december covet.

december covet.
well my friends, december is here. i for ones am already feeling burnt on the holidays and winter in general and it ain’t even technically winter yet. it is sale season, which can feel overwhelming for sure. i personally made a list of my dream pieces and held out on them, and most of them wound up not going on sale at all. the question is always what to invest in, and there’s kind of a lot that has my heart these days. and yet, i’ve so few bucks. so i’ll sit on my hands for a few more weeks and see what comes, by way of santy clause or the sale gods. here’s december’s list.
  1. one of my big investments this year was in this honestly dreamy tartan frill shoulder apron dress by the brilliant new ukranian designer paskal. i scored it half off and i’m just waiting for my holiday bloat to go down so that i can take it out on the town.
  2. i feel like this sheer white striped top from topshop would look pretty fabulous with the paskal apron dress.
  3. the exaggerated shoulder/cinched waist blazer (compliments of demna gvasalia) is really ruling the fashion roost right now. i’m partial to this one by my favorite new designer jacquemus. even at 31% off it’s still way out of my league, but a girl can dream.
  4. speaking of demna gvasalia, i’m a bit balenciaga obsessed these days. i am fairly certain that this hot pink wallet is essential to my being. by which i mean i do not wish to be without it.
  5. additionally i am coo-coo-crazy about these balenciaga ankle boots, which i feel like i could actually walk in without wanting to chop my screaming bloody murderous pain feet off after wearing them. but $400 for a pair of used boots is a bit coo-coo-crazy. so instead i’m considering these sensible mom boots by dansko.
  6. every year i say i want a pair of deerskin slippers and i never get them. so maybe a pair of moosehide ones instead?
  7. another new designer that i am over the moon for is rejina pyo. this puff sleeve blouse is everything to me.
  8. plaid wool pants just feel so right, vivienne westwood.
  9. i recently started taking sun potion’s chlorella powder and it’s pretty bananas how much it’s helped with pms crazy symptoms and general mental foggyness. i really want to try the anandamide raw cacao next, to put in my coffee while i go through the sugar d.t.’s from kicking pumpkin spice coffee creamer.
  10. i recently got to see the great marina abromovic interviewed in person and she’s so wonderful. i really want to get my hands on her memoir.
  11. this diptyque voyage to france set is my fancy lady dream come true. i want it sew bad.
  12. since cold season is here i’m pretty much blasting the essential oils 24/7. i would like one of these handy sampler sets.
  13. last but probably most needed is this amaze oribe gold lust set. because my hair is in full on scary winter mode and help is needed immediately.

the end.

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