ah, the stirrup pant. as a child of the 80’s i can’t help but feel a certain amount of childlike glee when i see stirrup leggings sweeping the fashion nation. of course there’s nothing new about them, stirrup pants have been with us since long before i walked this earth, but they seem to be enjoying an extended moment of late. it seems every designer has shown them over the last few seasons,  from jil sander to marni to saint laurent and most famously vetements and balenciaga. gucci’s pre-fall collection featured a track pant/stirrup legging hybrid in an array of colors that killed me dead.

i have been scouring the internet trying to find something comparable to quench my thirst for them. here are 10 stirrup pant options from the web-isphere.

  1. here are some v v balenciaga-esque vintage red stirrup pants ($37). a new version that are also a dead ringer are at the frankie shop ($349).
  2. the vetements sweatpant stirrup pant is over on ebay ($225).
  3. these adidas track stirrup pants are way gucci-esque ($65).
  4. another pair of adidas track stirrups in purple ($40).
  5. here are some vintage stirrup pants in marni/stella mccartney green ($28).
  6. the balenciaga red stirrup pants of my dreams ($313).
  7. saint laurent high waisted stirrup pants ($496).
  8. marni stirrup leggings ($774).
  9. balenciaga black stirrup pants ($755).
  10. stella mccartney stirrup pants with side stripe ($128).

the end.


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