april covet.

april covet.
april has arrived. i’m happy for the new month, although the amount of showers we have endured thus far have me feeling like i’m going to lose my shit if april showers go down. i’ve had enough. i’m ready for spring, in case you hadn’t heard! bring on the ranunculus and marshmallow peeps. here is my list of desirous items for april.
  1. i’ve been thinking a lot lately about wardrobe staples, as in things that i wear on the regular in multiple settings. i feel like this bodysuit from alessandra rich is a perfect example of a solid wardrobe staple.
  2. for bottoms to go with the bodysuit, have i mentioned these sara battaglia high waisted jeans (b/c i am maje obsessed)? also i’m still hung up on vintage floral palazzo pants. and since everybody is freaking the feck out over victoria beckham’s target collab (myself included), here is a real cool and v v vicky b-ish skirt which would work wonderfully over the alessandra rich bodysuit.
  3.  i’ve also been feeling like i need to get in on the yellow shoe thing, possibly with these vintage neon colorblock pumps, or perhaps with these suzanne rae mustard mesh pumps, or maybe these fendi slides.
  4. i’ve been on a real skincare kick of late (more on that coming soon), which includes retinol-ing the shit out of my aging situation. i’m pretty over the moon for kate somerville, and as soon as i am able i plan to get my hands on this good as gold retinol kit.
  5. speaking of which, i just ordered this la roche-posay moisturizer which promises to hydrate, protect and serve my redness with all the soothes. also spfs because damage, inc.
  6. sometimes i daydream that i am the girl in the jacquemus spring 2017 collection, the french girl who struts around the countryside collecting wheat and various liquids in pretty ceramic jugs and generally looking lovely and wearing one of those enormous boater hats.
  7. i still haven’t gotten into joan didion’s south and west, which is a crime because she is my favorite writer of all times and my personal heroine and i have no excuse for ignoring her. none!
  8. i am fully addicted to rxbar’s mint chocolate bars. they are the jammyest and i can’t get enough. also no sugar no gluten no soy but hella delicious.
  9. lately i’ve been wondering why my hair is so g.dang frizzy, and i have come to the conclusion that it is due to my running out of davines love hair smoother. that and, y’know, the rainy foggy windy weather.
  10. sometimes i feel like isaac mizrahi doesn’t get the respect that he deserves, and i worry that his importance is overlooked. and i want to buy up all the isaac mizrahi pieces out there and save them for when he is finally really recognized as the great that he is. starting with this adorable, brilliant vintage isaac mizrahi yellow shirt dress.

the end.


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