happy. Any small thing to start the day feeling some energy for and enthusiasm for life, because it’s so easy to get beaten down as soon as you wake up.”
  3. i love this collection of candid fan snapshots of john lennon & yoko ono. yoko in 1980 is my current style crush.
  4. my new favorite etsy shop is fresh to death vintage. they have pretty much everything i either wore or seriously wished my mom would have bought for me in the 80’s/early 90’s. this includes a B.U.M. Equipment sweatshirt, a Caboodles makeup storage case, and this super hot puff sleeve denim jacket that i want sewww bad.
  5. words cannot express my excitement over the joan didion documentary, which is out today on netflix. feels like i have been waiting for literal ever.
  6. hunza g has a new swimwear collection and i have all the heart eyes for it.
  7.  to quote my dear friend greti: “never has there been a leo who wasn’t obsessed with their hair.” after a blonding session left my hair mega fried i was feeling mega depressed. i decided to invest in some new hair products. i have been using kerastase’s reconstructing shampoo along with joico’s k-pak reconstructor and i’m starting to see an improvement in the frazzled straw-y-ness of my hair. it’s looking less sad and therefore i am feeling less sad.
  8. i made the huge mistake of trying sprout’s coconut rolls about a month ago. i literally dream of them now. they’re magical.
  9. super stoked about the new proenza schouler lower priced PSWL line, the teaser pictures starring chloe sevigny are amazing.
  10. been hearing bob dylan’s you’re a big girl now with fresh ears lately. it’s so full of everything i love about dylan: that biting sorrow and high lonesome cadence, so fraught with regret. sometimes i worry that this song gets lost in the shuffle of blood on the tracks, sandwiched in between heavy hitters simple twist of fate and idiot wind, but for me, it’s the one. i love this alternate version, but for my money the album track with it’s steady rhythm can’t be beat.

these days.

  1. la la land instantly became a favorite in our house. it is, to date, the only movie my son has sat and legit watched for more than 1 minute. it quickly joined my list of films that i could watch any time, along with manhattan, there will be blood, big lebowski, godfather 2, desperately seeking susan, casablanca and pretty in pink.
  2. i can’t say enough about jessica of house of habit/the ma books. her thoughtful blog and instagram posts & stories are always inspiring to me. she has such a clear voice, takes incredibly gorgeous photographs and manages to always be inclusive. there is an authenticity to her that is so frigging refreshing in this overly curated day and age.
  3. i recently tried on this jumpsuit at urban outfitters & fell in love with it. a complete black crane ripoff, i know, but lovely and comfortable as feck. also i can almost afford it.
  4. my son is completely, over the moon obsessed with pete the cat books right now. we especially like the “i can read” books (made for kids learning to read) because they are very simple, and have just a few words on each page. highly recommended for kids with language delays.
  5. I LOVE this quick, 4 minute guided meditation with gabrielle bernstein. it instantly makes me feel better when i’m all up in my head.
  6. my husband jokingly brought home a bottle of white girl rose when my ladies & i were hanging out one day, and it turned out to be my favorite rose. it’s light and doesn’t upset my stomach or make me feel sloshy drunk like a lot of rose’s do. it’s my favorite sunday afternoon in the backyard drink (i am still clinging to those while the weather holds up).
  7. i got these maryam nassir zadeh mules on super extra freaky sale (read 70% off), and i honestly wear them all the time. they are so pretty and i can wear them and walk a little without feeling like my feet are doing murder on me.
  8. been doing this 5 minute arm workout from karen lord pilates for a couple of months and it has made my arms sooo much less jiggly-manky-raw-chickeny looking. i’m not saying i can actually do it the whole way through, but i give it a shot 3 days a week.
  9. we’re really hoping that our son will become a student of anova schools when he starts kindergarten, and we were so sad to hear that their flagship school in santa rosa burned down in the fires last week. this was my first donation towards the fire relief effort last week, hoping they can rebuild quickly.
  10. can’t wait to try this spinach & zucchini lasagna once the weather gets cooler this week.

the end.

three kings.

three kings.
there’s something about discovering new designers that makes me insanely happy. it’s sort of like coming across a new band, hearing a song that catches you and going out and getting all of their albums and absorbing it all. i have always loved watching new designers come into the fold, but it seems that the emergence of the indie designer scene paired with street style and social media has brought more exposure for smaller labels coming up. currently there are three “emerging designers” that i am really over the moon for. finding them and looking through their collections has erupted into internet stalking, with all of the heart palpitations and lust of a teenage girl casing a pop star. i present to you my three current favorites:
first up is rosetta getty. rosetta getty is a los angeles based designer and former model (who also happens to be married to teen heartthrob balthazar) who launched her line in 2014.  to me, her clothes are so l.a., in the best way possible. separates with loose fits, lots of draping and a bit of glamor. the palate is fairly neutral and the pieces are easy, beautifully tailored and simple in an elegant way.

some of my favorite rosetta getty pieces currently up for sale are:

  1. cross front stripe top ($760).
  2. one sleeve cotton dress ($780).
  3. red off the shoulder colorblocked swimsuit ($520).
  4. open shoulder striped romper ($920).

