shopping cart.

shopping cart.
this week is a little funny, because i am finding myself thinking about jewelry, which has not happened since i became pregnant and swollen over 3 years ago and kind of gave up. once upon a time i was a bit of a costume/cocktail ring hoarder, but all of the diaper changing and tiny hand holding has kept me from wearing rings. most of my rings went on up to gaudy ring heaven in a konmari-esque cleaning binge and now i find myself eyeing new ones. i also seem to be in the midst of an a detacher obsession, where i spend hours “searching the hashtag” (barf. please shoot me in the face if i ever utter that phrase again) and adding various items to my shopping cart only to chicken out at the last minute. i’m doing more looking than shopping lately, and that’s ok. so friends, my list o’ the week is below.
  1. the last year that i lived in san francisco i went through a pretty hot and heavy ysl affair that was centered around stefano pilati’s resort and spring 2011 collections. during this time i discovered ysl jewelry, and went a little cray for their “arty” rings. i talked myself out of buying one, thinking that it was too edgy looking and i may one day regret it. i do regret it, because they are still the coolest thing my eyes have seen. there are a few out there for sale now: my personal fave is this gorgeous white one ($176), tied with this one over here for $250, this multi-turquoise one ($196),  this blue & black beauty ($189), this gorgy blue one ($169), its turquoise sister ($145), and this rad turquoise one ($172).
  2. rings aside, this ysl gold necklace is effing amazing ($240).
  3. not to mention this ysl gold cuff bracelet ($360).
  4. i’m also pretty crazy about pamela love‘s jewelry, this six eye ring is on ebay for a song ($39).
  5. and now for the a detacher. the bags and clutches are driving me crazy, particularly this cheetah pony hair clutch ($875) and this black leather bag ($885).
  6. the main obsession in my life right now is a detacher’s pink darling dress ($366). there appears to only be two left on the planet, and i’m cursing myself for not jumping on it as soon as sale season began. i can’t get enough of her sleeves, they are like little plucked wings that sprouted into flower petals. this dress reminds me of baz luhrmann’s version of romeo & juliet. sort of like shakespere on acid. or, like a victorian disco.
  7. this little straw hat is nifty ($34) and would look wonderful with the darling dress.
  8. as would these crazy fabulous fantastic snakeskin raffia prada wedges ($197) which are also in my size.
  9. lastly i’m still searching, in vain, for the perfect used isabel marant top. the maddening thing is that there are so many and yet, it seems that there are none for a girl like me. this is entirely depressing and thus has me listening to way too much nina simone.

the end.

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