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over the last year i have slowly been breaking up with fast fashion. it’s been difficult. i’ll admit that i’ve had more than a couple of relapses, but my will is strong. i’ve focused my energies on building a seriously rad closet, one with pieces that make my heart happy. i’m glad to report that i no longer even cyber stalk topshop or pixie market, and fill my spare moments perusing the interwebs for beautiful things that i might one day be able to invest in. investing in fashion is a funny thing, and some say a risky thing. but spending my time looking at vintage pieces by the designers that i find really inspiring makes me realize how truly, totally cyclical fashion is. if something is really beautiful, it never truly goes out of style. fashion is like music: a designer’s collections contain shards and remnants of all the designers that they love. they’re like little melodies and harmonies all mixed together and sung with a new voice. as i swoon over isa arfen’s ruffles and gingham, i see glimmers of norma kamali before her.

in the collage above and listed below are my sort of holy grail items, pieces that i chant and hope and wish on fallen eyelashes to be mine forever.

  1. i am so in love with all of isa arfen’s gingham pieces out right now, but this contrast panel dress is really something spectacular ($1089).
  2. the norma kamali jumper/suspender skirt is a bit of a cult classic. i feel honestly giddy whenever i see one worn, and so rarely see them for sale these days. one of the few online is this incredibly pricey beautiful turquoise one up on 1st dibs ($475).
  3. dries van noten ankle boots (i know, again!) in bronze and gold jacquard make me weak in the knees ($595).
  4. issey miyake is really all the rage these days, and rightly so. if there was ever an intersection of fashion and high art, the two met at the hands of issey miyake. as much as i appreciate his completely interesting pleats, i always feel excited when i see rarer pieces up for grabs, like this great orange cut out top, or  pieces from his plantation line, like this amazing minimalistic drape dress ($190).
  5. i’m so in love with black crane, and issey miyake’s influence on the label is pretty obvious, especially with their beautiful pleated dress ($221). this dress has been on my radar for so long, and i’m kicking myself for not jumping on it during winter’s end of year sales.
  6. words can’t really describe how bat-shit crazy i am over these soft ballerina pumps from celine ($770).  they put all of my block heel dreams to shame because nothing can compare. i can’t stop watching this video of them.
  7. last but not least is a pair of jesse kamm’s sailor pants ($395) in black, which she tells me will not be available until august. i have two pairs and they are truly the only pants in the world for me. until august, then.

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