so yeah. it’s been a rough couple of weeks, as you well know, dear reader. there’s been a sort of collective stunned silence over the last week that i’m certainly not immune to. the sum total of genuinely strange and awful events that have occurred this year, culminating in the even stranger and more awful events over the last week have propelled me into something of an existential crisis.  talking about clothes feels a bit frivolous right now, but if life has taught me anything it is that a little frivolity goes a long way in hard times.  here are a few pretty little things for the black mood.

  1. if there has been a bright spot this year, for me (apart from moments with my little family, the knowles sisters, john oliver and the occasional bottomless mimosa), it has been jacquemus. jacquemus is a bright light. i can’t say enough about his beautiful, brilliant clothing and how worthwhile it truly is. this blazer sort of says it all.
  2. i can’t really think of anything more frivolous than a $350 candle, but i also can’t think of anything that smells more amazing than diptyque’s baies, now in black.
  3. speaking of bright spots, bright lights and the knowles sisters, ever since seeing this video by solange i have been dreaming of glitter makeup.
  4. i believe jacquemus’ lace up/bow will be the trend de la trends this winter and into spring. i love this little slouchy handmade hat with pretty red lacing on etsy.
  5. oh how i wish i had $410 to spend on these amazing cat eye sunglasses from gucci. because they are oh-mazing.
  6. leonard cohen’s songs of love and hate feels so right. r.i.p.
  7. black ankle boots with crazy heels are it right now. of course celine and dries are kings of this wild frontier.
  8. the puff sleeve has been my fave rave forever, and all of the modern versions are so lovely. currently i can’t get enough of this guy by a.w.a.k.e., worn so beautifully by styleheroine.
  9. possibly the coolest black pants ever.
  10. i’ve been watching beatrice valenzuela for the past couple of years as she’s transitioned from her incredible handmade shoes into clothing, and honestly, this alcatraz dress makes me fully swoon.

the end.


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