may covet.

may covet.


may is here at last. i should be stoked. i would be stoked. i would. but the weather is fairly crap, and it does not feel like the end of april showers. also mercury is retrograde, and so far i’ve had my ultimate dream dries van noten vintage coat and a sonia rykiel tunic stolen straight out my cart. i want sunshine and blue skies and all the peonies and flowering trees and hot vintage that i deserve, dang it! here’s my may desirables.

  1. i’m such a sucker for a gray sweatshirt, and lately i can appreciate one that gives a nod to beyonce. this cartoon with lipstick middle fingers is rad ($13), as is this screen printed one ($33). i am really wanting this one from born a bad seed ($55), because i love them and i pretty much want all of their swag.
  2. i’m fairly obsessed with a few designers right now. phoebe philo era celine (still). 80’s-90’s norma kamali (still). dries van noten (more later). 70’s ysl (still). stefano pilati’s last few seasons at ysl (serious). and maryam nassir zadeh (now!).  i’m currently obsessing over a vintage norma kamali jumper skirt (suddenly there are NONE left on the planet), celine wide leg pants (only available in miniature sizes), and these fabulous red vintage ysl pants (which i would buy today if they weren’t $270).
  3. i want these brass stacker rings from tiffany kunz (via kitkitdizzi!) on every finger ($65).
  4. when this dress happened in spring 2011, i wanted to make out with stefano pilati and his entire team at ysl. when i came across it on sale for $400 on vestaire collective the other day, i cried actual tears. it is pretty much my dream dress. if i was a braver soul i would buy it immediately just to have it in my closet.
  5. speaking of crying actual tears, these shoes are just about everything that i love about dries van noten in a shoe. ($332). they are also in my size. i want them oh-so-very-much.
  6. brass vases are still doing it for me ($115).
  7. there is pretty much nothing that i love more than a nice, strong cup of coffee with a little cream in it. i’ve been searching my entire adult life for a non-dairy creamer that even remotely compares to half and half and isn’t comprised of creepy synthetic chemical nast and various forms of sugar. last weekend i found this stuff and it is the literal and actual jam. praise.
  8. i got a little sample of chanel’s hydra beauty micro serum glued to a page of the latest vogue and i feel like it may be the best thing to come out of vogue in a long time. it makes my skin look like real, normal skin should look. praise.
  9. beirut’s latest album is my son’s favorite record. and not just because “no no no” is his favorite phrase. he dances his little tushy off every time i play it. also this record sounds like spring.
  10. last but not least is the new dvd from ballet beautiful. i’ve been doing her workouts since 2010, and without her my body would look like the tasmanian devil. the new workout is effing hard, in the best way. my pants almost fit after doing it.

the end.

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