shopping cart.

shopping cart.
welp, fall is here. i’m feeling a little indifferent, but ready as ever to assemble new outfits. this week we breezed through london and plowed through milan fashion weeks and once again, gucci killed us all dead. from the first look i knew that my pink obsession would live on to see another season. here are my first week of fall, still pink and gucci-obsessed items du jour.
  1. speaking of pink, i can’t really think of a cooler pair of ankle boots than maryam nassir zadeh’s agnes boots. of course saint laurent’s pink satin booties are pretty close, and i must admit, these faux fur covered pink booties from topshop are pretty amazing.
  2. sweater weather is upon us (ok, it’s been sweater weather pretty much all year here, but whatevs), and obviously this panther applique sweater from gucci is the everything of everythings. if you, like me, don’t have 4300 sweater dollars laying around, this real cool vintage sweater is over on etsy putting off serious gucci vibrations.
  3. speaking of sweaters that i cannot afford, this maritza pullover from ulla johnson is so v v pretty. i hope to someday have cashmere money.
  4. back in february when ny fashion week was going on, i spied this beautiful pink ruffley dress from a detacher and began waiting for it to be born into the retail world. now that it is finally here, i just have to sit on my hands and pray that there is one left for me when sale season rolls around.
  5. jeans are really the thing for fall, i know. i am finally appreciating those vetements babies, because reworked levi’s are now everywhere from maryam nassir zadeh to re/done to h&m and pixie market.
  6. i’m still totes crazy over these red slouchy leather boots from isabel marant, and also the zara version.
  7. my other current shoe obsession is the winter 2016 version of celine’s v neck heel, which i find so insanely gorgeous, even more gorgeous than these little heart embellished shoes. part of me is wondering if zara will also come out with another knockoff version, different from the current one.

the end.


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