these days.


by carol marine

  1. 20 essential books for women’s history month. my list would include geneen roth’s women, food & god, the diary of anais nin, faithfull by marianne faithfull, violette le duc’s la batarde, patti smith’s just kids, caroline knapp’s appetites, judy blume’s are you there god it’s me margaret, and joan didion’s blue nights. to name a few!
  2. i love this article about mall walking. when my son was a wild toddler we used to take him to the mall on rainy days to let him run free & ride escalators. additionally as a 90’s teen, i really can’t imagine a world without malls.
  3. i want literally everything at bona drag right now. holy crud, i wish i could afford it!
  4. eyeing this eye shadow palette (in austin) from flower beauty. (winky emoji)
  5. i love this blog post about how to track your spending. hilarious and super duper helpful.
  6. so in love with everything painter carol marine does. also, i believe investing in art to be a radical thing. three cheers for affordable pieces.
  7. i am reluctant to announce (for fear of jinxing it- but unable to contain my excitement) that my son is now potty trained. it took 4-ish days (and 2 years), but i believe the boy has got it. my son is all about rewards, and unfortunately i think he’s gotten used to getting fancy toys every time he uses the toilet. thinking about switching to this sticker chart (hopefully he won’t notice that a sticker is not as cool as a toy).
  8. one fine day i will have the money (and childcare) to stay at the lautner modern home in desert hot springs. one of ’em!
  9. in my search for a pair of white cowboy ankle boots i (re-)happened upon forever 21 and (i’m a little embarrassed to admit) i decided to re-consider it. i found these boots there, which are not bad at all. also, take for example: this safari jumpsuitthis straw tote bag, these cropped wide legged pants, this satin striped bodysuit, this striped suspender jumpsuit, these gold fan tassel earrings, these plaid kitten heel mules, this mustard button front dress, these cobain-y sunglasses, these gingham mules, these metallic lucite slides, and this desert tone fuzzy cardigan. whew!
  10. two favorite words: irish. nachos.

these days.


georgia o’keefe’s closet via vogue.

my husband and i have been doing a lot of cleaning out around the house lately. he totally re-did our laundry room storage area and put in open shelving (’cause he’s cool like that). we also re-arranged our son’s room, after sorting through the mountain of christmas gifts that he received and thinning out the herd. then we tackled our shared closet and cleared out quite a bit of old t-shirts, records and abandoned running shoes aka junk. i love the feeling of clearing clutter, it somehow has the ability to make me feel like my life is not a spinning spiral of cray and everything is going to be ok. here are some things that are catching my eye of late.

  1. although i love having an empty space in my closet beneath my hanging clothes, i kinda need a little piece to hold my ridiculous collection of brightly colored/ultra gaudy vintage belts, metallic and hand-made clutches and espadrilles (with varying heel heights). it’s between this brass geo stand from west elm, and (more likely) this wire organizer from target. also eyeing this quilted storage bin and these stackable wood bins for my son’s room.
  2. i plowed through joan juliet buck’s the price of illusion in about a week, i could not put it down. she has had such a super extra remarkable life. artfully told recollections of growing up around hollywood royalty like john (and her best friend anjelica) huston, peter o’toole and lauren bacall. crazy tales about travel, money, power and everyone in fashion from guy bourdin, karl lagerfeld, yves saint laurent and of course anna wintour. romances with the likes of donald sutherland, california governor jerry brown and leonard cohen. and at the center of it all, a complex relationship with her father. one of my favorite books of all time.
  3. current favorite lazy dinner from trader joe’s: roasted chicken patties over zucchini spirals, topped with either almond butter turmeric dressing or vegan kale cashew basil pesto. also fully hooked on their pistachio cranberry bites.
  4. i didn’t really make resolutions this year, but i have vowed to finally start taking care of my under-things. i got myself some new underwear, along with some mesh laundry bags to keep them from falling apart. i feel like a grown up now.
  5. brushing teeth is always a struggle with my son. i got him this dentrust 3-sided toothbrush and he loves it. it covers a lot of territory in way less time, so i can get in and out of there quick.
  6.  last weekend while standing in the candy aisle at sprouts i spotted this jo jo’s chocolate bark with a label that read “kick the craving.” i bought it based solely on that statement, and holy crow, it’s pretty much the best thing i ever tasted.
  7. i love this piece in the cut: 25 famous women on thrift store shopping.
  8. i finally found a non-dairy creamer that honestly tastes and feels like half and half without all the weird corn syrup chemical shiz. praise.
  9. how pretty are these little ballerina heels?
  10. can’t wait to watch the new david bowie documentary: the last five years.

the end.

farewell my queen.

