february covet.

february covet.
february tends to be my least favorite month weather-wise and my most favorite month holiday-wise. i heart valentine’s day. i love pink & red and little hearts cut out of construction paper and velvet boxes of chocolates and all of the sappy stuff that comes with it. i am a born romantic and i’ll die that way. i feel like we’re in a pretty bleak state (or country) right now, we could really use a little bright & mushy. here are some dreamy items for all of the sweethearts out there.
  1. sale season is winding down, and this amazing red polka dot layered dress by paskal is 70% off. it makes me feel like i might burst into confetti.
  2. the bottle for comme des garcons play perfume is so cute, and i reckon it smells amazing.
  3. these pink and red pvc heels from balenciaga are sick. in the best way possible.
  4. while two thousand and seventy dollars is a whole heck of a lot to pay for any piece of clothing, if you were to spend such an amount on anything it would surely be this puff shoulder ruched blouse by rodarte. i do believe that it was constructed by little angels in heaven.
  5. speaking of sale season: these y project gathered jeans are 50% off and they are way cool.
  6. this ysl nail lacquer in valentine shades looks radical.
  7. these smeg tea kettles are cute as pie.
  8. a little raymond carver will cure any hopeless romantic.
  9. every season i think that jacquemus has sufficiently murdered my heart, and then he somehow manages to kill me dead all over again. case in point: these little v-cut lace up loafers with crazy multi-colored block heels. everything i ever wanted in a pair of shoes.
  10. this riot grrrl t-shirt rips.
  11. i want these sonia rykiel suspender pants so bad it hurts. physically.
  12. how’s about a gucci pink metallic leather beret?
  13. this vintage fuzzy multi-pink sweater is totes adorable.
  14. last is this dreamy jw anderson logo bag in red. because my husband’s initials are jw and he is a sailor and i feel like i need this bag. like, need it.

the end.


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