on trends.

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the term “three is a trend” has been floating around the fashion-sphere for the past few years, and i have to admit it has a ring to it. it has always been the job of the fashion editor to spot the common themes each season, because what collections have in common used to dictate what trends would be coming to the retail world. this effectively put fashion designers (and editors, who got to pick which of the common themes to promote) in control of what people were wearing. collections were condensed into a few similar or connected pieces which were grouped into a collage and promoted by editors of magazines for women of means to see & purchase, and then these pieces trickled down to the masses via cheap knock offs by fast fashion retailers.
while the players have changed a bit (fashion editors have effectively been replaced by fashion bloggers, and magazines have been replaced by social media), this is still basically the order of things. fashion bloggers self-styling a mash-up of designer pieces to parade around manhattan are still wearing clothing that came from the big fashion houses. women seeing them in street style photos or on instagram and looking to replicate the look is not that different from copying editorials in vogue. more accessible? a bit, because you cut out the middle men (models), but these bloggers are still wearing designer clothing, they just happen to mix in a bit of vintage and the occasional fast fashion just to show you they haven’t totally lost touch with the street. or something.
my point is that yes, every fashion season there are common threads in the collections, and every calendar season there are trends out there, but what you get out of designer clothing (or even non-designer clothing that is well made, with quality fabrics) is not disposable. there is something so lovely about seeing a designer’s interpretation of something as simple as a dress, or a pair of shoes, which becomes their own and is filled with all of the dresses and shoes that they have loved in their lives. in those dresses and pairs of shoes we see all of the dresses & pairs of shoes that we have loved, ones worn by our grandmothers and girlhood idols and the women that taught us something about ourselves. the ones that shaped us and made us who we are.  but i digress.
this week i thought i’d look back a bit and around too at common pieces, ones that i am really lusting over even though they are past their peak trendiness.
first i found myself lost in 2015. that wonderful time that brought us khaki dresses from dries van noten, marc jacobs and rosie assoulin (to name three, pictured below).  there’s nothing new about a khaki dress, but it’s not something that i would think of as a timeless piece or wardrobe staple either. that is until i saw it worn here:
stella mccartney has always been a bit lost on me, that is until i laid eyes on her cream cut out wide leg trousers from spring 2015 (pictured below). these felt so riveting and original to me, but over at rosie assoulin there were laser cut wide leg trousers as well. the stella mccartney version were an instant hit with fashion girls. street style photos abound.
a biggie for the past few years has been the ballet heel. while ballet flats have been a staple for ages, many designers have put their own stamp on them to make them edgy (metallics, spikes, studs, gingham, you name it). since maryam nassir zadeh came out with the block heel/granny heel meets ballet flat, seemingly everyone from fast fashion to the highest of fashion houses has put out a ballet heel. in spring 2015 phoebe philo chimed in, and effectively moted everyone. celine’s soft ballerina pump, to my eye, is the coolest effing thing going. there is nothing edgier than that heel, and it felt so original when it came out, but over at acne studios, a similar heel was happening.

our next stop, clear boots, has us traveling back to spring 2013 when mm6 came out with what appears to me to be the perfect pair, one that stopped me in my tracks. mm6’s peep toe pvc ankle boots are the proverbial glass slipper, as they disappeared before i could squeeze my tired old feet into them and left me to get back to the cooking & cleaning. over at celine, a mid-calf version was offered up for resort, but back in spring 2011 swedish brand cheap monday showed an ankle and over the knee version of clear boots. of course the swingin’ 60’s was full of clear go-go boots, so the trend is clearly (punny, i know) re-occuring.

for resort 2016 creatures of comfort pretty much bowled me over with their lloyd jacket (and matching sailor pant) in sahara terracotta. over at rosie assoulin was this rust colored vest and of course jesse kamm gave us thee perfect pant in iron oxide, but if we go all the way back to 1970’s celine we find a similar rusty orange colored suit.

so friends, what goes around comes back around one day. thanks for taking this walk down fashion memory lane with me. below is a breakdown of items up for grabs courtesy of the world wide webs.

  1. marc jacobs silk khaki dress ($155)
  2. vintage 70’s khaki dress ($62) 
  3. rosie assoulin in it together trousers ($1637)
  4. stella mccartney cutout wide leg trousers ($650)
  5. rosie assoulin laser cut out pants ($1257)
  6. celine soft ballerina pumps ($450)
  7. acne alvera suede pumps ($185)
  8. celine clear vinyl boots ($498)
  9. mm6 clear pvc boots ($628)
  10. creatures of comfort lloyd jacket ($399)
  11. rosie assoulin silk moon vest ($670)
  12. vintage celine blazer ($225)

the end.


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