january covet.

january covet.


well my friends, this is it. new year. i survived 2016 (which, apparently, is a feat). i am definitely feeling the affects of capricorn season and thinking about getting my actual shizz together. i feel like i have a bit of a shopping hangover from sale season, and this is typically the time of year i think about cleaning out my closet and detoxing from all of the christmas cookies and prosecco that i consumed over the last month. i’ve put myself on a clothes shopping fast until i can sift through the piles of clothes in my closet and figure out what goes and what stays. but a girl can still dream of dreamy things, no? yes.

  1. i need a new book, and this novel is getting all the raves. the cover has me at hello.
  2. i found jessica smith on youtube, and i super love this ballet cardio workout (don’t be fooled by the low budge bedroom scene or the dog, it’s legit!). i want to check out her higher budge video.
  3. my new rug obsession: abstract rya rugs.
  4. this yellow jamie dress by rejina pyo is perfection. all the heart eyes.
  5. the weather forecast calls for rain for pretty much the entire month of january. wish i had a snazzy vintage gucci umbrella.
  6. pressed juicery is having a sale on their juice cleanses. if you can muster the willpower to survive 3 days on juice alone.
  7. i recently waltzed up to the la mer counter at nordstrom and asked to try their reparative skin tint. it turned out to be as fabulous as you would imagine. i did not, however, try their million dollar moisturizing cream because i’m not million dollar fancy just yet. working on it.
  8. speaking of fabulous, i recently tried milk makeup’s lip color in o.g. red and it is the jam. it lasts all day, feels like a million bucks and is the most vibrant color ever. it’s also paraben free and eco-conscious if you’re into that sorta thing.
  9. i’ve been eyeing this marc jacobs eye shadow kit for ages, the one with all the golds.
  10. lastly are these pretty pretty little isabel marant silver heels.

the end.

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