from the street: early returns.

from the street: early returns.
it’s that time again: a new fashion season hath begun. over the past couple of years street style has become almost as important as the collections themselves. the fashion elite descend on a city and dictate what trends are to come as much as the designers do. early returns are in on street style, and it’s a little hilarious. while paris couture boasted cold temperatures, day one of new york fashion week occurred in the midst of a blizzard. while it’s tough to look fashionable in frigid temperatures, i am already seeing themes to the street style.


here are some vintage or alternative takes on the soon to be trends above.

  1. statement t-shirts.  it seems dior’s we should all be feminists t-shirts trumped (too soon?) the gucci logo t-shirts that all fashion girls have been wearing this winter, because it’s the dior shirt that is literally everywhere, while the gucci shirts are few. there are plenty of bootlegs out there. this “immigrant” t is at brown’s fashion for $84, while there are tons of we should all be feminists shirts on etsy for a song. you can get the gucci logo t for a cool $420, or buy a bootlegger on ebay for $29.
  2. track pants. everybody still seems to be drinking the demna gvasalia kool-aid, because track pants including the vetements juicy kind are abound. here is a pair of vintage juicy track pants for $19. i personally feel like these vintage embroidered “pain and suffering” ones are the jam. here is a vintage red juicy track suit for $49.
  3. stirrup pants. they’re showing up in all shades, but gilda ambrosio’s purple ones look amazing to my eyes. these vintage purple ones are pretty bang on ($36).
  4. vetements style denim is still around, but the next wave of deconstructed denim is “demi denim” or layered denim. these vintage layered jeans are so rad it hurts.
  5. puffer coats like the red balenciaga, giant marques almeida ones and the new vetements camo ones are showing up everywhere, worn off the shoulder or open like “i don’t care.” i love this vintage 70’s red orange one ($38) and this amazing oversized red one ($85). oh and here is a vintage camo puffer jacket ($87).
  6. shearling. holy crap, shearling is EVERYWHERE. everybody in new york is wearing a shearling coat! blame marques almeida. here is a pretty pink one ($131), a short suede number ($66), and this shaggy denim trim one is my personal fave ($51).
  7. as far as bags go, the jw anderson piece bag is abound, but i’m also seeing some backpacks. i love this vintage black leather backpack with ring clasp ($45), and here is a vintage pierced bag ($32). the balenciaga bazar bag is still everywhere, and i know we’re avoiding fast fashion, but style nanda did this ($46). here is a vintage mini crossbody bag ($13) because that is what everybody is doing apparently.
  8. last is the nearest and dearest to my heart: the dior ribbon kitten heels that everyone is freaking the eff out over. myself included. while they’ve just been shown, somehow they were spotted touching parisian streets. if you, like me, cannot wait for these to hit the population and if you, like me, do not have $813 of shoe money laying around might i suggest a couple of alternatives? firstly are these vintage dior houndstooth mules with dior logo ribbon ($75). second are these cute open toe strappy sandals with dior logo ribbon ($70). lastly might i suggest a little diy: taking a pair of black kitten heels ($40) and some dior logo ribbon ($6.99) and creating your own version.

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