florals for spring? groundbreaking.

florals for spring? groundbreaking.


spring officially starts monday and i’m stoked as shit. i am perhaps more ready than ever for spring. like, ev-errrr. as such, i thought i’d ring in the new season with florals. for spring. i know. what else? let’s do this:

  1. this month in paris dries van noten reminded us what a print mix master he truly is. this floral mixed print dress ($343) is another reminder of that fact.
  2. i feel like these dolce & gabbana sunglasses ($234) really tell the world, but i’m partial to these amazing vintage sunnies ($7).
  3. i am really into this floral print mesh dress from topshop ($85). if only there were a party in my life to wear it to.
  4. this little floral miu miu belt ($134) makes me smile, as most things miu miu do.
  5. i want these vetements floral ankle boots so bad it hurts, but $900 is a no-go in this house.
  6. gucci made this cute as pie daffodil necklace ($820) which you could easily DIY with a daffodil hair flower ($8) and a black tie choker ($8.90).
  7. my inner 12 year old wants to wear this vintage 90’s floral crop top ($32) with these floral palazzo pants ($33) oh so much.
  8. a floral jumpsuit seems like a really good idea. like this stella mccartney one ($316) or this beauty from alice mccoll ($390).
  9. this beautiful basket purse ($26) is beautiful.
  10. plastic floral kitten heel mules you guys ($36).
  11. let’s all take a moment to swoon over this balenciaga dress ($2,250).
  12. now how about these floral knee high boots from front row shop ($138)?
  13. since the suit is the big thing for spring, i recommend this vintage moschino floral blazer ($159) and these silk jean paul gaultier trousers ($160).

the end.


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