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i’m a big fan of cable knit sweaters. i find them incredibly handsome, as far as sweaters go, and every year i find myself wanting one. while there’s nothing new about a cable knit sweater, it seems that every designer has one out this fall. here are a few that have me swooning.

  1. i recently heard peony or blush pink referred to as “millennial pink” which made me a little bummed, because i happen to love this color and i am no millennial. but here is a cute cable knit turtleneck sweater in pink ($385).
  2. personally i love a good old fashioned irish fisherman’s sweater ($46).
  3. leave it to rosie assoulin to completely reimagine a classic and make it one shoulder ($2554).
  4. here is a pretty isabel marant-esque oversized sweater ($109).
  5. i am eyeing this vintage gucci-esque jcpenny sweater HARD ($24).
  6. this lemaire exaggerated sleeve cable knit sweater has officially killed me dead ($1051).
  7. this crazy fringey over the top sweater from off white is crazy rad ($1070).
  8. i am so in love with this vintage cable knit skirt & sweater set ($229).
  9. possibly my favorite cable knit moment came from a detacher circa fall 2015, and i keep praying to find the sweater/pant combo second hand somewhere.
  10. rachel comey did a knotted version that is way pretty ($495).
  11. last is this totally dreamy puff sleeve cable knit turtleneck from abercrombie & fitch of all places, that even comes in millennial pink ($78).

the end.



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