next up is stella jean. stella jean is a rome based, half haitian half italian designer who is considered to be giorgio armani’s protege. she launched her womenswear line in 2013 and has recently gotten a lot of attention for being worn by famous types like beyonce. her pieces are described as an exploration of her creole heritage paired with italian craftsmanship. unbelievable ethnic prints in bold color pairings, classic stripes & plaids and voluminous silhouettes make her pieces deeply nostalgic while feeling completely new.

a few of my favorite stella jean pieces up for sale right now:

  1. multi-color mini dress ($307).
  2. blue cotton skirt ($445).
  3. beautiful wood bracelet ($189).
  4. liquidatore pleated skirt ($363).
  5. acrobata peruvian stripe jacket ($378).

last and most definitely not least is isa arfen. italian born serafina sama is the wonder woman behind the label. like so many geniuses before her (phoebe philo, stella mccartney), she got her start at chloe before launching her own line in 2011. her pieces have a very european sensibility to them, they are playful yet elegant. gorgeous silks and crisp cottons, lots of ruffles and smart lines. isa arfen has been on my radar for a few years, but the resort 2016 collection really stole my heart. there is something fellini-esque about the pieces: mod black & white gingham and eccentric ruffles & puff sleeves with flamenco style color blocked peplum tops & dresses. i want to buy up everything.

a few of my fave isa arfen pieces for sale now:

  1. colorblock mini dress ($394).
  2. ecru one shoulder knot top ($442).
  3. cotton silk micro check top ($369).
  4. zip front halterneck dress ($360).

the end.

blush music.

lately i have been crazy over all things pink. above are some of my favorites.

songs from a room.

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11_cassavetes-theredlist  tumblr_ndqnp0zvUF1sgsrdio7_1280

 3b9c1aeabb90bf94242237057d9ab9a8  Movie-Projector-in-the-Bedroom.


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 Paul-Newman-with-Joanne-Woodward-in-Kitchen  tumblr_m6qfc7iTo71rn3ugwo1_500

tina_turner_2003_05_05_zpsc8devz2m  bissinger-1

i always love to get a glimpse into the houses of people that i admire. there’s always something intimate and cool about seeing a famous person photographed in their own home. i always look around and notice all of the little items around them and think about their style, and wonder how much they put into decorating their house. above are some of my favorite photos of people at home. these photos were all nabbed from the tumblr-verse, which is notoriously awful about  not crediting photographers. i hope that the photographers above will forgive me.

  1. frida kahlo in bed
  2. kurt cobain in bed
  3. lee krasner & jackson pollock in their kitchen
  4. eric clapton in his living room
  5. jon cassavetes, gena rowlands & nick cassavetes in their living room
  6. patti smith in her room
  7. courtney love in her living room
  8. sofia coppola in her bedroom
  9. chloe sevigny in her bedroom
  10. joan didion in her living room
  11. bob dylan and his children in their living room
  12. keith richards and patti hansen in their bed
  13. paul newman & joanne woodward in their kitchen
  14. jane birkin & her daughters in their kitchen
  15. tina turner in her kitchen
  16. henry miller in his study

the end.

10 everyday things.

10 everyday things.

i sometimes think about what things are really essential for me, and when i’m honest there aren’t many. i thought i’d put together a little list of my most used and most loved day to day items.

  1. i have recently become a believer in the complete cruciality of the button down. i tend to agree that there’s not much that is more versatile, functional and comfortable. i love the classic ll bean oxford, and wrinkle free is the way for me because i am terrible about ironing.
  2. i think all girls with hips have rejoiced as high waisted, wide leg denim has steadily increased in popularity. the low rise and super skinny trends of the last decade had me avoiding jeans altogether, lest they be vintage. i am partial to 70’s denim but i have my eye on these topshop cropped jeans.
  3. i’ve been a mary helen bowers devotee for years, but in the last year i have strayed a bit to more extreme workouts. i recently sprained my ankle and went back to ballet beautiful, and i remembered why i have been doing it for so long. it still has my heart, and the blast series is hard core and still do-able with a busted foot.
  4. i had been searching high and low for new sheets, reading up on all types of cotton and thread counts and then one day i found the perfect pair of sheets, on sale at target, of all places. they are the perfect kind of soft, not too slick, not too light and not too heavy.
  5. in a perfect world i would have all the money and be able to buy myself the gorgeous chloe square toed ballet flats. i decided that in the case of these beautiful shoes, i’d have to have a knock-off. i bought these complete rip offs from jessica simpson, and they are easily the most comfortable not sneaker shoes that i own. i wear them almost every day.
  6. i love men’s pajamas, but i can never find a pair that fit right. i’ve been lusting after these j crew vintage pajamas forever, and then i happened upon a pair of them at a thrift store for $3. it was kind of the best day ever.
  7. i recently got myself some bioderma micelle solution, and i can’t believe how wonderful it is. my skin has a new sort of clarity to it, and i love how easy it is to wash my face without having to wash my face. those frenchies really know their shit.
  8. i have been crazy about the wild unknown tarot deck since i first laid eyes on it, but i feel like i am finally really settling into using the deck. i can now shuffle them like a vegas black jack dealer. they are my go-to cards.
  9. this kis essential oils sampler was my introduction to essential oils. i really noticed when i ran out and started using other company’s oils how amazing these oils are. they really are a higher quality. i love the minimal packaging, and the price is so right.
  10. last but not least is liquid eyeliner. i really can’t go without it, and lancome’s artliner is hands down my favorite.

the end.