dark romance.

dark romance.
as yet another season of fashion shows winds down, i find myself marveling at the vetements effect on not only the fashion world, but on THE WORLD. everywhere i look, i see vetements. this week i’ve been seeing more black with dark pink floral print dresses than i can count, from the top to the bottom of the fashion food chain.
really it all started with the strange panel dresses that vetements showed for fall 2015.
oversized, shapeless peasant dresses in 90’s floral prints reconstructed with solid sweatshirt material at the neckline. fashion girls got into it, big time. from there vetements showed another black floral dress for spring 2016, this time without the paneling.
for fall 2016 we saw another black floral dress, this time shorter and patched together with a different floral print for the sleeves.
fall 2016 really drove it home, it seems, because as of actual fall 2016, dark floral peasant dresses are everywhere. here are a few up for grabs as of now.
  1. winterberry print dress from topshop ($92).
  2. floral maxi dress from pixie market ($99).
  3. floral print silk dress from magda butrym ($1193).
  4. vetements floral maxi dress ($1345).
  5. short printed dress from zara ($99).
  6. cold shoulder floral mini dress from topshop ($100).
  7. reclaimed vintage floral mini dress from asos ($68).
  8. stevie print dress from attico ($1820).
  9. floral print dress from i the wild ($48).
  10. vetements multi-floral print dress ($1768).

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