it’s been an actual while since i talked about anything other than fashion around here, so i thought i’d talk about skin shtuff for a change. since turning 35 (uh, 3 years ago) and having a baby (uh, 3 years ago) my skin has changed a lot. over the last couple of years i started trying literally anything that i got my hands on to see what might make me look less worn out. i think i’m finally at the point where i have a routine that i really like, so i thought i’d blog it out.
  1. i started using bioderma’s micelle water because i wanted something that removed makeup at night without leaving weird oily residue or just smearing it around like those makeup removing wipe things. i absolutely love this stuff. it’s light and awesome at removing makeup, and it leaves my skin feeling honestly clean after using it. if i was stuck somewhere and could only use one thing to clean my face, this would be it.
  2. i have super sensitive, acne prone skin. i started using olay regenerist luminous cleanser because i wanted something to gently exfoliate. i’ve tried a bunch of exfoliating cleansers, from super pricey to medium pricey and this is the best one that i’ve found. it’s gentle but gets the job done. i use this every day with a pro-x cleansing brush and i haven’t had a full blown pimple since i started using them.
  3. the other cleanser that i use is by bionova. i read a review that called this cleanser “the benjamin button cleanser” because it “removes years” from skin and i had to try it. i have to agree, it’s changed my skin for the better. i use the cleanser and cream acitvator (which is sort of like a toner) and my skin is a lot softer, smoother and less leathery/pore-y.
  4. after cleansing i use may coop raw sauce. i started using another korean essence last year and wasn’t terribly impressed, but i tried some of this stuff at sephora and was sold. essences are sort of like toners in that they prep skin for other products, but they are super hydrating which god knows i need. i like raw sauce because it has made my skin more firm and brighter.
  5. i got a sample of chanel’s hydra beauty micro gel out of a magazine and squeezed every last drop out of that little packet. i am big on serums, but this is my current favorite. it’s crazy hydrating and makes my skin feel silky. really worth the money.
  6. eye creams are sort of the bain of my existence because i’m pretty convinced that none of them actually do the job. i have dark circles and typically bags under my eyes (compliments of motherhood), and i feel like i’ve tried just about every eye cream known to womankind. i got a sample of prescription youth instant erase eye serum and i was pretty knocked out by it. as soon as you put it on you feel it working, it’s a pretty much instant de-puffer and it fills fine lines and brightens. it does pretty well on dark circles, but mostly fills and evens. my favorite eye cream is ysl’s or rouge for it’s overall magicalness, but prescription youth is a pretty good alternative for about 1/6th the price.
  7. i use clarin’s extra firming night cream and i love it. it makes my skin feel creamy and super soft. usually night creams make me break out but this one is top notch,it’s rich but not heavy.
  8. i have always been a big sweater. i run hot, maybe because i am a fire sign. finding deodorant has always been hard because deodorant is typically the worst, but fat and the moon deodorant cream is the best thing that ever happened to me. it’s not scented and doesn’t feel like you have anything on, but it honestly works at keeping me from being sweaty and stinky.
  9. i’ve never been a big foundation girl, i prefer a more natural look. i have used perricone md’s no foundation foundation and i loved how my skin looked, but the color was off for my skin tone. i recently tried their face finishing moisturizer tint and i couldn’t believe how much my skin glowed. the tint is sort of like a light tanner, it doesn’t provide much coverage but it’s like spending a few days relaxing in a tropical climate (without the sun damage). i am totally sold on the glow, it’s amazing.
  10. speaking of glow, my other favorite non-makeup is charlotte tilbury’s wonderglow. it has little light reflectors in it that are sort of like a very mild highlighter. it gives a little shine and makes skin look a little dewy. i love this stuff.

the end.


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