shopping cart.

shopping cart.


so here we are, world, coming up on memorial day weekend. i am as confused as the rest of you as to how this can possibly be. memorial day means one thing: summer is just about here, which is such a weird concept for my brain to comprehend right now. mainly because i wake up under a butt-house sky every morning and wonder if the sun will ever bust its way through. i’m not feeling like it’s possible to commit to shorter hems just yet.

this week i’m thinking about new designers. i recently discovered n-duo concept, and looking at incredibly smart pieces by designers that i haven’t heard of made me feel stoked. certain pieces of clothing can make me feel sick, as in nauseous, in the way that a major crush or a good kiss can. clothes that give me chills, or make me smile or make me want to tear apart my closet immediately are what i’m wanting at this point in my life. here’s a few that made me swoon this week.

  1. really appreciating japanese designers lately, and wanting a comme des garcons suspender skirt so, so bad. how about one that transforms into a tote bag?
  2. i feel like chloe sandals are the sweetest thing for summer. these lace up ones are so, so pretty.
  3. ysl corsets are pretty much it. this black one especially.
  4. i find these burgundy check print high waist pants from n-duo so radical.
  5. this blue cotton dress from walk of shame is so brilliant and gorgeous and subtly sexy that it makes me a little crazy.
  6. these lace up cloth sandals are a most excellent dries van noten specimen.
  7. it’s time for some jackie o. ysl sunglasses. it is.
  8. speaking of ysl, this stefano pilati era skirt kills me dead.
  9. i feel like i never find tops, and i rarely even look for them, because all that i want to wear are sweatshirts. ones that say “slay.”
  10. not ready for shorts? me neiths. maybe we should compromise. here are some short pants from comme des garcons.
  11. nothing says memorial day to me like gingham. these balenciaga pumps gotta be the sickest way to wear gingham.

the end.


2 thoughts on “shopping cart.

  1. Monique says:

    I came across your ‘mom-iform’ post while madly googling the Samantha Pleet plank jeans (aaaahhh) and am so glad I did. gosh, I love your taste. and your writing! I’m definitely a loyal reader from here on in.

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