reimagining the simple blue striped mens shirt is everywhere right now. from the highest of the highs to the fastest of the fashion chains, the striped shirt has incorporated ruffles and bows, tricky hemlines and paneling, been spun around backwards and had shoulders removed and sleeves lopped off then turned into belts or even chokers. i can recall a time, not so long ago, that it was up to the individual to transform something as simple as a men’s button down into something edgy and feminine a la carrie bradshaw. these days it seems that edginess and perhaps even personal style no longer requires a sewing machine or a pair of scissors, or even much imagination. one only has to look at all of the reimagined button downs on the market to see how much fashion and fast fashion has become influenced by fashion girls.
while the ruffle tops and off the shoulder dresses are abound, personally i’m still hung up on the idea of the robe as coat/dress. it all started with celine, as many good things do, but seeing actual robes worn as dusters or dresses makes me smile.

it is, however, summertime so here are a dozen blue striped pieces for your summer days.

  1. first up is this rouche bikini top ($35) and bottoms ($22) from topshop.
  2. next are these way cool striped carrot pants ($32).
  3. then we have this flare blouse from storets ($89).
  4. i am coo-coo-crazy for this asymmetrical striped cotton dress by j.w. anderson ($603).
  5. pixie market has this v pretty striped ruffle dress by new revival ($114).
  6. i’ve been eyeing these high rise cropped pants by rachel antonoff for months, and they are now maje on sale ($149).
  7. style mafia has this neat-o shoulder-free top which somehow manages to still have long sleeves ($69).
  8. pretty pretty tome striped asymmetric skirt ($595).
  9. here is another shoulder free number from front row shop ($41).
  10. and a way tricky mix asymmetrical skirt from stylenanda ($55).
  11. i am wanting this mds button front skirt so bad it hurts, you guys. but $495, you guys.
  12. last up are these blue striped lace up espadrilles from gucci that are the shoe equivalent of knees on bees. ($279).

the end.


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