last weekend i decided to stroll through h&m to get a look at all of the vetements and gucci-fied outfits on display. i was surprised to find (tucked in amongst the razor hem denim and hot pink fuzzy sweaters) a white dress with exaggerated sleeves and a zipper up both the chest and back. i recognized immediately that it was a knockoff of a dress done by celine for spring, but i still felt a little surprised by it. celine showed this dress in amongst the lace trimmed slip dresses and camisoles that were a major hit with fashion girls and celebulas. there were actually two versions of the dress, one in white with snaps, and one in a pale gray with no snaps.

i was surprised to find it at h&m, because the dress(es), to me, were the silent heroes of the collection. everyone was so knocked out by the classy yet sexy, grown up version of the 90’s slip dress (which was brilliant) that the simple peasant dresses seemed to be overlooked. to me they were the best of the collection.

h&m’s version was a hybrid of the two, missing the snap closures and made in a crisp white cotton (a cheaper fabric than celine’s linen). this got me thinking about how fast fashion remakes pieces and tweaks them slightly. sometimes this is merely to cut corners and make a more affordable version, but other times there seems to be changes made to put a brand’s own stamp on a design (or to try to hide what a knockoff it is). this made me dare to ask the question: are there times when a designer knockoff is better than the original? i thought i’d look around at some current re-imagined pieces and the originals that “inspired” them.

  1. first up are these beautiful black pants with pom pom trim by ysl. suddenly i am seeing pom pom trim pants popping up everywhere, including this version at zara which i believe qualifies as a total and complete knockoff. i did find this pair of high waisted black jeans with pom pom trim over at topshop and i have to say, they are pretty brilliant and awesome.
  2. i’ve been seeing these a.p.c. boots everywhere. when i saw them in the fall collection i recognized that they were a remake of vintage frye boots and wondered why someone wouldn’t just buy frye boots. but i have to admit that frye boots have this awful tendency to get droopy at the ankles, and the a.p.c. version appears to be a much sleeker model.
  3. gucci showed a throwback version of the classic 80’s logo shirt for resort 2017, but an updated logo sweatshirt in pink is currently in shops. this makes me think back on the slew of faux gucci, knockoff sweatshirts that were abound when i was a little kid in the 80’s. despite their obvious cheapness, they look fugging amazing to my eyes, and even cooler than the real thing.
  4. vetements followed the sock boot with logo tube socks, which are going for $95. beyonce’s ivy park line for topshop just put out these logo tube socks, and for $16, i think repping beyonce might be cooler.
  5. stella mccartney put out these wide ankle length knit wool pants and i thought they looked pretty amazing, but when a detacher put out these cropped knit wool pants i felt like i had died and gone to knit pant heaven. as a side note, fast fashion newbie genuine people has these knit wool pants which are a dead ringer for the stella mccartney version. the kicker is that they are selling them for $285, which is $3 more than what the stella mccartney version are going for on sale at neiman marcus.
  6. the gucci gold crossover mule may be the shoe of the spring, showing up on the foot of pretty much every fashionista with a pulse. there have been knockoffs (jeffrey campbell as usual), and i’ve seen a pair or two for sale second hand. i have of course been tempted, but i keep thinking, how in the world would i walk in 5″ heeled mules??? then i found these sandals from river island, which are basically the gucci mules with an ankle strap. i feel much safer being strapped into the river island version.

the end.

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