Word came down the wire yesterday that Phoebe Philo has left Celine. What astounds me about Philo is her ability to plant an idea into the sub-conscious of culture, her designs don’t just shoot down to fast fashion as hot trends but rather send a ripple that alters the landscape. Take for example the fury slides and heels that Philo showed for Spring 2013, versions of both (seen here and here) are currently being offered at every fast fashion shop out there. Nearly 5 years after their debut. There are countless examples of this, but they go undetected, because Philo has the ability to change the way that women want to dress without them even knowing it. Her influence on her contemporaries as well as those who follow fashion is unparalleled, but the wonder of this is that it all happens with very little fanfare.

Philo single handedly ushered in the “age of minimalism” with her debut collection for Celine, for resort 2010 (which wasn’t even a runway collection). She was the first to expand on ideas over multiple seasons, to bring back designs and re-work them which tapped into the psychology of women everywhere who often buy the same thing repeatedly because it feels good to wear that thing. This translates to day-to-evening wear and capsule or uniform wardrobes, both huge in the post-2008 economic meltdown era. She gave us the arty, high flash in nature, unknown and often model-free ad campaigns (shot by Juergen Teller) which set the new standard for fashion photography. She gave us Birkenstocks and giant floppy shirt cuffs, camel coats with exaggerated, rounded shoulders, fashion vans & stan smiths, monochrome dressing, optic white boots and ballerina heels- trends that don’t just dissolve like cotton candy but seem to last, become part of the collective and fixtures in our closets.

For me, Philo’s tenure at Celine so represents my generation of women, Philo’s generation: Generation X. Women who grew up in the age of art pop and post-punk and third-wave feminism. Women who grew up in an analog world and watched as it went digital. Women that grew up watching films and reading books and magazine articles instead of Youtube videos, Facebook posts and Tweets. Women who frequented art galleries and book stores, women that want a tactile experience. Women who can appreciate technological advances but who know the value of having the space and presence to connect, and to use your imagination. Women who carved out careers and built families. Women who appreciate the freedom of not being observed and value solitude. Philo herself is famously private, rarely giving interviews, and has no online presence. She has a rather British sense of modesty and no bull shit attitude that translates to incredibly intelligent collections.

We are certainly in a new era: globally; politically; economically; and in the fashion world as well. If Philo’s debut with Celine declared the era of minimalism, Alessandro Michele’s debut with Gucci declared the era of maximalism. Certainly Demna Gvasalia and the indie designer movement have shaken the industry, turned it on its head. Instagram is now the top engagement platform for designers. Celine has not had a social media presence or even been offered online until very recently. Philo’s departure on the heels of this seems timely. The last few Celine collections have felt, to me, like a passing of the baton in some way. Little nods to the new guard seemed to say, “go on ahead without me.”

Philo’s departure has been rumored for a while, comments she’s made about wanting to disappear with her family have made people wonder if she might bow out of fashion entirely. She has a history of long absences, but there is already talk of where she may go next (possibly Burberry). For now, all we have are our memories and dreams and of course, the clothes.


these days.

