shopping cart.

shopping cart.
summer is upon us, my friends. i keep thinking that i’ll burst into a sunbeam one of these days and start wearing all the colors of alessandro michele’s rainbow, but i have to admit that color is hard for me. i’ve been having a black and a white moment, maybe i have a bit of a candy hangover from all of that gucci, but the non-colors look really good to my eyes right now. i am also fully a total and complete sucker for monochrome. this week celine dropped their pre-fall collection which features lots of monochrome, and it felt so, so right. so this week i’m thinking about summer whites, ones to wear all the way up until labor day.
  1. my bff is currently super preg with a little girl who will be born before labor day, i feel like she needs these little gucci shoes ($151).
  2. i’m seeing these pointy chunky wedges from celine circa fall 2012 popping up everywhere, and they still look amazing to my eyes. especially in white. ($240).
  3. the maryam nassir zadeh roberta pumps in white really have my eye lately as well.($435). despite all of her wonderful sandals, these are starting to feel like a classic shoe.
  4. also pretty crazy about mnz’s swim line, this coco bikini ($247) is ruffley adorableness.
  5. isa arfen’s one shoulder knot top is so dreamy. like wrapping yourself in a big white bow. ($782).
  6. jesse kamm sailor pant in salt white. ($395). the biggest wardrobe staple everrr.
  7. really got my mind on this white cotton top from celine ($195). please don’t steal it from my shopping cart.
  8. also these vintage white wide leg pants from celine ($391). celine, celine, celine.
  9. speaking of vintage, this white leather monogram bag from ysl  ($231) is so radical.
  10. lastly is this beautiful wool & angora blend dress from isabel marant ($333). so elegant and lovely.

the end.


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