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shopping cart.


this week’s post is just about as bright as last week’s. as it should be, because it is summer! right? here in the bay area it is cool and windy and foggy and really un-summer-ish, except for the occasional freakishly hot day (which only adds to the confusion). additionally i have a cold. so i’d say that this week i’m more trying to will summer into being by way of brightly colored outfits. so here we go!

  1. it’s sale season, kids, and this uh-mazing tome jacquard wrap top with ruffle is marked down to a cool $133. it’s the only non-brightly colored item on this list, because the ruffle itself is kinda like wearing a rainbow as a sash.
  2. i believe the above ruffle top would look radical with a pair of high waisted BERMUDA shorts, like these neat-o tomato red vintage ones ($18).
  3. i heart this little raffia bag with pom poms and cool stripey handles ($55).
  4. this pool girls clutch by lizzie fortunato is so insanely cute ($398).
  5. while i say go for the real maryam nassir zadeh suede block heel, i do appreciate this mustard color from jeffrey campbell ($120).
  6. linda rodin is one of my ultimate ever style icons, and i so want to try her new lipsticks, especially this one called tough tomato ($38).
  7. vintage 1970’s betsey johnson yellow knit short and halter top set depicting an aztec couple. i just died in your arms tonight. ($450).
  8. love this high crown straw hat from lack of color ($59).
  9. bright turquoise, yellow crystal encrusted prada sunglasses make me HAPPY ($422).
  10. new gucci yellow leather shoulder bag, oh how i lust after thee. seeing as how i will never, ever afford you i’ll just report here that the price is one thousand two hundred and fifty pounds which might actually become affordable in the coming months. thanks brexit!
  11. isa arfen obsessed. this color block off the shoulder dress is killing me dead. ($546).

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