taste the rainbow.

taste the rainbow.
well, it finally happened. summer, i mean, and with it my monochrome and navy stripe goggles have given way to rainbow colored glasses. i’m all about summer plaids and mixed prints and throwing together so much color that it kinda clashes in that “aren’t i clever?” kind of way. here are some examples of things that look good to me only because it is mid-july and 80+ degrees.
  1. i love madras plaid because it reminds me of my childhood, and this little tie shirt is tre 90’s.
  2. i personally think that top would look fabulous with this different madras plaid skirt. in that almost clashy kinda way.
  3. and a little rainbow wicker bag to go with.
  4. annnnd these lune patchwork heels to complete the outfit. trust me.
  5. this dress combines two of my great loves: madras plaid and the apron/pinafore/criscross back dress. so cute.
  6. this beautiful tassel bag from india hurts my eyes it’s so cool.
  7. just when i think i’m over rachel comey she comes out with these mules. gimme.
  8. no one does the rainbow like sonia rykiel.
  9. this super cool isolda dress is on maje sale
  10. and would look perfect with these pierre hardy strappy sandals which are also on maje sale.

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