the lion, the witch & the wardrobe.



a couple of winters ago i started what would turn out to be the long journey of cleaning out my closet. inspired by the book of the moment, i extreme cleaned and donated and got down to what i thought was a very minimal wardrobe. around this time i also went on my first fast fashion fast, which successfully broke me of my forever 21 habit (because it turned out that at 36, 21 is no longer forever). i started focusing on investing in slow or high fashion, which turned out pretty well. i got pretty skilled at buying better pieces second hand on places like ebay and the real real. i subscribed to mailing lists of all of the major luxury shopping sites like avenue 32 and moda operandi so that i would know about sales. but by the end of last year i felt like i was right back where i started: with a closet overflowing with clothes that i didn’t really know how to wear.

while i’ve managed to stop impulse buying clothes from places like target and forever 21, i do still find that i have a seasonal need to blow off steam/fill in where my investment pieces fall short by hitting shops like zara (the largest of the fast fashion chains). i also have a near weekly habit of thrift store shopping, which has added up to more vintage pieces than i could possibly wear in a lifetime.

i notice that when i clean out my 3 year old son’s toys, he is much happier to play with a few choices than having to pick something out of an overfilled shelf. i feel like this is pretty true for all of us, in most cases we do better with less. the dilemma for me is that i no longer have a closet filled with cheap clothing that i’m not attached to, i have a closet filled with beautiful, designer and vintage clothing that i love. yet, i still feel like i have nothing to wear or that i don’t know what to wear every day. i stand in front of my closet and feel exhausted by it all.

so, i’ve decided that what i need to do is really wear all of it. i’m going to go through my closet and put on everything in it, and see what feels good and what doesn’t. whatever i can’t or don’t want to actually wear out into the world, should go. in the meantime, i’m not buying any new clothes until i’ve worn it all. which will be painful, because i’m a leo.

i’ll be posting outfit pictures here because i don’t believe in blowing up my poor social media comrades feeds with daily selfies of the likes of myself.

wish me luck and godspeed and all the rest.


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