i see three (winter edition)

i see three (winter edition)
ah winter. this winter has already proven to be a rough one, full of freaky cold temperatures and frankenstorms. the good lawd knows how difficult it can be to get dressed when it’s cold and crummy outside. i’ve found myself scrambling to find things practical enough for the elements in my closet. one of my new years resolutions was no more fast fashion, so i thought i’d put together a few examples of winter staples that are hot hot heat but still made coolly enough for ice cold.
  1. first is a pair of button front sailor jeans. the sailor pant trend is still going strong, and i’ve seen button front sailor jeans from the likes of valentino (on sale for $238), rachel comey ($345), and my personal favorite from creatures of comfort ($345).  over on ebay are these neato vintage ralph lauren sailor jeans ($24.95).
  2. next is a puff sleeve coat. the puff sleeve is still ruling the world, and i am coming around to the idea of the statement coat, because if you’re going to be wearing the darn thing every day it might as well be fabulous. sweet jacquemus made this belted giant shoulder coat (on sale for $558), here is a beautiful cashmere & wool coat from celine ($425), and how about an amazing vintage quilted puff sleeve (or “barb coat” as the kids are calling it) coat ($78).
  3. turtlenecks are still all the rage for winter. i feel like a striped one is pretty super for layering, like this silk one from balenciaga ($191), this ribbed one from american apparel ($18, made in los angeles, get it while you can!), or this vintage 90’s one over on etsy ($20).
  4. last are gold glitter booties, ones that a gal can walk in. i’ve been lusting after these macgraw ones for ages (on sale for $240), then there are these mm6 ones ($238), or these amazing vintage glittery sock booties ($31).

the end.

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