  1. we watched every episode the marvelous mrs. maisel in about a day. it’s kind of the perfect show, it has nostalgia and romance and new york and beautiful 50’s outfits and dreamboats like michael zegen and luke kirby and it looks at incredibly topical things such as sexism and stand up comedy. i can’t wait for the next season.
  2. i’ve been listening to lcd soundsystem’s latest record american dream lots. it’s so nice to hear an actual record that is solid, instead of fragmented singles. this one really nails it.
  3. so grateful for this new califia farms creamer which has no sugar. it helped me to successfully ween myself off of pumpkin spice creamer aka crack.
  4. how pretty are these little leather bound zodiac journals?
  5. i’ve been making this chicken avocado lime soup a lot lately. it’s simple and v v delicious.
  6. i have to admit that target has really stepped up their game. a few things i am into: these pretty attico ankle cuff knock off heels, these zodiac coffee mugs, these matted picture frames, this amazingly rad velvet hanukkah dress, these tassel hem pants, and this cool clear tripod floor lamp.
  7. we recently got this travel humidifier for my son’s room, and he has started sleeping an extra hour a night (!). ones we’ve had in the past have been bulky and messy but this one is tiny and neat and looks cool to boot.
  8. really blown away by performance artist ana mendieta. i want to get my hands on this book.
  9. i used a 20% off coupon from ulta to buy this murad retinol night creme, and i noticed a difference in my skin’s texture after the first night, it provides maje silkiness. it feels light when you put it on and doesn’t leave a residue or have a heavy scent. highly recommended.
  10. i loved this beautifully titled piece on the riveter magazine’s blog by rebekah hall the body, remembered. really interesting to get an idea of what it is like for girls who came of age at the dawn of social media and to relate to a millennial for once. just kidding. it’s a great piece about what effect our incredibly over done “highlight reels” on social media have on our own self image.

the end.

these days.

  1. really appreciating the early-mid 90’s maison margiela collections that vogue has posted. especially fond of spring 95, which looks so incredibly right now to me.
  2. inspired, as ever, by this interview with patti smith. loving this advice:  “It’s really hard starting the day quick looking to see what bad thing has happened [on the news]. So start the day, drink a glass of water, think about what you want to do today, think about what makes you happy. Any small thing to start the day feeling some energy for and enthusiasm for life, because it’s so easy to get beaten down as soon as you wake up.”
  3. i love this collection of candid fan snapshots of john lennon & yoko ono. yoko in 1980 is my current style crush.
  4. my new favorite etsy shop is fresh to death vintage. they have pretty much everything i either wore or seriously wished my mom would have bought for me in the 80’s/early 90’s. this includes a B.U.M. Equipment sweatshirt, a Caboodles makeup storage case, and this super hot puff sleeve denim jacket that i want sewww bad.
  5. words cannot express my excitement over the joan didion documentary, which is out today on netflix. feels like i have been waiting for literal ever.
  6. hunza g has a new swimwear collection and i have all the heart eyes for it.
  7.  to quote my dear friend greti: “never has there been a leo who wasn’t obsessed with their hair.” after a blonding session left my hair mega fried i was feeling mega depressed. i decided to invest in some new hair products. i have been using kerastase’s reconstructing shampoo along with joico’s k-pak reconstructor and i’m starting to see an improvement in the frazzled straw-y-ness of my hair. it’s looking less sad and therefore i am feeling less sad.
  8. i made the huge mistake of trying sprout’s coconut rolls about a month ago. i literally dream of them now. they’re magical.
  9. super stoked about the new proenza schouler lower priced PSWL line, the teaser pictures starring chloe sevigny are amazing.
  10. been hearing bob dylan’s you’re a big girl now with fresh ears lately. it’s so full of everything i love about dylan: that biting sorrow and high lonesome cadence, so fraught with regret. sometimes i worry that this song gets lost in the shuffle of blood on the tracks, sandwiched in between heavy hitters simple twist of fate and idiot wind, but for me, it’s the one. i love this alternate version, but for my money the album track with it’s steady rhythm can’t be beat.

these days.

