shopping cart.

shopping cart.
this week i’ve been thinking about smaller designers as well as the big ones who make fashion more accessible. designers who rely on social media (and social media darlings) and high end cult boutiques to bring them customers. shops like need supply, bona drag, the dreslyn and kick pleat champion emerging and independent designers. 10 of my favorite indie designers are listed here, but i recently discovered lykke wulff and fully swooned over her darling and completely rad pieces. i can’t help but root for her and hope to see her popping up at all of the cool girl web shops soon.

another favorite indie designer of mine is creatures of comfort. i saw this amazing bright poppy red salinger skirt (on sale for $347) shot by ultra hip girl web shop lisa says gah and literally said gah. also eyeing these wonderful high rise shorts now on therealreal ($95).

as for larger designers, there are a few that i consider on the fringes or outsiders. namely dries van noten, isabel marant, jenna lyons at j.crew and phoebe philo at celine. although these kids still play in the big leagues, they march to their own beat.  isabel marant has really been on my radar lately, her fabrics are always so gorgeous and i’m such a sucker for her sleeves. i sorta consider phoebe philo to be the queen of indie designers, even though she works for a larger fashion house, and jenna lyons as sort of her working class counterpart. both women have taken sturdy although rusty brands and transformed them into cult heroes, and both design elegant and functional, incredibly wearable clothes. i’ve already professed my love for dries, but i am continually amazed by how his pieces outlive whatever season they come out of.

as an example: i’ve been noticing that the dip dye/indigo/shibori madness of last year has seemed to disappear, and wondering if all of those pieces will look silly as time goes by, but i spotted a dries van noten dip dyed denim jacket circa spring 2011 ($175) the other day and i must say, it still looks AMAZING to my eyes.

speaking of 2011, this was the year that isabel marant showed this ecru crocheted fringe dress along with amazing white fringe boots. seeing it up for grabs this week on vestaire ($202), i still felt that little flutter in my stomach.

celine put out this blue striped top for resort 2016 (up for auction on ebay), and it is the perfect example of how philo takes something as simple as a blue striped menswear shirt and makes it elegant, feminine and chic.

over at j. crew, the gingham is on point. these ankle tie heels are dreamy ($238).

last are 2 pairs of shoes from a new line featured at need supply: carrie forbes, whose shoes are handmade in morrocco.

the end.



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