july covet.

july covet.
june has been pretty much non-stop terrible, with terrible on top of terrible and random curveballs of terrible being hurled from every direction. so i say let’s close the books on june. and anyways july is kind of a major month. i mean, it’s summer. people are generally pretty stoked on july. july is smack dab in the middle of peony season, which means giant buckets of beautiful pink and coral and white and purple ones everywhere. i can’t deny its appeal, although i have to say that september is my personal favorite month.  i can’t decide if i’m feeling less or more patriotic this year, considering the political state of the country, but i can pretty much assume that we’ll spend yet another forth of july hiding out in our house from all of the drunken idiots setting of fireworks in the streets. hope all y’alls are lighting things on fire and toasting the america in your hearts. here is my list for july.
  1. plastic heels are still an object of obsession for me, maybe it’s fond memories from the plastic kiddie supermarket heels that my grandmother bought me when i was a little girl, but i can’t get enough of them. these beauties from dries van noten in amazing emerald green are killing me ($335). as are these crazy cool blue wedges by margiela on ebay ($185). and these sweet little golden vintage honies which are much closer to my price point these days ($35).
  2. i’m feeling like peach one piece swimsuits with ruffles are where it’s at this summer. like this radical high cut one from hunza g x pandora sykes ($156), this adorable vintage one ($89), or this major cutie by samantha pleet ($149).
  3. i still think wearing flower crown headbands ($45) with bathing suits is cool. blame esther williams.
  4. i’ve been dreaming about this bamboo chair with martinique print cushions from modernhaus forever ($625). it’s so g.dang dreamy.
  5. i’ve also been dreaming about getting one of these cool round felted white rugs ($248) forever, but i have a toddler. the days of beautiful furniture and rugs are over.
  6. i’m a sucker for glowy primers, but this nars one ($36) is also spf 35 which is 5 spfs more than my tinted moisturizer. feels like i’m taking care of important things while trying to look sparkly.
  7. sale season is tough b/c i really want all the things. but i feel like a crochet dress with fringe is maje for summer. like this striped macrame dress from jaline which is 60% off ($180). or this amazing octavia dress from ulla johnson which is over on the real real ($122.50). or this ultimate number one best dress from celine ($1645) which i will likely never ever see in person let alone touch with my own hands.
  8. so maybe a crochet hand towel instead? ($14 for 2!)
  9. how cute is this vintage pie plate with a strawberry pie recipe on it? cute as pie. ($10).

the end.


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