shopping cart.

shopping cart.
well it’s raining! again! still! raining! it’s been a rough stretch, a real rough patch and this weather isn’t helping matters. i’m sick of it. sick. of. it. also the cosmic shit storm that has been going down has really been doing a number on me. i’m going to pretend like i don’t kinda hate everything that i own and also don’t really care about anything in the world, because it’s spring man, and i know that somewhere underneath my crusty shell i do. so here are the spring things that i suspect my soft little inner self might love.
  1. for starters this floral corset is highly cute.
  2. natasha zinko is so brilliant, and i am so into this little khaki skirt.
  3. i heart vintage gardening gloves.
  4. this little spring straw tote is also highly cute.
  5. i am not happy to report to you that my obsession with maryam nassir zadeh’s olympia wedges has not gone away but has in fact heightened over time.
  6. mara hoffman is really killing it right now, just look at this rainbow stripe dress which would look amazing over pants.
  7. what could be more essential to one’s wardrobe than a navy double breasted ysl blazer? what, i ask you??
  8. i don’t know how i feel about the mass marketing of jean-michel basquiat, but i have to admit that i feel pretty stoked about this beat bop clutch.
  9. these little moon & stars socks are totes adorbs.
  10. i’m kind of crazy about press-on nails right now, which, like most things can be blamed on demna gvasalia.
  11. this little 1940’s style top knot headband makes me feel really happy.
  12. really appreciating dries van noten & these lilac sunglasses more and more every day.
  13. also appreciating christophe lemaire and how about this pretty little top?
  14. feeling like i can’t get enough mustard in my life and these pants are super cool indeed.
  15. these vintage cream mesh heels are like if phoebe philo & maryam nassir zadeh jointly had an egg that time traveled back to the 90’s to hatch into a beautiful shoe baby.

the end.


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