the perfect raincoat (an ode to raf simons).

the perfect raincoat (an ode to raf simons).
fashion month is rolling along, friends. new york came and went, with terrible weather and a general sort of lackluster. even the street style was less inspired. it’s tough to dress up in sub zero temperatures and rain sleet & snow, and by the end of the week people seemed tired of facing the elements. this was all sort of a metaphor for the mood of the nation. we’re exhausted. we’re uninspired. we’re beaten. we’re tired of our winter coats. enter raf simons, infusing his first collection with american label calvin klien with his belgian understated grace. there is a smart aesthetic to raf simons that goes beyond minimalism and reads more like elegance (which by definition is: the quality of being graceful and stylish in appearance or manner; style. the quality of being pleasingly ingenious and simple; neatness.) the collection was wonderful, and a standout moment came when he sent coats covered in clear plastic down the runway. it felt like the most simple yet brilliant solution to the winter coat debacle.

there were three coats shown in this manner: 2 long blazer jackets and a gorgeous sunshine yellow faux fur coat. i have combed the nether regions of the interwebs to find a few options to recreate these looks if this never ending rain has you down.

  1. here are a few long blazer coats: a vintage gray one from etsy ($30), a cool gray check topshop blazer with neat sleeves ($35),  a plaid gray vintage one from etsy ($42), a long wool plaid one from h&m ($65).
  2. yellow faux fur coats are tough to come by, but here is one from ebay ($68), and another one here ($70) and one more here ($180).
  3. for the plastic raincoat, here is a perfect vintage clear one with no piping or hood ($35) and another perfect vintage one here ($44).
  4. the belt on the yellow fur coat was a rad thick silver cord belt (which was actually rhinestones). here is a cool silver cord belt ($5), and here is a vintage japanese rope belt ($20).

the end.


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