march covet.

march covet.


march! march mothaf*ckas! bring on the spring because i’ve had it! had it with winter. had it with rain. had it with cold. had it with sicknesses. had it with rubber boots and turmeric tea and carb loading to stay warm. bring on the magnolias and cherry blossoms and spray painted green carnations. and the sunshine. please lord, bring the sunshine. here’s my liztomania for march madness.

  1. march finds us in the home stretch of fashion month. more on that la8er, so for now i’ll just say that i seem to be on an unrelated italian kick. the obvious gucci-mania aside, it’s all prada fendi miu miu moschino up in here. starting with this pretty little prada top with a black bow at the collar because i’m too lazy to accessorize.
  2. next are these way cute fancy track pants. because it’s time to jump on board this train, even though my husband disapproves of active wear outside the home.
  3. still eyeing a brass hexagon vase. one of these months i’ll pull the trigger.
  4. next is a little python mini-bag, because every time i see a street style picture of one i say “yas!” out loud.
  5. spring is trench coat season, which means it’s also time for my annual “i-need-a-vintage-halston-ultra-suede-trench-coat” pangs.
  6. i’m going through a sock bootie obsession right now, as in dolce & gabbana circa fall 2010 or chanel crica spring 2014 or these amazing ladies from miu miu.
  7. excited to read this book, for international women’s day march 8. holla.
  8. thinking about trying dry brushing because god knows i’ve tried everything else to improve my cellulite situation.
  9. because i cannot acquire nor afford thee dior ribbon kitten heels,  i’ve set my sights on a more realistic pair. i’m crushing hard on these daffodil yellow moschino ones.
  10. i’ve heard tell the sun will shine again, so naturally i need these celine sunglasses. in green because i’m irish and festive as fuq.
  11. speaking of the sun, i’m looking for a good sunscreen because i’ve recently started using retinol to rectify my situation, and i don’t wish to re-do the damage. this peter thomas roth stuff claims to also calm redness which i appreesh.
  12. lastly are these simple mills almond flour crackers which i eat literally a box a day of because they are the gluten/grain free cracker equivalent of knees on bees.

the end.

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