fall dreaming.

fall dreaming.
so, i’m doing my very best to enjoy september this year, and the last few days of summer. i’ve been trying to spend a little time soaking up the sun every day before it disappears into an actual fog. but i can’t deny the little pangs of excitement that i’m feeling about fall. additionally i feel like i need an entirely new wardrobe, to go along with the new season. you understand. here is my dream fall wardrobe. in case you were wondering.
  1. reading an article called “no, hillary clinton should not shut the fuck up and go away” filled me with the desire to wear this sweatshirt every day. solidarity.
  2. my j.crew phase continues, due in large part to this 1984 rugby shirt (which i’m pretty sure i had in 1984), these faux army pants (that remind me of the actual army pants that i wore throughout high school), and this vintage j. crew cardigan that is lined in plaid flannel (like somebody took kurt cobain’s pajamas and lined his sweater with them).
  3. this rachel comey velvet swimsuit/bodysuit is effing gorgeous.
  4. maryam nassir zadeh’s spring 2018 collection blew my mind this week. been seeing so much electric lime green at fashion week and feeling like these mules are where it’s at.
  5. these raey jeans have been all up in my cyber space lately and at first glance i found them ugly for their late 90’s-ness, but after seeing them repeatedly on various fashion girls i feel like i need to have them. that my friends is effective marketing for the modern age.
  6. little house on the prairie micro florals were also abound at fashion week, perhaps most beautifully at brock collection. i’m kind of obsessed with vintage laura ashley dresses right now, like this floral one (another sleeveless option here) and this ultra rare plaid dress which is v v twin peaks.
  7. i want to wear these sky blue glitter socks with red shoes a la dorothy.
  8. it’s a lil’ bit painful how bad i want these attico velvet ankle cuffs. so, so bad.
  9. if you happen to be a size 8 please buy these beautiful green suede isabel marant boots which are 57% off and perfection or these rachel comey ankle boots which are 60% off and also perfection.
  10. really loving cocoa brown lately, especially this creatures of comfort skirt which would be beautiful worn with a bright teal/turquoise top like this awesome vintage bedazzled one.

the end.


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