three kings.

three kings.
there’s something about discovering new designers that makes me insanely happy. it’s sort of like coming across a new band, hearing a song that catches you and going out and getting all of their albums and absorbing it all. i have always loved watching new designers come into the fold, but it seems that the emergence of the indie designer scene paired with street style and social media has brought more exposure for smaller labels coming up. currently there are three “emerging designers” that i am really over the moon for. finding them and looking through their collections has erupted into internet stalking, with all of the heart palpitations and lust of a teenage girl casing a pop star. i present to you my three current favorites:
first up is rosetta getty. rosetta getty is a los angeles based designer and former model (who also happens to be married to teen heartthrob balthazar) who launched her line in 2014.  to me, her clothes are so l.a., in the best way possible. separates with loose fits, lots of draping and a bit of glamor. the palate is fairly neutral and the pieces are easy, beautifully tailored and simple in an elegant way.

some of my favorite rosetta getty pieces currently up for sale are:

  1. cross front stripe top ($760).
  2. one sleeve cotton dress ($780).
  3. red off the shoulder colorblocked swimsuit ($520).
  4. open shoulder striped romper ($920).

next up is stella jean. stella jean is a rome based, half haitian half italian designer who is considered to be giorgio armani’s protege. she launched her womenswear line in 2013 and has recently gotten a lot of attention for being worn by famous types like beyonce. her pieces are described as an exploration of her creole heritage paired with italian craftsmanship. unbelievable ethnic prints in bold color pairings, classic stripes & plaids and voluminous silhouettes make her pieces deeply nostalgic while feeling completely new.

a few of my favorite stella jean pieces up for sale right now:

  1. multi-color mini dress ($307).
  2. blue cotton skirt ($445).
  3. beautiful wood bracelet ($189).
  4. liquidatore pleated skirt ($363).
  5. acrobata peruvian stripe jacket ($378).

last and most definitely not least is isa arfen. italian born serafina sama is the wonder woman behind the label. like so many geniuses before her (phoebe philo, stella mccartney), she got her start at chloe before launching her own line in 2011. her pieces have a very european sensibility to them, they are playful yet elegant. gorgeous silks and crisp cottons, lots of ruffles and smart lines. isa arfen has been on my radar for a few years, but the resort 2016 collection really stole my heart. there is something fellini-esque about the pieces: mod black & white gingham and eccentric ruffles & puff sleeves with flamenco style color blocked peplum tops & dresses. i want to buy up everything.

a few of my fave isa arfen pieces for sale now:

  1. colorblock mini dress ($394).
  2. ecru one shoulder knot top ($442).
  3. cotton silk micro check top ($369).
  4. zip front halterneck dress ($360).

the end.


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