31 days.

at the beginning of the year i found myself standing in front of my closet every morning feeling wholly uninspired and experiencing the strange combination of under and overwhelment (not a word, i know). after cleaning out my closet repeatedly over the past couple of years i still felt like i simultaneously had nothing to wear and too much to choose from. so, i decided that i needed a new way to clean out my closet, one that didn’t include a pms fueled pillaging that would later be followed by a major bummer.

i decided to spend a month going through everything in my closet, putting together a different outfit every day. i told myself that if i didn’t feel like i wanted to wear it out, i would get rid of it. there were surprising moments (i still have a fair amount of fast fashion in my closet), not surprising moments (vintage makes my heart sing), moments of truth (my days of short shorts and sleeveless tops are sadly done), and realizations (i feel most confident in smartly tailored clothing). what wound up happening was that i sorta fell in love with my clothes all over again. i also felt inspired to get dressed every day, which hadn’t happened in a super duper long time. with that, i present to you 31 days of poorly lit bedroom mirror outfit selfies:



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