deconstruction reconstruction!

deconstruction reconstruction!
jeans. jeans are possibly the most basic, constant and crucial element of any wardrobe. jeans are the one thing that never really goes away, decade after decade jeans are there. the cut of jeans is the thing that ebbs and flows, but stays within a general guideline: skinny or loose, high or low waisted. apart from that, the wash is typically the only other variant. over the past few years it’s been interesting to watch how radical a pair of jeans can be, particularly a deconstructed pair, from rachel comey’s legions to 3×1’s fringe jeans to the vetements global takeover. the vetements effect has turned pretty much everything on its head, jeans especially. designers are now re-imagining jeans in wild weird ways, and while patchwork denim is nothing new, layered reconstructed denim feels like the new thing. this has been evidenced by multiple collections over the past few weeks:

so my dears, i thought i’d take a look at three seeds of reconstruction.

  1. first up is the ruffle hem jean, starting with the ruffle master: ellery ($572), on to msgm’s ruffle hem jeans ($285), to marques almeida’s frayed ruffle jeans ($424), to these ruffle jeans from style mafia (on sale for $81).
  2. next is the layered look with frame’s skinny double hem version ($240), and here is a vintage pair of double hem jeans ($44). coming on strong are ksenia schnaider’s layered jeans ($369), replicated here: skirt overlay jeans from storets ($92). last are y project’s high waist layered jeans ($390).
  3. next are a new kind of contrast hem jean, starting with what i consider the jean dujour from the incredible fabulous loewe: gold dipped jeans ($650). here is a pair of vintage jeans with gold silk hems ($67), another vintage pair with gold and beaded seams ($42), off white’s version of contrast cuff jeans ($739), and a pair of black contrast hem jeans from style mafia ($240).

the end.


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