july covet.

july covet.
july is here, and i for one am relieved. mars retrograde is finally over, and i am hoping to start feeling way less wrathy. with the sun and new moon in cancer this weekend i’m ready for some mellow evenings with my family, hiding out from random renegade fireworks all over town. july’s covet is moon themed, because it’s cancer season and cancer is ruled by the moon, and i just so happen to have natal moon in cancer. hope all of that didn’t sound like confusing jibberish. here’s my list for july:
  1. starting things off are a v expensive pair of socks. not just any socks, magical gucci socks which look so, so cool worn with high heels.
  2. i feel like the vintage levis 501 thing is dying down a bit. ladies seem to be moving on to vintage wranglers, but personally i have my eye on vintage lee jeans.
  3. next up is a vintage watermelon picnic basket, for summer picnics.
  4. i was a teenager in the 90’s and there was  nothing cooler than a silver slip dress a la sofia coppola, kate moss or drew barrymore. i’ve seen them all over fast fashion in the last year, but i love this vintage 90’s one from etsy ($146),   this vintage 70’s one ($78), and this one from american apparel on super sale ($32).
  5. still pretty much obsessed with these plastic wedges from maryam nassir zadeh ($408).
  6. considering bliss fat girl slim hide & glow sleek ($38) to try to improve my situation for summer.
  7. so in love with serpent & bow’s moon cycle bralette ($72). hand made & dyed amazingness.
  8. stella jean is kinda my favorite designer of the moment, and i’m so crazy about her primula gingham skirt.
  9. last up is the many moons workbook for all of the remaining moon cycles of the year ($20).

the end.


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