june covet

june covet


june! holy cats holy cow. i don’t even know, you guys, how it is already june. i really do not have that summer feeling, the days have been foggy and windy and rather assy. even memorial day was overcast and hot dog free. also i feel like the sales this year were not as awesome as years past. but enough complaining, i’m ready for dresses and skirts and sandals and all the rest. here’s a list of pretty things that i can’t afford to buy, but i sure hope that you can!

  1. nobody does a poppy red like creatures of comfort and this robbie dress is the sweetest thing.
  2. really going through a huge guy laroche phase right now, and thinking about starting up a guy laroche appreciation society to go along with my isaac mizrahi and dries van noten and simon porte jacquemus appreciation societies. also this t-shirt is bad ass.
  3. this acid washed denim suspender skirt would look perfect over that guy laroche t-shirt. just sayin.
  4. speaking of dries, look at these beautiful simple little slides.
  5. the big moda operandi sale happened, and lucky for you there is one of these stella jean one shoulder dresses left.
  6. i’m really wanting one of these straw banana leaf pouf thingys.
  7. these little camisoles make my inner 90’s teenager so happy. of course i would only wear them under dresses because i am no longer an actual teenager.
  8. dresses like this beautiful v neck peplum dress by tome!
  9. dying to try this dew drops coconut gel highlighter from marc jacobs.
  10. this vintage yellow dress from guy laroche is “everything”, as the kids would say.
  11. i heart these vintage silver woven slingbacks.
  12. been meaning to try dry brushing for all of the good reasons (but mostly for cellulite) for ages.
  13. this ceramic pitcher is gorgeous.
  14. finally a clare v bag i can afford!
  15. really hoping to do the many moons workbook this year.

the end.

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