vintage modern.

vintage modern.


fall is a time of year that always has me wanting an entirely new wardrobe. everything that i have feels impractical and outdated and all of the fall collections that have recently hit shops look so beautiful and necessary to my eyes. this will of course happen again in spring when the weather starts to turn and i want to throw out all of my warmer clothes and fill my closet with all of the raddest resort wear. over the last few years of cleaning out my closet, i have found that the fast fashion facsimiles of trendy designer pieces tend to be the ones that get a head scratching/eye rolling and are donated at the end of their season and easily forgotten. but i find that vintage is much harder to part with because even when purchased because of a current designer item, vintage always seems to have a soul and a uniqueness that feels smart and worth hanging on to. i thought i’d do a piece that shows how easy it is to find vintage items that are similar to current designer pieces that maybe aren’t affordable for the average gal about town.

  1. first up is one of my most favorited sweaters of the season: the pompom embellished wool and cashmere sweater from the amazing stella jean ($653). it feels so circa now, with the pom poms and the bright colors and the bib collar. i love this vintage striped sweater that has a similar bib collar and pom poms ($40), and this adorable vintage pom pom cardigan ($42.75).
  2. second is the skirt du jour, worn by seemingly every fashion girl and celebutaunt strutting it out right now: the patent leather mini skirt from isabel marant ($1580). here is a cool vintage one that also zips up the middle ($40), and what could be cooler than a vintage gianni versace patent leather skirt ($284)?
  3. of all of the amazing gucci sweaters out right now, i’m really hearting this men’s wool cardigan ($890). here is a super similar vintage gucci cardigan ($85), and an amazing vintage tennis cardigan with oh so gucci trim ($58) (another version here for $26).
  4. next is the crazy cool balenciaga double breasted checked wool blazer ($2185) that is all over the interwebs. here is a vintage double breasted check blazer ($18) and a vintage mulberry checked blazer with a similar shape ($84).
  5. speaking of balenciaga, their stirrup jeans ($605) are single handedly dispelling the rumor that jeans are dead. here is a pair of vintage high waisted stirrup jeans ($40), and here is a pair of stirrup jeans that are even pink ($54).
  6. next up are winter white heeled ankle boots, seen everywhere but most notably at acne studios ($800). here is a rad vintage pair ($85) and another similar pair ($25).
  7. last is the fall transitional sandal, which is a sandal that you wear with socks. the pvc or plastic wedge was big for summer, most adorably at maryam nassir zadeh ($408). here is a super similar pair of vintage celine wedges ($155),  and here is a way cute pair of vintage plastic wedges for a mere $8.50, or a red pair for a cool $79.

the end.


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