for the love of dries.

for the love of dries.
i’ve been fairly dries van noten obsessed of late. it all started with those incredible ankle boots that he showed for fall 2015, which took over everything when they were released into the wild this spring. that was really all that it took for me, i was hooked. i now spend hours perusing through vintage or used dries items on the interwebs like a tween looking at pictures of justin bieber, all starry eyes and pounding heart. i recently acquired this gorgeous book and feel like i’ve sort of gone all the way with him now. i’m a belieber.
dries van noten is sort of the quiet genius of fashion. with very little fanfare he manages to churn out some of the most lovely, smart, original, and eccentric but somehow wearable pieces out there. what i love about dries is that you get all of the fantastic, over the top romance of high fashion without the froo-froo-ness of it. you can wear embellished, embroidered, puffy and poofy things without feeling like an asshole. the designs are simple, but the embellishments make them eclectic and luxurious. i think of him as sort of the minimalist’s maximalist. all of that fantastical stuff: the ruching and the paneling and layering, the sequins and bright colors and metallics, all of that comes through with such precision. the tailoring is impeccable (dries is the grandson of a tailor, after all), but there is also that sort of punk, antwerp-ian vibe to his collections. dries van noten is one of the few independent designers on the big stage, and he does what he wants. his collections are always his, there’s not the sense of competition or trendiness that comes with many of his contemporaries who are slaving for the big conglomerates.
on the collage at the top are 15 examples of his ruling-ness, up for grabs on the interwebs right now. click on the picture to see them all.
the end.

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