november covet

november covet
november is here already. i’m glad to be done with october, which was the sickest month yet (and not in the good way), and ready for binge season to begin. bring on the stuffing and pumpkin pie. here’s my love list for november.
  1. every couple of months i get on a rug kick and waste way too much time browsing vintage kilim rugs online. this incredible rose kilim rug caught my eye this week and boy is she is a beauty.
  2. since november is a month that revolves around eating, i thought i’d throw in a cookbook, a new one by everybody’s favorite loveable asshole: anthony bourdain.
  3. early in the year my bff told me that she had quit drinking coffee by taking apple cider vinegar every day. i decided to give it a shot, and honestly i can’t believe how much more energy it gives me than coffee (although i still drink coffee because coffee). it also really helps to get rid of a sore throat (vinegar kills bacteria), and is rumored to help regulate blood sugar and slow fat accumulation. it also whitens teeth and makes your hair shiny, but i won’t lie: it doesn’t taste good. it’s vinegar dude.
  4. so ysl beauty products are my favorite beauty products. they make me feel v v fancy, which is how i like to feel at all times. my new fave rave is their matte lipstick in decadent pink, which is also my current fave color.
  5. having a baby and joining the mom brigade made me, inevitably, a big essential oil lady. i keep those things burning all hours because i, like all moms, want to avoid various sicknesses, sleepless nights and general grumpiness in babies and mamas alike. my husband got this health shield oil for combating sickness and it’s pretty great. even if it’s just snake oil, it makes the house smell like cinnamony fall time goodness.
  6. this little rainbow pom pom beret makes me happy. it’s like turning yourself into a delicious little cozy french cupcake.
  7. i am currently day dreaming about having all the money to buy johanna ortiz ruffle tops like this one shoulder top and this rad puff shoulder button down. i think johanna ortiz is a tailoring genius and i want to give her a hug and squeeze really tight.
  8. for winter i want to wear the johanna ortiz tops with pretty knit pants like these insanely great wide leg ones from a detacher and these also great boiled wool pants from stella mccartney.
  9. i feel like cropped wool pants would look amazing with red ankle boots, like these so so cool red suede ones with little tiny gold dots by chloe or these fricking adorable little red rubber rain boots by vivenne westwood.

just need all the monies. the end.

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