from the street.

shopping cart.
so here we are kids, at the end of another ny fashion week.  i have to admit that i have been as interested in seeing the street style photos as i have the collections. in some cases i’ve been more excited to see what yasmin sewell or giovanna battaglia or pandora sykes was wearing to a show than the actual show. what a world!
it’s always cool to see new designers being worn, and it seems every it girl was wearing polish designer magda butrym‘s cutout dresses. i had to pause from my swooning for a moment when i realized how similar butrym’s blue polka dot and silver cutout dresses were to two dresses by vetements: a silver open back dress and a blue polka dot open back dress (h&m version of the polka dot dress and topshop’s here).

the thing that i saw throughout hundreds of street style photos (peppered in with the endless johanna ortiz ruffle tops) was forced off the shoulder everything (more of the demna gvasalia effect):

i’ve noticed that ruffle mania is changing shape a bit, from pouffy whipped ruffles to more wave shapes. the new crop of ruffle tops is coming in, from isa arfen to magda butrym to jonathan simkhai:

the bags on the street that caught my eye were loads of the balenciaga striped tote (which people are saying is a copy of a plastic thai market bag) and the sold out cult gaia bag (which is a re-production of vintage japanese picnic baskets). it seems the vintage wicker/plastic bag trends will live on (as seen at tory burch for spring).

as for shoes there are two pairs of boots that really have me, one is the lace up ballet bootie, which chloe showed for pre-fall and valentino seems to have perfected for fall 2016. the other is the metallic ankle boot that maryam nassir zadeh just put out, and somehow topshop already has an eerily similar version for sale. nassir zadeh showed the gold boot in her debut at fashion week, which was presented as a dinner party with the clothing worn by her team, close friends and muses.

people made a big deal out of j.crew’s show, and the presentation itself was of the same vain as nassir zadeh- j. crew’s team wore the clothes instead of models, but to me it felt like a metaphor for what j.crew does: takes fashion and re-produces it for “normal” people. while i think that jenna lyons is cool, i don’t think there was anything new to see. i went through the collection and said, “rosie assoulin. johanna ortiz. celine. and some chinos.” i suppose i can never really get behind the idea of big retailers showing at fashion week because ultimately what they do is re-produce other designer’s pieces for mass consumption.  to me, j. crew’s collection of incredibly derivative pieces just showcased what they do: “normalize” high fashion. and yes, their collection offers it for $200-300 instead of $700-$800, but take for example the celine ringer khaki outfit that they showed:

new uber fast fashion site l’oeil is already selling a knock off of this skirt for $128. so in the end i feel like, what’s the point? perhaps brands like j. crew, h&m and topshop are moving in the direction of originality with these collections because what they do is becoming obsolete? i want to say that it’s a positive thing that fast fashion mega stores like h&m & topshop are beginning to design their own collections, because perhaps it means we are moving away from the world of knock offs. yet there are all of these new fast fashion shops popping up to fill that gap, so i’ll stand by my what’s the point? when it comes to street style at fashion week, i can’t see myself as excited over seeing a fashion girl wearing an h&m outfit as i am to see something by an emerging designer with a new voice.

the end.


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