  1. la la land instantly became a favorite in our house. it is, to date, the only movie my son has sat and legit watched for more than 1 minute. it quickly joined my list of films that i could watch any time, along with manhattan, there will be blood, big lebowski, godfather 2, desperately seeking susan, casablanca and pretty in pink.
  2. i can’t say enough about jessica of house of habit/the ma books. her thoughtful blog and instagram posts & stories are always inspiring to me. she has such a clear voice, takes incredibly gorgeous photographs and manages to always be inclusive. there is an authenticity to her that is so frigging refreshing in this overly curated day and age.
  3. i recently tried on this jumpsuit at urban outfitters & fell in love with it. a complete black crane ripoff, i know, but lovely and comfortable as feck. also i can almost afford it.
  4. my son is completely, over the moon obsessed with pete the cat books right now. we especially like the “i can read” books (made for kids learning to read) because they are very simple, and have just a few words on each page. highly recommended for kids with language delays.
  5. I LOVE this quick, 4 minute guided meditation with gabrielle bernstein. it instantly makes me feel better when i’m all up in my head.
  6. my husband jokingly brought home a bottle of white girl rose when my ladies & i were hanging out one day, and it turned out to be my favorite rose. it’s light and doesn’t upset my stomach or make me feel sloshy drunk like a lot of rose’s do. it’s my favorite sunday afternoon in the backyard drink (i am still clinging to those while the weather holds up).
  7. i got these maryam nassir zadeh mules on super extra freaky sale (read 70% off), and i honestly wear them all the time. they are so pretty and i can wear them and walk a little without feeling like my feet are doing murder on me.
  8. been doing this 5 minute arm workout from karen lord pilates for a couple of months and it has made my arms sooo much less jiggly-manky-raw-chickeny looking. i’m not saying i can actually do it the whole way through, but i give it a shot 3 days a week.
  9. we’re really hoping that our son will become a student of anova schools when he starts kindergarten, and we were so sad to hear that their flagship school in santa rosa burned down in the fires last week. this was my first donation towards the fire relief effort last week, hoping they can rebuild quickly.
  10. can’t wait to try this spinach & zucchini lasagna once the weather gets cooler this week.

the end.

three kings.

three kings.
there’s something about discovering new designers that makes me insanely happy. it’s sort of like coming across a new band, hearing a song that catches you and going out and getting all of their albums and absorbing it all. i have always loved watching new designers come into the fold, but it seems that the emergence of the indie designer scene paired with street style and social media has brought more exposure for smaller labels coming up. currently there are three “emerging designers” that i am really over the moon for. finding them and looking through their collections has erupted into internet stalking, with all of the heart palpitations and lust of a teenage girl casing a pop star. i present to you my three current favorites:
first up is rosetta getty. rosetta getty is a los angeles based designer and former model (who also happens to be married to teen heartthrob balthazar) who launched her line in 2014.  to me, her clothes are so l.a., in the best way possible. separates with loose fits, lots of draping and a bit of glamor. the palate is fairly neutral and the pieces are easy, beautifully tailored and simple in an elegant way.

some of my favorite rosetta getty pieces currently up for sale are:

  1. cross front stripe top ($760).
  2. one sleeve cotton dress ($780).
  3. red off the shoulder colorblocked swimsuit ($520).
  4. open shoulder striped romper ($920).

next up is stella jean. stella jean is a rome based, half haitian half italian designer who is considered to be giorgio armani’s protege. she launched her womenswear line in 2013 and has recently gotten a lot of attention for being worn by famous types like beyonce. her pieces are described as an exploration of her creole heritage paired with italian craftsmanship. unbelievable ethnic prints in bold color pairings, classic stripes & plaids and voluminous silhouettes make her pieces deeply nostalgic while feeling completely new.

a few of my favorite stella jean pieces up for sale right now:

  1. multi-color mini dress ($307).
  2. blue cotton skirt ($445).
  3. beautiful wood bracelet ($189).
  4. liquidatore pleated skirt ($363).
  5. acrobata peruvian stripe jacket ($378).

last and most definitely not least is isa arfen. italian born serafina sama is the wonder woman behind the label. like so many geniuses before her (phoebe philo, stella mccartney), she got her start at chloe before launching her own line in 2011. her pieces have a very european sensibility to them, they are playful yet elegant. gorgeous silks and crisp cottons, lots of ruffles and smart lines. isa arfen has been on my radar for a few years, but the resort 2016 collection really stole my heart. there is something fellini-esque about the pieces: mod black & white gingham and eccentric ruffles & puff sleeves with flamenco style color blocked peplum tops & dresses. i want to buy up everything.

a few of my fave isa arfen pieces for sale now:

  1. colorblock mini dress ($394).
  2. ecru one shoulder knot top ($442).
  3. cotton silk micro check top ($369).
  4. zip front halterneck dress ($360).

the end.