spring pants: i got 5 on it.

spring pants: i got 5 on it.
the weather report calls for a couple of days of no rain, which makes me feel happy, and like i need new clothes. because it’s spring. allegedly. and we all know what that means! new season! new pants! new spring pants are happy pants! this spring i’m feeling like ones that show a little ankle (but still keep you covered because it’s not summer dude), and ones with a thick enough fabric & high enough waist that can help hold in the mom flab or maybe ones with fabric to spare that can hide your gunt or a nice big tie belt to distract from the guntyness are where it’s at. you with me? cool.
  1. first up are the cropped/ankle grazing high waisted variety. i feel like the jesse kamm sailor pant thing has really, fully trickled down to literally everywhere. suddenly everywhere i turn i see another version of these pants, and the good news is that most of them seem to have caught on to her thick fabric that has a corset-like effect trick. here are 5 options: everlane ($68), apiece apart ($295), j.crew ($79), emerson thorpe ($218), and m.i.h. jeans ($250).
  2. next are paper bag waist pants, which have had my heart since isaac mizrahi decreed it’s pants! in good old 1988. they’ve been climbing the charts for the past few seasons, but lately they’re springing up everywhere. most notably at stella mccartney ($1,065), some cherry ones from sonia rykiel ($265), vintage ones that show some ankle ($58), and some simple fast guys at h&m ($60), and mango ($70).
  3. keeping up with that paper bag waist thing are tie waist jeans, which i recently saw worn by the always stunning giovanna battaglia and felt moved to pursue post-haste! giovanna’s pair were by her sister sara ($634), here is a vintage option ($145), this dark wash pair by giuseppe di morabito really has my eye ($260), and the fasties are doing it too like j.crew ($98), and the gap ($39).

the end.


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