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shopping cart.
the first week of fall has brought cloudy days and chilly breezes that have me digging out my warm socks and sweaters. there’s always a part of me that wants to hold on to summer for a little longer, and this year especially. i’m just not ready for rain and dark days and cold nights. i’m just not! i’m dreaming instead of the summer that i didn’t get this year- one with swimsuits and tropical drinks and pool lounging. i thought i’d do a list of my dream vacation items, as a farewell to the summer that was (or wasn’t).
  1. this week in paris the haus of dior found its voice again with new designer maria grazia chiuri’s first collection.  i for one thought she did a pretty fabulous job, and paid tribute to christian dior in some really cool ways. speaking of christian dior: i love this little vintage dior swimsuit wrap.
  2. i am pretty crazy about this denim one shoulder ruffle lisa marie fernandez swimsuit which is now 40% off, and there is also one over on ebay for a 40% off that price. get into it.
  3. these little vintage hermes shorts are too cute.
  4. i feel like emotionally i am one of those ladies with a dark tan and platinum blonde hair that walks around her patio in a gold halston caftan with a long cigarette holder in one hand and a cocktail in the other.
  5. by now i’m sure everyone has seen the photos from king jacquemus’ incredible collection, which featured uh-mazing wide brimmed straw hats.  being a complete sucker for spanish romanticism i of course want one. there is this little wide brimmed straw number on sale over at need supply.
  6. perhaps my favorite collection of summer 2016 was isa arfen’s resort collection. i scored two pieces and they are two of my favorite things in this world: comfortable, beautiful and fun to wear. i am still hung up on this off the shoulder dress, which i feel like i will love for every summer to come and perhaps kick myself for not buying.
  7. favorite shoe of the summer courtesy of maryam nassir zadeh. still fawning over them.
  8. shades! designer shades! like these banana leaf print cat eye ones from dolce & gabbana. or these oversized black ones from celine. or these adorable hot pink cat eyes from dolce & gabbana again.
  9. as far as beauty products go in the tropics, i think of 3 things: cellulite goop (clarins is the best that i’ve found. if you know better, please let a girl know!), dry shampoo (travel size, natch), and super fancy, spray on, spf 50 sunscreen.
  10. i feel like little brightly embellished straw beach totes are the bag of the year thus far. which works out well for my beach vacation theme.
  11. next is a turkish towel, because it’s fancy to travel with your own towel.
  12. lastly is a good memoir, and there are two on my list. first is walk through walls by the stunning artist marina abromovic. second is born to run by bruce springsteen, which i am currently only 40 pages through and have already cried more times than i can recall. thanks, boss.

happy imaginary vacationing!

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