shopping cart.

shopping cart.


i feel like kind of a jerk, and evidenced by the pallet of items above, i already have my mind on fall. it feels like we skipped over summer entirely in the bay area, and i’m already finding myself eyeing velvet boots and craving pumpkin coffee. what in the actual world because it is only the middle of august! my current uniform seems to be full skirts and t-shirts, it feels like the perfect outfit: just the right mix of casual and dressy. so here are a few suggestions if you are looking to jump on my train.

  1. in the world of cult t-shirts, supreme reigns supreme. this black basquiat t-shirt is real cool.
  2. when i saw that r13 had put out a black flag t-shirt for $245 my inner punk rock teenager let out a giant “ugh”. so it’s cotton and cashmere, and it’s got some weird zippers on the side, okay. the thing is that an actual vintage black flag t-shirt, if you can find one, will run you at least that much money. the non cashmere blend version will only run you about $13. your call.
  3. here is a fully rad vintage cramps shirt.
  4. i’m still wanting a rodarte “radarte” t-shirt like whoa. here is a used one for $95. i also love this madre t-shirt that is a ringer for the radarte shirt. for all the mamas.
  5. last is this amazing surf t-shirt from dries van noten.
  6. this vintage floral skirt is so pretty, and on point because the velvet is coming kids. big-ly. trust me.
  7. the beautiful maryam nassir zadeh carlita skirt is on sale over at garmentory.
  8. a stella jean skirt is at the top of my list, this mixed print one is the bomb.
  9. dries van noten, you’ve done it again. this skirt is everything all of the time.
  10. last is a pretty vintage indian cotton wrap skirt.

happy pre-fall!(?)

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