september covet.

september covet.


september! september is my favorite month. i really love that whole end of summer not quite fall thing, before the crappy weather and binge eating begins, where the weather is warm and the geraniums are going wild. geranium red is really ruling my world right now, and it seems like the right color for september. fashion week is upon us and the kids are back in school, so let’s do this.

  1. first up is a ukranian dress or vyshyvanka. i find these dresses so insanely beautiful, and they seem to be on the backs of every fashion “blogger” in the world thanks to designer vita kin. her amazing dresses run in the $2000’s, but a vyshyvanka dress can be found on etsy in the $300-400 range.
  2. next up is this insanely rad sinead o’connor t-shirt from assembly ny.
  3. next are a pair of geranium red carrot pants, like these super cute vintage ones that only cost $18.
  4. i seem to be on some sort of handbag jag right now, which is strange because i am not typically a bag lady. i lourve this little embroidered vintage guy with gucci-esque hardware.
  5. next are these super cool red mules from trademark.
  6. i’ve seen so many cute pictures in the september issues of models with glitter around their eyes, and then i saw this video of solange knowles and i felt the need to get some eye glitter immediately.
  7. all of the mommy bloggers are schlepping sun potion supplements lately, and i’m not immune to their charms, but reading a review of their chlorella powder which said that it completely eliminated someone’s pms made me want to sign up immediately.
  8. i want to try this may coop raw sauce because the description says things like smooth and silky and radiant, which are all things i want my skin to be.
  9. next on my handbag obsession list is this lou clutch by a detacher in pink. swoon.
  10. this little miu miu ruffle shirt is so cute that it hurts my eyes to look at.
  11. kind of really crazy about these red stewart pants from caron callahan.
  12. i’ve been seeing these cult gaia bags everywhere, and wondering who bought up all the vintage bamboo basket clutches in the world.
  13. my new favorite tarot deck is silver era tarot. so pretty.
  14. today is my 2 year wedding anniversary, so i feel like ann patchett’s this is the story of a happy marriage is in order.
  15. last on my list is this crazy cool multi color rabbit bag from 3.1 phillip lim.

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