shopping cart.

shopping cart.
this week i am thinking about vacation. in exactly two days we are headed out of town for a few days away, which is wonderful…BUT…i currently have a completely crappy cold with a ridiculously barky cough, and the weather forecast is calling for rain. so, we’ll see how it all works out. this week’s inspiration comes courtesy of the marvelous maryam nassir zadeh, who created this incredible and entirely perfect swimsuit (which, as my luck would have it, sold out in 1 second):
i thought i might try and will some good luck, health and sunshine into the weekend with some fancy outfitting. wish me luck.
  1. i’m really into boxy, blue striped shirts right now. i should probably be cut off from buying them, but this one from h&m is too cute ($39).
  2. my obsession with high waisted, 70’s style jeans continues. samantha pleet has these beautiful plank jeans that i’m pretty over the moon for ($219).
  3. lots of sunglasses are needed for a road trip, i heart these yellow dolce & gabbana ones ($300).
  4. this white one piece swimsuit from topshop ($60) is a pretty close 2nd to the mnz one.
  5. yet another pair of gucci knockoff mules, but these ones from zara sure are dreamy ($119).
  6. this little straw hat is perfect ($38).
  7. another pair of cat eye sunglasses? but they’re gucci ($400)!!
  8. these pom pom straw totes are so cheerful ($100).
  9. celine pony hair espadrilles ($195). need i say more?
  10. last is this gorgeous oscar de la renta kaftan from the 60’s ($215). because wearing a glorified muumuu on vacation is necessary, but it should at least be pretty.

the end.

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