farewell my queen.

farewell my queen.
today we lost a true bad ass, and patron saint of “fragile but strong” women everywhere: sonia rykiel. to me sonia rykiel was part of a small, elite group of designers who manage to really show themselves without concern for trends, or what the competition is doing, and she managed to do so for nearly 50 years. sonia rykiel’s brilliance was in her ability to fuse light and dark. her signature rainbow stripes were dripping with irony, somehow rainbow sequins became goth. she made fashion accessible because her pieces showed how real she was. her punk spirit and clear voice will be missed. here are a few of her beautiful pieces available now.
  1. wide leg cotton chambray trousers ($160) 
  2. sequin embellished cotton sweatshirt ($397)
  3. vintage red silk harem trousers ($50)
  4. cropped embroidered denim jacket ($1,030)
  5. red lip brooch ($67)
  6. red & black leather clutch ($402)
  7. effing amazing pink plastic & canvas espadrilles with velvet ankle ties (!) ($191)
  8. striped wool & cashmere wide leg pants ($690)
  9. printed wide leg trousers with contrast panel ($397) and matching pajama style blazer ($512)
  10. rainbow sequin long gown ($512)
  11. pretty gold pumps ($360)
  12. ruffled bardot neckline dress ($640)
  13. vintage patent leather loafers ($24)
  14. high waisted jeans ($493)

the end.


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